Minutes September 2022

Minutes of the committee meeting held in The Gravenchon Room, Straße Parish Zimmer, Leigh Road

Wednesday 28th September 2022. Das Treffen begann um 7.30 pm.

  1. Welcome and apologies for absence:

VORHANDEN: David Atkins (chairman) DA, Barbara Fry (vice chairman) BF, Jacqui Ritter (Sekretär) JK, Peter Fry PF, Francis Knight FK, Catherine Atkins CA, Sally Wood SW and Sarah Gulliver

ENTSCHULDIGUNGEN: Marina Richards, Paul Badman, Kay Strain, David Mozley and Nina Swift

  1. Minutes of the meeting held on 24th August: DA checked that everyone had read the minutes from the previous meeting and it was agreed that they are a true record. Signing of the minutes will take place at a later date. JK will bring the folder to the next meeting for signing.

  1. Matters Arising not on Agenda: No matters arising

  1. Chairman’s Report: Received confirmation from the Parish Council that we can hold our committee meetings in the Gravenchon Room within the Parish Rooms at no cost. Street Twinning have been invited to the Investiture on 27th Oct. Unfortunately this coincides with the Gravenchon visit but BF und PF will see if they can attend to represent Street Twinning. Various emails have been sent and received from Cllr. Laura Wolfers and Sharon about the Gravenchon trip which will be covered in item 8. Marina has stated that she would like to step down from the role of Treasurer but will continue if necessary.

  1. Secretary’s Report: Distributed and replied to various emails.

  1. Treasurer’s Report: Marina was not present at the meeting. The accounts are with the accountant to be looked over ready for the AGM.

  1. Membership & Member’s Welfare: One of our members Pauline Saunders has been unwell in hospital for a while and had sent an email to JK from her hospital bed stating that her and John will now be unable to travel to Gravenchon with the group. JK had replied sending her best wishes and DA will send a Street Twinning card on behalf of the association.

  1. Visits: Gravenchon trip Wed 26th to Sun 30th Oktober 2022 - The preparations for this visit are almost complete. A check list has been circulated to all 16 members of the group who will be travelling by four cars from Poole to Cherbourg and then driving up to Gravenchon. Most of the group have replied to say they have received and read it and JK will follow up with those she has not heard back from. Cllr. Laura Wolfers is hoping to travel to Gravenchon and be present at the reception event on Wed 26th. Sharon has checked with JK reference any food allergies and replies from members have been forwarded onto her.

  1. Fundraising and Events:

Merriman Park Fun Day Saturday 3 rd September: FK has written a report and thanks everyone for their help and support. The committee thanked Francis for all his hard work in organising the event and making sure it ran smoothly on the day. It was another successful event for Street Twinning and we raised £317.43

FK’s full report can be read at the end of the minutes.

JK said that the play your cards right game was popular and the display boards worked very well again. The Chair of The Wells Twinning Association came over and chatted and she was very interested in how we attract new members and what kind of fund raising events we do. She took a flyer and said she will get in touch. DA suggested inviting her to one of our committee meetings as it would be good to exchange ideas, the committee agreed. They twin with France, Germany and Italy.

Street Festive Event Saturday 3 rd December 11am – 4pm: This will be free for community groups and BF suggested a bric a brac stall. The committee agreed and BF will apply for a stall. Sarah suggested stocking filler type items would go well and BF und DA said they have some suitable items left over from previous bric a bracs. BF suggested no large items and no china or books. If members have suitable things such as toys or gift type items then please hold onto them for the moment until nearer the time. DA will ask to borrow the Lions gazebo.

  1. Webseite & Facebook: PF has updated the Website and JK has posted Merriman Park photos on Facebook.

  1. Publicity: DA reminded JK to send him some photos for the brochure. JK will distribute flyers to various places to promote twinning.

  1. Lotterie: Congratulations to the winners of the September lottery draw. Thank you to Kay Strain for drawing the numbers earlier that evening as she could not attend the meeting. JK will inform Marina so as she can send payment to the winners.

1st Prize no.43 Avril Berry

2nd Prize no.40 David Mozley

3 rd Prize no.22 Claire Axten

  1. AGM : Saturday 15th Oct at 2.30pm at the Crispin Community Centre: The 1st calling notice was sent to all members on the 14th Sept and the 2nd calling notice will be sent to everyone on Saturday 1st Oct. Zoom will be offered but if you would like this option please inform DA at least a few hours before the event is due to start so as it can be set up as it wont be set up if not needed. Back in January it was minuted that there had been a discussion about creating a supporters category. This was discussed again as there would need to be changes made to the constitution if this was to go ahead. Pros and cons were discussed and it was decided, as our membership fee isn’t very much yearly, to keep membership as it is with no separate category or fee for members who no longer travel. The current membership fee is £15 and the committee agreed not to increase it this year. SW passed on her apologies for the AGM as she will not be able to attend, she is happy to stand on the committee again. CA will organise teas and coffees which we have left over from Avril’s summer tea and will get biscuits, milk and sugar.


David Atkins - chairman

Barbara Fry - vice chair (Barbara had only planned to do this short term but is happy to carry on but does not want to discourage anyone who would like to stand for this post)

Jacqui Knight - Secretary

No nomination for treasurer

  1. AOB: None

  1. Chairman’s Closing Remarks: DA thanked everyone for coming and thanked Sarah for joining the meeting. The Gravenchon room worked well for the meeting and will be alright for future meetings.

Meeting Closed at 8.45pm

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 23 rd November 2022 at 7.30pm

Venue: The Street Parish Zimmer, Leigh Road, STREET, BA16 0HA

Report on the Merriman Park event.

We had another successful day at Merriman Park this year with funds raised
of £317.43. This is about £100 down on last year due to having a very
inexpensive wine stock available to use last year (35 bottles at a total cost of
£46.58) and the event itself not being quite as busy this year.

We had 36 bottles donated compared with 37 last year and thank you to those
who donated as it does make a huge difference to how much we raise. Thanks
also to those who provided us with empties. We started from scratch with our
empties stock so only just managed to have enough on the day. We have kept
back 50-60 of the best bottles for use next year to give us a head start in our

Thank you to David & Catherine for buying the very reasonably priced wine in
France and bringing it back with them.
Thank you to everyone who helped at the wrapping party and those who were
able to do a shift on the day. Thanks again to Sally Wood for so
urcing the
wrapping paper.

We are indebted to Glastonbury & Street Lions for the use of their gazebo,
play your cards right game and horn and to David and Veronica Brunt for the use
of their gazebo. Thank you emails have been sent to both parties along with
an email of appreciation to the Merriman Park group for the day itself.

For reference, we did take almost £30 using the sum-up card reader machine
on the day and I can confidently say that without the machine, none of that
money would have been spent with us. So a good investment.

In summary, another great day and thanks to everyone who helped make it so.

Minutes August 2022

Minutes of the committee meeting held at Peter and Barbara Fry’s house.

Wednesday 24th August 2022. The meeting started at 7.30pm.


·         Welcome and apologies for absence: Barbara welcomed everyone to the meeting.


VORHANDEN: Barbara Fry (vice chairman) BF, Jacqui Ritter (Sekretär) JK, Peter Fry PF, Francis Knight FK, Sally Holz SW, Kay Strain KS, David Mozley DM


ENTSCHULDIGUNGEN: David and Catherine Atkins, Marina Richards and Paul Badman.


·         Minutes of the meeting held on 27th Juli 2022: BF checked that everyone had read the minutes from the previous meeting and it was agreed that they are a true record. Signing of the minutes will take place at a later date.


·         Matters Arising not on Agenda: None


·         Chairman’s Report: David was not present at the meeting but had sent information to BF. David had applied to the Parish Council for the grant to hire one of the Parish rooms for our monthly meetings. He had not heard back yet.

BF read out the proposed amendments to the constitution which David had sent to all committee members by email previous to the meeting. All points were agreed by the committee.


·         Secretary’s Report: JK und FK had met with Cllr. Laura Wolfers and Sharon in Street during Sharon’s recent visit. This was prior to a trip that Cllr. Wolfers had planned to visit Gravenchon where she met the mayor and deputy mayor. It was a very positive relaxed meeting and Cllr. Wolfers then posted a very nice report on Facebook about the meeting and then about her trip to Gravenchon. JK was asked by the committee to share the posts so as people who are not on Facebook could read it. There is a copy of what she wrote on Facebook at the end of the minutes.


·         Treasurer’s Report: Please see the financial report at the end of the minutes. Marine was not present at the meeting. The financial report was reviewed by the committee members and accepted as a true record.


Current account balance £8782.33

Deposit account balance £8062.23


·         Membership & Member’s Welfare: Nothing to report


·         Visits:


Isny – BF reported that there had been a recent zoom with Isny which went very well. It was lovely to see everyone again and to catch up on the latest news and events. Both sides are looking forward to holding another one where we hope more members can attend.


Gravenchon – JK reported that emails have gone to everyone who showed interest in the trip. To avoid the very high costs of hiring a coach for a small group it has been agreed that members will take their own cars. FK reported that we had another mini group meeting and there will be a thorough check list sent out to members that are travelling over to Gravenchon very soon to avoid any problems as we will be booking and travelling over separately instead of as a group this year. There will be 16 members travelling in October including 4 children.


·         Fundraising and Events:


Summer Social – Held at Avril Berry’s house on Saturday 6th Aug. DM reported that it was a very nice event with cakes, tea and coffee. It was a very sociable afternoon. JK said that everyone was enjoying catching up with everyone so much that they lost track of time. Avril kindly said we could stay on after the arranged time and a few people stayed on and had a go at archery in Avril’s garden.


Merriman Park Fun Day Saturday 3 rd September - We have had the confirming email from the Merriman Park group and Marine has been asked to pay the pitch fee. FK will send out an email shortly to ask members to volunteer on the rota, to remind members about donating wine and to ask for as many empties as they can get hold of. David Brunt is kindly lending his gazebo and we will also be using the Lions gazebo. There will be the Water or Wine, play your cards right and the Street Twinning photo and information board to try to attract new members and create interest. Wrapping will be next week at the Knights house and an email will follow shortly with a confirmed day and time. David and Catherine Atkins have brought back 48 bottles of wine from France and there have also been some donations from members. There is some paper left over and SW offered to get some more from the scrap store. We will be re wrapping as we go like last year but we hope not to run out this time.


·         Webseite & Facebook: PF has put the minutes from July onto the Website. JK has posted with photos about the summer tea, a reminder about Merriman Park, the Isny zoom and also shared the posts from Cllr. Laura Wolfers.


·         Publicity: We still have a lot of flyers left and it was thought a good idea to distribute these again like before at the library, theatre etc. The brochure will be ready shortly.


·         Lotterie: Congratulations to the winners of the August lottery draw. The numbers were drawn by members of the Committee and Kay Strain read out the winners during the meeting.


1st Prize no.70 Tony Della Valle

2nd Prize no.6 Marina Richards

3 rd Prize no.36 Daniella Della Valle


·         AOB: The AGM is quickly approaching. We are looking at holding this at the Crispin Community Centre and the 1st calling notice will go out with further details when it is due. SW asked if there will be another Bric a Brac. BF stated that there isn’t one arranged yet but it was agreed that it will be an agenda point in September.


·         Vice Chairman’s Closing Remarks: BF thanked everyone for attending the meeting.



Meeting Closed at 8.34pm

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 28th September at 7.30pm



Minutes July 2022

Minutes of the committee meeting held at Peter and Barbara Fry’s house.

Wednesday 27th Juli 2022. The meeting started at 7.30pm.

  1. Welcome and apologies for absence:

VORHANDEN: David Atkins (chairman) DA, Barbara Fry (vice chairman) BF, Marina Richards (treasurer) MR, Jacqui Ritter (Sekretär) JK, Peter Fry PF, Catherine Atkins CA, Sally Holz SW, Kay Strain KS, David Mozley DM, Sarah Gulliver and Nina by Zoom.

ENTSCHULDIGUNGEN: Paul Badman and Francis Knight

  1. Minutes of the meeting held on 22nd Juni 2022: Amendment to June’s minutes: It was stated in item 8 that the twinning had previously travelled through the channel tunnel. The twinning did have a previous long coach journey which many stated they did not enjoy as much but they caught the ferry from Dover and did not travel through the tunnel.

  1. Matters Arising not on Agenda: None

  1. Chairman’s Report: I e-mailed Sharon and Veronkia about the timings of visits given the cancellations over the last couple of years. It is clear from Sharon’s response that the French want to remain with the current pattern especially as next year they have a 50th anniversary with Isny in NDG and a visit to Rubeno, Italy to celebrate 20 years. Isny are very much geared up for August 2023.

So this means that we will have to manage two hostings and two visits each yearnot

ideal but we will need to keep trips well apart.

E-mail re death of Manfred Behrning, former mayor of Isny, and twinning supporter. I sent

a card of condolence to the Burgermeister and I believe that SPC have done the same.

Contacted by SPC Chair Laura Wolfers asking if we could arrange a meet with the Mayor of

NDG Virginie when Laura in France. Contacted Sharon who has arranged for her to meet

the deputy Mayor Helene Briffault, who is a former twinner.

Sharon will be in Street in August and Laura wants to meet her with maybe some councillors at the Crispin Hall Café on Saturday 20th August. We will be away but we must ensure that Sharon has some support and that the Association is represented. JK und FK plan to join Sharon when meeting Laura Wolfers.

I have spoken with Linda Ruff about a copy of the infamous plaque and she has suggested

the main wall in the Gravenchon Room in the Parish Rooms that would be perfect. I will

liaise with Sharon about size and format.

A discussion then followed about the painting from Isny which was presented to the Parish Council when they visited Street in 2018. It would be nice if this could be put up in the Parish rooms as it is yet to be put on display. JK stated she has a photo of it after the meeting she emailed it to DA. SW said it would be nice to have a list of items presented to the Parish Council/Twinning and DA will look into this.

  1. Secretary’s Report: Nothing to report

  1. Treasurer’s Report: Please see the financial report at the end of the minutes. MR stated that the direct debit payment that was stated in the June Minutes has now been clarified. It wasn’t Sum Up as originally thought, it was for a Land Rover magazine subscription. GDPR prevents a lot of information being passed back to MR as to who set up the direct debit but it has now been cancelled and all payments refunded.

Current account balance £8823.48

Deposit account balance £8061.59

  1. Membership & Member’s Welfare: JK and FK’s daughter Isobel recently had an appendectomy and spent a week in hospital due to an infection, she is now home and recovering well. DA passed on the twinning’s best wishes to her for a speedy recovery.

  1. Visits: CA has contacted the coach company and emailed Brittany Ferries. To travel by coach will be expensive and as the number of twinners travelling to Gravenchon now only stands at a possible 20 it was suggested that maybe we could hire two mini buses or people could car share and drive. We would need people to drive the mini buses or have enough cars to cater for members who don’t drive. Options were discussed such as driving to the port and leaving cars and boarding the ferry as foot passengers, then being collected in France by the French coach. Or taking our cars over to France and then using the French coach for trips. JK will send out an email to everyone who stated interest in travelling to Gravenchon to get their feedback. DA will email Sharon to ask about the possibility of using a French coach.

Sarah Gulliver, who joined the meeting and is also part of the Gravenchon Mini group, has been looking at the paper work needed for the trip. She also stated that everyone must make sure their passport is stamped when entering France as some workers at passport control are forgetting to do this and it causes problems when coming back through customs on the way to England. The mini group will meet again on Friday 12th July and they will make sure everyone is aware of what they must do before and during the trip.

The aprons have been located ready to take to Gravenchon but we will need a few more made. CA has the bunting to take. Anyone who enjoys sewing please get in touch.

Isny: A social Zoom meeting will take place on Thurs 4th August. Not all the Isny twinners are able to make the meeting but it was felt it should still go ahead and then another Zoom meeting will be arranged for the Autumn when hopefully more people will be available.

  1. Fundraising and Events:

Summer Social on Saturday 6th August: MR met Avril and arrangements have been made and the event will be from 2.30 – 4.30pm. Need to know numbers and so MR will create an invite to be sent out to everyone. DA offered the Lyons gazebo to use and MR has one if needed. This is to be a free event.

Merriman Park Fun Day Saturday 3 rd Sept. FK will send out an email shortly asking for volunteers and bottles and will be arranging the rota. Will need 2 gazebos.

  1. Webseite & Facebook: Nothing to report

  1. Publicity: Brochure is in the process of being prepared.

  1. Lotterie: Congratulations to the winners of the July lottery draw. The numbers were drawn at the meeting by members of the committee.

1st Prize no.47 Peter Fry

2nd Prize no.33 Marcia Della Valle

3 rd Prize no.25 Kay Winn

  1. AOB: DA said that the AGM needs to be discussed at the next meeting. Need to agree the changes to the constitution.

  1. Chairman’s Closing Remarks: DA thanked everyone for attending the meeting with special thanks to Sarah for coming along and to Nina for joining us by zoom. Thank you to Peter and Barbara for hosting. Please note change of date for the next meeting.

Meeting Closed at 8.58pm

Termin der nächsten Sitzung: Thurs 25th August at 7.30pm

To be held at Barbara and Peters house.