Minutes August 2019

Minutes of the committee meeting held in The Mullions breakfast room.

Wednesday 28th August 2019. Das Treffen begann um 7.30 pm.

  1. Welcome, introductions and apologies for absence

VORHANDEN: David Brunt (chairman) DB, Tom Winn (vice chairman) TW, Jacqui Ritter (Sekretär) JK, Peter Fry PF, Trevor Skinner TS, Francis Knight FK, Käfige Butler GB, Sally Holz SW, Kay Strain KS, Fiona White, David Mozley and Hilary Mozley.

ENTSCHULDIGUNGEN: Marina Richards, Paul Badman, Barbara Cowell, Barbara Fry, Claire Axten, Catherine Atkins, David Atkins, Katrina Dumontroty, Rebecca Wells, Simon Carswell.

  1. Minutes of the July meeting: A couple of amendments to the July minutes: FK was instructed to buy 4 tables and not 3. Four tables have been delivered and they are perfect for the next twinning stall. KS also represented Street Twinning at Viv Richards’s funeral. DB to sign the amended July minutes as a true record.

  1. Matters Arising: The Street Twinning flyer is displayed on the notice board outside Crispin Hall. JK checked Elmhurst School website and Newsletter and there is no mention of Street Twinning following the donation to the school, this is very disappointing. JK will be writing to local schools in the near future as stated in previous minutes with reference to looking for new twinning members and setting up a meeting with the head teachers.

  1. Revised Constitution: Tom, Marina and Catherine have been looking at the financial procedures in the constitution. TW reported back that they took a look at the whole constitution and have made some amendments. This was discussed at the meeting in length and some further adjustments were suggested which will be incorporated in the constitution before it is issued. The revised constitution will be sent to all members along with the calling notice issued to members 28days before the AGM. Members are invited to read through the constitution and reply with any queries so as TW and the working group can then deal with any queries before the AGM. It will be an agenda point at the AGM.

  1. Treasurers Report: Please see the attached financial report. FK pointed out that it has been a satisfactory fundraising year as we have just met our target of £3,400 for the year.

Current account balance £3,335.75

Deposit account balance £8,044.81

  1. Visit to Gravenchon 2020: JK has had some responses, but not many, to her request for a show of interest for the Gravenchon trip next year. An email will shortly go out to all members with a form to fill in with names and ages of children who would like to go. The email will include a rough idea of costs based on our last visit. We need to know numbers so as we can work out prices and look at booking. We will request that forms are returned before the AGM. At this point it does not commit you to going on the trip it is more of a show of interest but we need to have a clearer idea of expected numbers. We will be leaving Street early on Wed 15th April and returning late on Sun 19th April. We hope there will be no unforeseen circumstances of change but we will not know this for certain until the coaches and ferries are booked.

Sharon has French families etc. waiting to twin and so if you have never been part of the Gravenchon twinning before or know of someone who would like to join then there is still time.

  1. Visit to Isny 2019: A meeting at Barbara and Peter Fry’s house has been arranged for the Isny group. There will be 30 twinners travelling to Isny from Bristol Airport on Mon 28th Oct and returning from Basel Airport on Fri 1st Nov.

  1. Publicity / recruitment of new members: JK reports that there has been a show of interest from a family of four who are looking to hopefully join the Gravenchon twinning. JK asked the committee if she could update the membership pack to state the new membership fee of £15 a year for members over the age of 18yrs as this was agreed at the last AGM. It was agreed and members are reminded of this change ready for their renewals in October. No charge for under 18’s.

  1. Fundraising for 2019:

  1. Bric a brac market stall: No date set

  1. Merriman Park Fun Day: Saturday 7th September. There will be the usual water or wine and also a children’s card game with prizes and Street shopping bags to sell.

  1. SW offered to source the paper for wrapping the water and wine bottles.

  2. DA has bought 48 bottles of wine in France and the Twinning has 15 bottles.

  3. TW und Kay offered the use of their house for the wrapping evening on Thurs 5th Sept at 7pm. Any member is welcome to come along and help with this as it is very time consuming with hopefully 360 bottles to wrap. Please bring sellotape.

  4. KS has sticky labels with sad face and do not drink.

  5. JK will provide information laminates for the stall with prices, Quiz night and general info including a sign saying “Enjoy the wine but don’t drink the water”.

  6. KS has bought some plastic wine carriers and people have been collecting the free cardboard wine carriers for easier transporting on the day. More would be helpful.

  7. JK has the wooden wine display boxes from last year’s stall.

  8. DB has offered the use of his gazeebo with weights.

  9. DB has the float.

  10. Members: We are hoping for 300 empty screw top wine bottles. To check we have enough please could members drop their collections off at TW house (16 Seeley Crescent, Street, BA16 0RN) by Wednesday 4th preferably already filled with water. Please also drop off any donations of bottles of wine. If you do not have transport please contact a committee member and I am sure we can arrange collection from you.

  11. JK will send out the rota to the volunteers. We now have 12 volunteers for the stall. Cars are allowed on site from 10am until 12. At the end we will need to transport all the empties off site but keep them as we will need to refill them ready for the Christmas Cracker, cars are not allowed back on site until 4.30pm.

  1. Choir: No date set

  1. Autumn Quiz: Fri 8th Nov at the Victoria Club 7.30pm start - TS has organised this event. Committee members were given posters to display around Street and the local area. JK offered to do the raffle and has raffle books. Please contact JK if you would like to donate a raffle prize and need it collecting, or if you would like to donate you can take it on the night if you are taking part. £2.50 per person with teams of up to 4 people. Booking is preferred so to book please contact Trevor Skinner 01749 689199 or 07739 817136.

  1. Pizza fundraiser: Fiona White spoke about a fundraiser that she had been involved with. They bought pizzas and made puddings. People would bring their own alcohol. Easy fundraiser and a nice sociable event. Roughly £10 a ticket. Would need to find a venue though, maybe at a member’s home?

  1. Baltonsborough Show – Aug 2020

  1. Webseite & Facebook: All being kept up to date

  1. Lottery winners this month:

1st Prize no.12 Francesco Della Valle £20

2nd Prize no.40 Gill Davey £10

3 rd Prize no.8 Tina Della Valle £5

  1. AOB: None

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 25th September at 7.30 pm

in The Mullions breakfast room.

Minutes July 2019






Minutes of the committee meeting held in The Mullions breakfast room.

Wednesday 24th Juli 2019. Das Treffen begann um 7.30 pm.



  1. Welcome, introductions and apologies for absence


VORHANDEN: David Brunt (chairman) DB, Tom Winn (vice chairman) TW, Marina Richards (treasurer) MR, Jacqui Ritter (Sekretär) JK, Peter Fry PF, Trevor Skinner TS, Francis Knight FK, Käfige Butler GB, Catherine Atkins Ca.A, Paul Badman PB, Katrina Dumontroty KD, David Atkins DA


ENTSCHULDIGUNGEN: Kay Strain, Rebecca Wells, Barbara Fry and Simon Carswell


  1. Minutes of the June meeting: DB checked that everyone had read the minutes from the previous meeting and signed them as a true record


  1. Matters Arising:


a)    The Mullions has now been booked for every 4th Wednesday of the month and informed that there is no meeting in December.

b)   FK has looked at purchasing some sturdy tables for future Twinning events which are strong enough to hold the water and wine bottles. It was agreed to purchase 3 tables costing £28 each 180cm x 30cm.


  1. Treasurers Report: Please see attached financial report


Current account balance £3,520.48

Deposit account balance £8,043.36


FK brought to the committees attention that in the Street Parish Councils 2006 policy they agreed to give Street Twinning a grant each year. We do still need to apply for it and MR stated that she receives an email with a reminder to submit the application. DB stated that the amount received does vary but it could be added to the yearly budget.


Committee members queried if anyone had heard from Elmhurst School with reference to receipt of the Twinning’s £150 donation. This was towards their costs of hosting children from the Schweitzer School in Gravenchon. JK will check the Elmhurst School Newsletter.


  1. Visit to Gravenchon: Wed 15th April to Sun 19th April 2020 (provisional until booked)


Please see the attached spreadsheet from MR which shows various coach options. DA und Ca.A recently travelled on the DFDS crossing from Newhaven – Dieppe. Not up to the standard of Brittany Ferries but a good crossing with cabins, recliner seating, large bar and large eating area. TS had a suggestion of travelling down the night before and all staying in a Travel Lodge or similar. DB agreed that we would arrive more refreshed but this would increase the coach price and there would be no saving doing it this way. KD stated that the Portsmouth to Le Harve ferry is not a very nice boat and we wouldn’t get back until 3am Monday morning which would not suit those who have to return to work that day.

DA suggested and TW seconded that we stick to using Taylors coaches as we know and trust them and they know us. MR also stated that Taylors are happy to arrange the ferry crossing as well which would work out cheaper than booking separately. This was thought a good idea by all.


  1. Visit to Isny 2019: Nothing more to report at this time


  1. Publicity / recruitment of new members:


a)    Elmfest report – Sat 13th Juli: JK reported that Street Twinning had a stall with games gratefully loaned by David Atkins and The Lions. At 20p a go this wasn’t a fundraiser but more about publicity for the twinning and another chance to be part of a community event. We handed out flyers and spoke to various people about twinning along with having fun with pick a stick and play your cards right. Thank you to our volunteers the Knight family, David Brunt, the Wells family, Barbara and Peter Fry, Kay Strain and Tom Winn. The pitch cost £10 and prizes cost £8.43. We took £25.35 on the games and sold one Street shopping bag at £1.50. This gave us a profit for the day of £8.42

b)   Updated flyer – Rebecca Wells had very kindly organised the new twinning flyer at very short notice. We have 500 printed. They look great and with no dates on them they can be used for all twinning events. If anyone knows of somewhere they could be displayed i.e. notice boards etc. then please contact Jacqui. Suggestions from the committee were the library, Strode Theatre, notice board outside Crispin Hall and inside the Community Centre. JK will enquire at these places.

c)    Greeting card – Kay Strain sent the completed greeting card to DB and he will bring one to the next meeting. He said it is very nice with all the relevant information on it.

A big thank you to both Rebecca and Kay for their work and please don’t forget to give Marina any receipts for costs so as you can be reimbursed.


  1. Fundraising:


a)    Bric a brac market stall - DA stated still aiming for stall in Aug. Communication will be through email as there won’t be another meeting until the end of Aug. We will keep members informed if we need any volunteers for the stall.

b)   Merriman Park Fun Day – Saturday 7th September. DA will bring back wine for this on his next trip to France. Possibly bottle wrapping on Thursday 5th Sept but to be confirmed at the next meeting. JK will organise a rota for volunteers on the stall. MR will re-order prizes and give DB a float before the event. Ca.A said that there are windmills from the dinner dance which could be sold for 20p each or given as prizes.

c)    Choir. Carried over to the autumn

d)   Quiz – Fri 8TH Nov at the Victoria Club: TS is organising this and will ask for any help needed nearer the time. It was suggested that we should have a poster or some flyers advertising this at the Merriman Park Fun Day.

e)    Pizza fund raiser – Carried over to next meeting

f)     Baltonsborough Show – Aug 2020 - This will stay on the Agenda so as we don’t forget but nothing more to discuss at this point.


  1. Webseite / Facebook / Twitter: All being kept up to date


  1. Congratulations to the July lottery winners:


1st Prize no.55 Bernard Squire

2nd Prize no.46 Helen Phillips

3 rd Prize no.15 Veronica Brunt


  1. AOB:


a)    DB had received the very sad news that Viv Richards, a long standing member of Street Twinning, had recently passed away. TW will represent the Twinning at Viv’s funeral.

b)   JK had received an email from Bernard Squire to say that he and Grace enjoy being kept up to date with news about the Twinning. They send their best wishes to everyone.

c)    Yvonne and Denys Jones have decided to retire from twining after 26yrs. They wish everyone well and will be added to the supporters emailing list as they would like to stay in touch and be informed about future twinning events.

d)   MR will contact the United Reform Church and book Wed 23 rd Oct for the Twinning AGM. PF will prepare the emails for re-elections. JK will email the Mullions to say there will be no meeting in October due to the AGM.

e)    The Street Parish Council has stated that the representatives for 2019/2020 are Cllr. Simon Carswell and Cllr. Andy Leafe. They along with Jenny Marshfield the Assistant Clerk will be informed of committee meeting dates and agendas.




Date of next meeting: Wednesday 28th August at 7.30 pm

in The Mullions breakfast room.


Minutes June 2019

Minutes of the committee meeting held in The Mullions breakfast room.

Wednesday 26th Juni 2019. Das Treffen begann um 7.50 pm.


  1. Welcome, introductions and apologies for absence:


VORHANDEN: David Brunt (chairman) DB, Tom Winn (vice chairman) TW, Marina Richards (treasurer) MR, Jacqui Knight (Sekretär) JK, Francis Knight FK, Paul Badman PB, Catherine Atkins Ca.A, Kay Strain KS, David Atkins DA, Rebecca Wells RW


ENTSCHULDIGUNGEN: Claire Axten, Barbara Fry, Peter Fry, Sally Wood, Trevor Skinner, Käfige Butler, Katrina Dumontroty, Barbara Cowell.


  1. Minutes of the May meeting: DB checked that everyone had read the minutes from the previous meeting and signed them as a true record.


  1. Matters Arising: Everyone agreed The Mullions breakfast room is suitable and will be the venue for future committee meetings. JK will book the room for the 4th Wednesday of every month from 7.30pm; apart from in December when there is no committee meeting.


  1. Treasurers Report: Current account balance £3,685.48

Deposit account balance £8,042.13


MR reported that it has been clarified that the £1000 paid by BACS into the Street Twinning bank account was the grant from the Street Parish Council. DB will send a thank you to the Street Parish Council.


a)    Bric a brac market stall – Thursday 23 rd Mai. Joint stall with Meriman Park community group and proceeds were split in half giving Street Twinning a total of £55.35.

b)    Parish Council grant application - MR has put in the application for 2020.

c)    Elmhurst School donation – Back in Nov 2018 Street Twinning had been asked by Elmhurst School and the Gravenchon Twinning Association if it would be possible for us to help by paying for the French children’s meals when they visited Elmhurst School this year. It was agreed by a majority of committee members, through email, that Street Twinning would donate £150. The French children have recently been staying in Street and the £150 cheque has been paid to Elmhurst School.

MR informed the committee that in the Parish Council application it states we support local schools. In 2018 we donated £100 to Elmhurst School which helped fund a BBQ for the French children. On that occasion we attended the BBQ to promote Street Twinning and we hope to do this for other local schools in the future.

  1. Visit to Gravenchon 2020: Please find attached a spreadsheet from KD which shows various ferry crossing options. The committee discussed this and DB stated that overnight travel with an early arrival time is not favoured by our Gravenchon hosts. The Euro tunnel was ruled out due to the long coach trip. DA und Ca.A will check out the DFDS crossing and report back at the next committee meeting. DA also suggested that we could do one way and then travel back on a different service if it offered better options. It was stated that previously the twinning had travelled by coach to the port and then travelled as foot passengers on the ferry, there is no financial saving in doing this and so thought not a good idea.

MR has asked for new quotes from coach companies to compare with the ferry options. DB said that after a recent trip he felt that Aston coaches are not preferable. KS suggested Bakers in Yeovil (different from Baker Dolphin) und MR will contact them. MR stated that some coach companies offer package deals that include the ferry crossing and she will enquire.


DB has not yet approached the U3A reference joining us on the exchange to play a boule match. It was decided to wait until we had more of an idea on how many members are interested in next year’s trip to Gravenchon. Please remember to contact JK if you maybe interested in travelling to Gravenchon next year. She is compiling a show of interest list of members. Provisional dates are Wed 15th April to Sun 19th April 2020. This coincides with school holidays both in England and France.


  1. Visit to Isny 2019: Nothing more to report at this stage


  1. Publicity / recruitment of new members:


a)    Mendip Times - JK sent an article about the visit from Gravenchon to Mendip Times and it was published in the June edition.

b)    Letter to schools - JK, DA, FK und Ca.A had got together to discuss a membership drive at local schools. It would be best to wait until the autumn to contact the schools as they are now nearing the end of term. A letter to each school will be prepared with a view to arranging a meeting with the head.

c)    Elmfest – Saturday 13th July at Elmhurst School. 2pm til 6pm, setting up at 1pm. It was agreed that having a stall at Elmfest would be a great opportunity for local parents to find out about twinning. It was agreed to have one stall with a few games for children to play and win prizes. On the stall will also be the usual photos and information plus the twinning flyers and forms for people to fill in if they are interested.

DB has a table and gazebo with weights that we can use. DA will lend us a couple games from The Lions. FK asked if the twinning would consider buying some tables to use on the various stalls. They need to be strong enough to hold the water and wine bottles. It was agreed that MR, FK und KS would source some. JK will contact members and arrange a rota of helpers on the day.

d)    Updating flyer - RW is happy to source the printing of a new flyer.

e)    Greeting card - KS showed the committee a sample of the twinning greeting card. Kay will print 50 and it can also be adapted to a Christmas card.

f)     Updated membership pack - JK has updated this and sent to the new family. It consists of the twinning document, membership form and lottery information. At the AGM it was proposed that the membership fee should increase to £15 per adult effective from the 2019 AGM . This had received unanimous support at the time and in light of this it was agreed that no membership fees will be collected from new members until the AGM this year so as everyone pays the same yearly fee.

  1. Fundraising for 2019:


a)    Baltonsborough Show - DB stated that the twinning used to have a stall at this event and it takes place in August. It was thought by all a good idea but to perhaps do this next year. A human fruit machine was a popular idea where twinning members would hold up a piece of fruit in a partitioned gap, or window, like a slot machine and people would win a prize for 3 in a row or a certain sequence.

b)    Bric a brac stall – We have more stock and DA has contacted Val Appleby and a stall will be arranged in August.

c)    Merriman Park Fun Day - Saturday 7th September. The pitch fee has been paid. DB asked if we could source some plastic boxes to store the wine. We need to be able to store and transport them easily as normal cardboard boxes aren’t strong enough and if a lot of bottles are in them they become very heavy. JK will email all members when sending out the minutes to start collecting the following items; wine boxes which are free from Supermarkets and screw top wine bottles, please fill with water. Donations of bottles of wine will be gratefully received. Please hold onto these items for now. DA is happy to bring back 48 bottles of wine from France. The twinning have 15 bottles is storage.

d)    Choir – Nothing further to report.

e)    Quiz – Fri 8th Nov at the Victoria Club. All booked and more details will follow nearer the time.

f)     KS suggested a pizza fund raising evening. She knew of one that had taken place which was a good fundraiser. Carried forward to the next meeting.


  1. Webseite / Facebook / Twitter: All being kept up to date


  1. Lottery winners this month:


1st no.66 Trevor skinner

2nd no.73 Bobbie Lockyer

3 rd no.7 David Mozley


11. AOB: JK has compiled a supporters email list and will forward an updated members list to MR.


Minutes May 2019

Minutes of the committee meeting held in the Victoria Club Skittle Alley.
Wednesday 22nd May 2019.
Das Treffen begann um 7.30 pm.
  1. Welcome, introductions and apologies for absence
    VORHANDEN: David Brunt (chairman) DB, Marina Richards MR, Jacqui Knight JK, Tom Winn TW, Peter Fry PF, Barbara Fry BF, Trevor Skinner TS, Francis Knight FK, Kay Strain KS, Gabbie Butler GB, Catherine Atkins Ca.A, David Atkins DA, Barbara Cowell BC, Rebecca Wells RW, Sally Wood SW, Paul Badman PB
    ENTSCHULDIGUNGEN: Claire Axten Cl.A, Katrina Dumontrotty KD
  2. Minutes of the April meeting:
    DB checked that everyone had read the minutes from the previous meeting and signed them as a true record
  3. Entstandener Fragen:
    a) New venue for meetings as from June: Upstairs Parish room £8.50per hour but no lift. Strode Theatre £30per hour and not suitable during holidays as extra cost. Members houses discussed but not favoured. United Reform Church £15 for 3hrs and 10% off if 5 sessions booked. Mullions Hotel breakfast room is free if some bought drinks. It was agreed that TS would book the Mullions for the 4th Wednesday of the month from 7.30pm.
    b) Investiture: A very enjoyable evening and Nina Swift mentioned how wonderful Street Twinning is in her speech.
    c) Twinning Greeting Card: KS showed a draft A5 size folded card with the possibility of Street Twinning and logo on the front and blank inside costing 10-15p per copy. JK was keen for the email, website and Facebook address to be included and SW suggested a collage of 3 photos. KS agreed to get some quotes for different designs.
  4. Treasurers Report: Current account £3,389.11. Reserve account £8,040.76
    MR stated that a BACS payment of £1000 had been paid into the account but she does not know who it is from.
    Cheese and Wine Report: Please see attached report. Profit £373.67
    A well-attended event with lots of wine and food including many different cheeses. Thank you to Tina and Tony for their great hospitality and also to Gabbie and Martyn Butler for providing the games. TW said what a lovely evening it had been and was very happy to see Hazel and Ivor Russel at the event. It was agreed that JK will keep a Supporters email list so as non-members can be informed of any future fundraising events. If anyone knows of any non-members who would like to support such events please contact Jacqui with their email address so as they can be added to the list.
  5. Record of wine:
    DB has stock of 12 red and 3 white wine for future events
  6. Besuch Gravenchon: Wed 15th April to Sun 19th April 2020 (provisional until booked)
    KD contacted Brittany Ferries reference sailing from Portsmouth to Caen. They don’t have pricing yet and we can’t book until late Aug/Sept. A discussion followed about other possible crossings. Key points were time of travel and availability of day time cabins. An overnight crossing and a Dover to Calais crossing was not favoured. Other possible options of New Haven to Dieppe and Portsmouth to Le Harve were discussed and so JK will contact KD to see if she would be happy to look into these other options. MR had contacted some coach companies for quotes:
    Taylors Coaches 55 seater executive coach £3,450.00 (£3,300.00 last year), Bakers Coaches £2,250.00, SMC coach hire £3,000.00 Coach and Ferry travel carried over to the next meeting.
  7. Visit to Isny:
    Mon 28th Oct to Fri 1st Nov 2019 (booked) nothing further to report.
    Since the meeting it has been confirmed that the new family travelling to Isny now have a host family.
  8. Publicity / recruitment of new members:
    FK said it is important to follow up with people who show interest in the twinning. He mentioned a parish councillor who had attended a previous meeting as a potential new member. DA offered to contact him.
    Since the meeting we are in the June edition of Local Reach.
  9. Fundraising for 2019:
    a) Quiz: Fri 8TH Nov at the Victoria Club. More details will follow nearer the time.
    b) Bric a brac market stall: Val Appleby asked if we would help do a stall on Thurs 23rd May and split the profit 50/50. JK, FK, DB, GB volunteered.
    c) Strawberry Tea: Sunday 23rd June from 3pm at Avril and William Berry’s in Street. Cake and raffle prize donations please but no strawberry and cream cakes. Tickets are available from any committee member £7 adult £4 child (aged 5-14) Raffle and possibly a game of boule. Please take own chairs and picnic table if needed. Payments by BACS or cash/cheque to DB.
    d) Choir: DA is working on this idea. Carried over.
  10. Webseite / Facebook /Twitter:
    All being kept up to date
  11. Congratulations to the May lottery winners
    1st no. 56 Sandy Baird £20
    2nd no. 8 Tina Della Valle £10
    3rd no.14 Martyn Butler £5
  12. AOB
    RW asked if there could be a thank you letter sent to Millfield Security for allowing us to park the French Coach at Millfield during their stay. DB is happy to do this along with sending a thank you to Tina and Tony for hosting the Cheese and Wine.
Termin der nächsten Sitzung: Wednesday 26th June at 7.30 pm
Venue: The Mullions Hotel breakfast room.
51 High Street, Street.

Minutes April 2019

  1. Welcome, introductions and apologies for absence
  2. VORHANDEN: David Brunt (chairman) DB, Marina Richards MR, Jacqui Knight JK, Tom Winn TW, Peter Fry PF, Barbara Fry BF, Claire Axten Cl.A, Francis Knight FK, Kay Strain KS, Catherine Atkins Ca.A, David Atkins DA, Paul Badman PB, Sally Wood SW, Katrina Dumontroty KD
    ENTSCHULDIGUNGEN: Käfige Butler, Barbara Cowell and Trevor Skinner. Since the meeting Rebecca has sent her apologies
  3. Minutes of the January meeting
    DB checked that everyone had read the minutes from the previous meeting and signed them as a true record
  4. Entstandener Fragen
    a) Numbers for the Investiture: David and Veronica Brunt, Jacqui and Francis Knight, Barbara and Martin Cowell, Tom Winn, Gabbie and Martyn Butler. Since the meeting the numbers have been confirmed with the Street Parish Council.
    b) New Venue for meeting as from May: DA reported that The Bear charge £100. TW reported that there would be no charge for The Victoria Club. It is not available on a Wed but we could use the skittle alley short term. DB reported that the community centre charge £12 an hour and it is available every Wed. KD suggested Brookside School and will enquire. The Legion may charge but are booked every Wed. Ca.A asked if we could meet on a different night, the committee would be happy but not on Tues. TW will book the Victoria Club skittle alley for our May meeting.
    Since the meeting TW has booked the skittle alley for Wed 22nd May but the function room is now booked every night and so The Victoria Club is not an option for future meetings.
  5. Treasurers Report See attachment.
    Current account balance £1,283.25
    Reserve account balance £8,039.35
    DB questioned the refunds. A few hosts due to unforeseen circumstances either couldn’t host at the last minute or couldn’t attend the trip. As the visit had come in under budget it was felt by the subcommittee that it was possible to refund moneys paid by these members.
    DA pointed out that this year for various reasons the visit had been very good value for money but in the future the costs could be higher.
    TW formally thanked Cl.A and her team for such a great meal and service at the Dinner Dance. Cl.A replied saying she had enjoyed the event and that it had ran very smoothly.
  6. Besuch aus Gravenchon 2019
    JK read out the report for the Visit from Gravenchon. See attachment.
    Along with the agenda JK had asked hosts for any constructive feedback. William and Avril Berry had sent DB an email thanking everyone for their hard work and especially thanking Claire and her team. Sharon had sent an email from France, which DB had forwarded onto all members thanking everyone and said how much the French had enjoyed this year’s visit.
    JK reported that she has sent great reviews to Sally Vinyl, the Hairy Dog, West Somerset Railway, Dunster Castle and Taylors Coaches on behalf of Street Twinning.
    JK has sent a report along with a couple of photos to Local Reach and Central Somerset Gazette. Since the meeting JK has sent a report to the Mendip Times. We hope all of these reports will be printed soon.
    TW asked if a letter of thanks will be sent to the Parish Council for their event and it was agreed that DB will do this.
  7. Besuch Gravenchon 2020: Wed 15th April to Sun 19th April
    The dates which would suit the French are from Wed 15th April to Sunday 19th April 2020. Both French and English children are on school holidays during these dates which will enable hosts and guests to spend time together. Last year many families couldn’t travel to Paris as their children were at school.
    The dates were agreed by the committee with no objections.
    KD offered to look at ferry dates and prices with Brittany Ferries including the possibility of sailing to Le Harve. MR offered to contact Taylors coaches.
    Sharon has suggested a friendly boule match when we visit Gravenchon. DB suggested we could invite the U3A boule team. The committee then discussed the idea. Some concerns were raised i.e. extra travel arrangements and extra costs plus finding accommodation. DA said that this could attract more members and with carful budgeting it shouldn’t affect the overall cost to members. DB said that Sharon was keen for this to happen and would arrange accommodation and if possible find hosts. It was agreed that it would be a fun activity that all ages would enjoy and there is plenty of time to make arrangements before the next visit. DB will write to Peter Lander of the U3A boule team with an idea of cost and what the trip would involve. It would be nice if the team joined us for the whole exchange including the Dinner and Dance and any trips.
  8. Visit to Isny 2019: Mon 28th October to Fri 1st November
    BF reported that all members travelling to Isny have been contacted by email. Flights have been booked with Easy Jet from Bristol on Mon 28th Oct to Basel with a return flight on Fri 1st Nov 2019. The group of 30 people include a couple of new twinners and their two daughters. BF has received a lovely email from Isny stating that the town of Isny support the twinning which makes it possible to pick the group up from any airport no matter the distance. This made it easier to book the most convenient flights at a good price.
  9. Publicity / recruitment of new members
    With the new family travelling to Isny we are slowly gaining more members but there still needs to be a drive for new members as for various reasons quite a few members have left in recent years.
    JK asked DA for his assistance in coordinating a membership drive at local schools, as discussed at a previous meeting. It was agreed they would meet and formulate a plan.
  10. Fundraising for 2019
    a) Quiz: CHANGE OF DATE TO FRI 8TH NOV at the Victoria Club. More details will follow nearer the time.
    b) Bric a Brac market stall: BF and PF stated they were misquoted and would be happy to do the stall again. DA had checked with the Merriman Park Committee group and they have said yes to a joint event and for the proceeds to be split down the middle. PB asked for best sellers so as we can start collecting items, BF stated that children’s items and china sells well.
    c) Cheese and Wine: Fri 17th May at Tina and Tony Della Valle’s house from 7pm. Tickets £8.50 under 18’s £4.00. DA has 20 red and 6 white bottles of wine from France. Tina will organise food and put in expenses. The twinning glasses can be used. DB will liaise with Tina to see what is needed and will check if she needs raffle donations. Tickets are available from any committee member and payments should be sent to DB or paid by BACS.
    d) Strawberry TEA: Sunday 23rd June at Avril and William Berry’s house. MR will liaise with Avril to see what is needed. Ticket prices to follow shortly.
    (For both the above events JK will check with hosts before posting on FB. The twinning has enough raffle tickets in stock for both events.)
    e) Choir No update.
  11. Webseite / Facebook /Twitter
    JK reported that the Gravenchon posts have been very popular with lots of likes and shares. We have 118 followers including people in Isny and Gravenchon. The #sallyvinyl post reached 3500 people.
  12. Lottery winners this month
    1st prize no.25 Yvonne Jones
    2nd prize no.13 Tony Della Valle
    3rd prize no.21 Catherine Atkins
  13. AOB
    a) Notre Dame Cathedral: DB had received a suggestion from a member that the Association should give a cash donation to the fund for repairs to the Cathedral. He stated that having looked into the matter our constitution doesn’t allow us to make such donations. He suggested that those members who wish to donate can go online. There is a donation website don.fondation-patrimoine.org or members can google Notre Dame Cathedral for more details.
    b) JK and FK suggested a greeting card for Street Twinning which can be sent to say thank you or for condolences etc. There could be photos on the front with the Street Twinning logo and our contact details and it could be signed by the Chairman. This was agreed by the committee and JK and KS will work together to design one and get a quote for printing.
Termin der nächsten Sitzung: Wednesday 22nd May at 7.30 pm
in the Victoria Club skittle alley.

Visit from Notre Dame de Gravenchon 2019

6th April – 10TH April 2019

44 friends from Gravenchon travelled to Street and there were some new visitors, including children which is fantastic for the continuation of twinning. There were a few hiccups along the way in organising this visit but with great team work by the subcommittee and communication with Sharon in France everything ran smoothly during their stay.

They travelled by Ferry from Calais to Dover and arrived slightly earlier than expected. Each member of the subcommittee had been given a group of hosts and those hosts were made aware of their contact in case of emergencies. This system worked well and enabled hosts to be informed quickly of the new arrival time.

During the day on Sunday and Monday there was time to relax, catch up and time for new hosts and guests to get to know each other. The Dinner and Dance was held at Meadway Hall in Compton Dundon on the Sunday evening. A team of volunteers, including a few French guests, decorated the hall with the theme of a train trip to the beach. There were props of a train, photo frame and accessories that many people enjoyed taking photos with. Everyone was greeted with a glass of Bucks Fizz on arrival. We enjoyed excellent catering by Claire and team and danced to the lovely singing of Sally Vinyl.

evening the Street Parish Council hosted a reception in Crispin Hall. Tasty non-alcoholic beverages and a wonderful ploughman’s supper went down well with both English and French. We enjoyed music by Dylan Thomas and John and Ann Diment. Gifts were exchanged and a plaque celebrating 50 years of twinning was presented by Marie-Francoise Loison, deputy Mayoress of Gravenchon to the Street Parish Council and received by the Chair, Nina Swift. Stars displayed on the plaque were decorated during last year’s visit to Gravenchon and also by local school children during their visit to France. One plaque will be displayed in Street and the other in Gravenchon.

Tuesday was the trip day and a large group of 96 people travelled by coach to Bishops Lydeard and then onto Watchet by Steam train. The Subcommittee were informed with not much time to spare that maintence to the line from Watchet to Minehead had overrun and so would be closed. With quick adjustments made the trip still ran smoothly. West Somerset Railway provided a great service with two train carriages reserved for the twinning and we had a chance to take photos up front with the train driver.

Once in Minehead we walked to the Hairy Dog where we were all seated together and promptly served fish, chips and peas. Some then enjoyed deserts, drinks or a walk along the sea front before catching the coach to Dunster Castle. The drizzly rain didn’t spoil our enjoyment. Many went into the castle, some wandered around the gardens and tried their hand at archery or shooting whilst others ventured into Dunster village. We had a good journey home with a friendly coach driver and a great service provided by Taylors coaches.

Wednesday morning was an early start and time to say goodbye. With long lasting friendships reinforced and new friendships made, twinning is still going strong. We look forward to visiting our friends over in Gravenchon in 2020.

Minutes March 2019

Minutes of the committee meeting held in the John Webster room. Wednesday 27th March 2019. Das Treffen begann um 7.30 pm.

  1. Welcome, introductions and apologies for absence
    VORHANDEN: David Brunt (chairman) DB, Marina Richards MR, Jacqui Knight JK, Tom Winn TW, Claire Axten Cl.A, Francis Knight FK, Gabbie Butler GB, Catherine Atkins, David Atkins DA, Rebecca Wells, Paul Badman, Barbara Cowell, Avril Berry, William Berry, Simon Carswell SC.
    ENTSCHULDIGUNGEN: Peter Fry, Barbara Fry, Trevor Skinner, Kay Strain, Katrina Dumontroty and Sally Wood who passed on her apologies to the secretary after the meeting.

  2. Minutes of the January meeting
    DB checked that everyone had read the minutes from the previous meeting and signed them as a true record.

  3. Entstandener Fragen
    No matters arising

  4. Treasurers Report
    Current account balance £4,622.95
    Reserve account balance £8,038.07
    MR presented the Treasurers Report. This showed fundraising has totalled £2904.69 so far this year and incurred expenditure of £500.85. MR thanked FK for his input into updating the structure of the financial report. FK stated that based on recent accounts and costs of visits to us from Gravenchon and Isny that to breakeven we need to raise funds of about £6800 over a two year period, so £3400 per year.

  5. Financial Procedures Working Group (Marine, Tom and Catherine)
    TW reported that the group had made a start and will be looking at updating the financial procedures in the constitution. The constitution does mention property and TW asked DB if the Twinning items in the Parish Rooms are property of the Twinning or of the Parish Council. It was clarified that they were gifts presented to the Parish Council and so their property.

  6. Membership update and renewals
    DB welcomed Simon Carswell to the meeting. SC is a Parish Councillor who has shown interest in possibly joining Street Twinning.
    JK Reported that we have 74 members to date. 57 twin with Gravenchon and 25 twin with Isny. There are 8 members who twin with both.

  7. New venue for meetings as from May
    Cl.A explained that in May there will be preparations to move the library into the Parish Rooms and this is why we will need to find a new meeting place. The upstairs of the Parish Rooms is not big enough for large meetings. We do not pay to use the Parish Rooms. SC suggested the back room of The Bear, DA said that this is usually free of charge and offered to make enquiries. MR suggested the Victoria Club, TW stated that there is only the large function room and offered to make enquiries.
    Other suggestions were the Methodist Hall, United Reform Church, and British Legion.
    DA and TW will report back in April and it was agreed to try and stick to the fourth Wednesday of the month.

  8. Plaque from Gravenchon
    Cl.A said that the Parish Council has discussed the plaque and it could possibly be placed on an outside wall of the Parish Rooms. The plaque will be presented by Gravenchon to the Parish Council at the Parish Council event.

  9. Besuch aus Gravenchon 2019
    West Somerset Railway contacted MR stating that due to overrunning track maintenance at Blue Anchor the train will now stop at Watchet and not travel to Minehead. All hosts have been made aware of this change. Taylors coaches have confirmed that they will now pick up from Watchet Station and we will then travel by coach to Minehead. WSR have confirmed that we will still have sole use of two carriages.
    JK informed the committee that the Walton road will be closed on the day of the trip and so there will be a diversion for the coaches. It was agreed that the departure time would stay the same but please could everyone going on the trip make sure they arrive by 8.15am at the latest as the coaches must depart by 8.30am.
    GB showed the committee a photo of the finished train prop which looks fantastic and DB thanked all involved. Committee members suggested that this photo prop could be used at future events as a fun addition to our fundraisers.
    Sharon from France has informed JK that the Gravenchon guests will not be stopping for food in England and so they will probably all arrive hungry!

  10. Visit to Isny 2019
    Cl.A reported that the Isny organising group has looked at flights but they have not been released yet. Isny are happy to pick everyone up from any airport and so the group are looking at possibly flying to Basel again with EasyJet as this is likely to be the cheapest.

  11. Publicity / recruitment of new members
    FK reiterated how important it is to find new members for the twinning to thrive. There have been quite a few of our older members who have sadly left twinning recently. There are families, couples and individuals in both Gravenchon and Isny waiting for English Twinners.
    DB suggested that once the upcoming visit from Gravenchon has taken place then there should be a concerted effort to attract new members.

  12. Fundraising for 2019
    a) Quiz. Trevor Skinner had provisionally booked the Victoria Club for Friday 15th November. This is the same night as Wells Carnival. The committee suggested a change of date to Friday 8th November. TW will contact Trevor.
    b) Bric a Brac market stall. Trevor had sent a request to enquire about another stall as the previous one had been so successful. Cl.A said that Barbara and Peter Fry who had organised this in the past had found storage a problem and did not feel able to organise a future stall. There is no Bric a Brac left in storage. DA suggested that if we could find the people to man a stall then Merriman Park Community Group may have bric a brac to sell and we could possibly join forces and split the profits. It was agreed for DA to contact the Merriman Park group.
    c) Cheese and Wine. DB stated that Tina is happy for a maximum of 40 people to attend the event on Fri 17th May at her home. DB will print tickets. The first glass on wine will be free and then donations for subsequent glasses. DA will source the wine from France for the event.
    d) Strawberry Tea. Avril and William Berry have kindly offered to host this event again. It will take place at their home on Sunday 23rd June. DB will print tickets.
    e) Choir. DA and Tina have discussed this event and the idea is for 5 or 6 local groups to sing, play instruments for 15-20mins each at a local venue. Mix of music with a raffle, tea and biscuits and entry by donation. FK pointed out that there is a very similar event taking place in Crispin Hall soon and so it will be interesting to see if this is a popular event. DA asked if anyone has any suggestions of musicians, choirs, schools, soloists etc. to contact him. This event will hopefully take place in the autumn and maybe in a local church.

  13. Webseite / Facebook /Twitter
    All being kept up to date.

  14. Congratulation to the March lottery winners
    1st Kay Strain
    2nd Ed Rawlings
    3rd Tony Della valle

  15. AOB
    DB read out an email from the Parish Council which invites Street Twinning to attend this year’s investiture of the new chairman of the Street Parish Council. This will take place on Thursday 16th May 2019 at 6.30pm in Strode Theatre followed by light refreshments. Some of the committee members had been previously and said what a lovely event it is and how interesting it is to hear about activities that happen in Street.
    They need to know numbers by Friday 3rd May and so if any member would like to attend please contact Jacqui Knight our secretary before our next committee meeting jacqui1308@btinternet.com or 01458 840471. Six members have so far shown interest.
    Termin der nächsten Sitzung: Wednesday 24th April at 7.30 pm
    in the John Webster Parish Rooms

Minutes February 2019

Minutes of the committee meeting held in the John Webster room.

Wednesday 27th February 2019. Das Treffen begann um 7.30 pm.

Welcome, introductions and apologies for absence
VORHANDEN: David Brunt (chairman) DB, Tom Winn TW, Jacqui Knight JK, Peter Fry PF, Barbara Fry BF, Claire Axten Cl.A, Trevor Skinner TS, Francis Knight FK, Kay Strain KS, Käfige Butler, Catherine Atkins Ca.A, David Atkins DA, Rebecca Wells RW and Sheila Urwin
ENTSCHULDIGUNGEN: Marina Richards, Katrina Dumontroty, Paul Badman
  1. Minutes of the January meeting

    DB checked that everyone had read the minutes from the previous meeting and signed them as a true record

  2. Entstandener Fragen

    No matters arising

  3. Treasurers Report

    Marine, the treasurer, was not present at the meeting. Carried over (After the meeting the secretary received the following figures from the treasurer)

    Current account balance £4694.43

    Reserve account balance £8036.84

  4. Financial Procedures Working Group (Marine, Tom and Catherine)

    Carried over

  5. Membership update and renewals

    JK reported that all membership fees have been received.

  6. Besuch aus Gravenchon 2019

    JK reported that all replies had been received

    Food update: The Dinner/Dance meal is 3 courses; cold platter to start, Roast pork with all the trimmings and for dessert Pavlova or trifle. There will be a vegetarian option but please inform JK ASAP of any dietary requirements so as the caterer can be informed of numbers. The meal in Minehead is battered fish, chips and peas. If you have not already done so please contact JK if this is not suitable due to dietary requirements

    Spare seats to Minehead: Please contact JK ASAP on 01458 840471 or email jacqui1308@btinternet.com on a first come first serve basis.
    Extra seats are £35 per adult and £15 for under 18’s. (If you are a National Trust Member you do not need to pay to get into Dunster Castle reducing the adult price to £23.50, no reduction for children as £15 is a reduced price as a donation towards travel and food)

    DA asked about the possibility of mixing French and English on the coaches. JK stated that due to the French Coach insurance this is unfortunately not possible.

    Cl.A presented two options to the committee for the Street Parish Council reception on Monday 8th April in Crispin Hall. A cream tea from 4pm - 6pm or Food and Drink from 6pm - 8pm. The decision was made by the committee to have the event at the later time of 6pm - 8pm so as it does not cut into the free day too much. Cl.A will report back to the Parish Council.

    The Sub Committee are meeting again on Monday 4th March

  7. Visit to Isny 2019

    BF reported that the Isny organising committee now have the list of hosts and there will be some new twinners travelling to Isny in October. They hope to book the flights within the next few weeks.

  8. Publicity / recruitment of new members

    JK asked if the letter to schools discussed at the January meeting could be postponed until after the visit from Gravenchon. This was agreed.

  9. Plaque outside Grinter’s pet shop

    DB spoke about the Street Twinning plaque which was originally on the side of Living Homes. When the building was renovated it was moved to the side wall of Grinter’s pet shop in the High Street. Martyn Butler noticed it was in disrepair and offered to restore it. GB reported that he has started the restoration and DB asked GB to thank him on behalf of the Twinning.

  10. Fundraising for 2019

    Quiz report:
    Tickets sold £125
    Raffle £82
    Total takings £207
    TS kindly donated the prizes and TW booked the hall at no cost to the twinning

    The Street Twinning Winter Quiz was held at The Victroria Club on 8th February. It was a very successful and enjoyable evening. DB and the committee thanked TS for organising and hosting the event. It was well publicised and attended by both members and non-members. DB would also like to thank everyone who donated raffle prizes and helped set up and pack away on the night. TS made a special mention to Jean Howard who kindly allowed use of the bridge tables which made a big difference as the Victoria club tables would have been too big for teams of four.
    TS agreed to do another quiz in November

    Cheese and Wine
    Tina Della Valle has kindly offered to host this event again at her home in Street. The date is set for Friday 17th May. Ticket price and further details to follow shortly. GB offered to follow up with Tina for the finer details

    Strawberry Tea
    Avril and William Berry will be contacted to ask if they would like to host this event again

    DB had received an email from Tina with the idea of holding a choir event in a local church. A mixture of choirs in 20min slots which could include musicians. DA commented that this could be a very good fundraiser but would take a lot of organising. Carried over

  11. Webseite / Facebook /Twitter

    All being kept up to date

  12. Lottery winners this month
    1st no. 55 Bernard Squire
    2nd no. 19 Trevor Skinner
    3rd no. 45 David Mozley
    DB will contact Marina reference cheques for the winners

  13. AOB

    GB stated that Martyn has a large piece of wood that he would be happy to cut into a photo prop for the Dinner Dance. It was agreed that as we will be travelling by train to Minehead that it would be lovely to have a cut out of a train for putting heads through to take photos.
    (After the meeting TS mentioned having another Bric a Brac stall at the Street Market. Carried over to next meeting)

Termin der nächsten Sitzung: Wednesday 27th March at 7.30 pm in the John Webster Parish Rooms

Minutes January 2019

1. Welcome, introductions and apologies for absence

VORHANDEN: David Brunt DB, Tom Winn TW, Jacqui Knight JK, Marina Richards MR, Katrina Dumontroty KD, Peter Fry PF, Barbara Fry BF, Claire Axten Cl.A, Trevor Skinner TS, Francis Knight FK, Paul Badman PB, Kay Strain KS, Catherine Atkins Ca.A, David Atkins DA, Rebecca Wells and Helen Phillips.

ENTSCHULDIGUNGEN: Barbara Cowell, Gabbie Butler and Sally Wood.

2. Minutes of November meeting

David checked that everyone had read the minutes from the previous meeting and signed them as a true record.

3. Entstandener Fragen

No matters arising

4. Follow up points from November minutes

Update from Claire reference checking if the Street Parish Council need our accounts to be audited: Cl.A reported that the Parish Council stated this wasn’t intended and the wording will be changed.

Record keeper of Street Twinning wine: DB reported that we do not have any wine in stock at the moment. Matter carried forward.

Working group (Marine, Tom and Catherine) reference reviewing financial procedures: Matter carried forward.

5. Change of committee meeting date from May 22nd.

The May meeting will be changed to Wednesday 15th May. Cl.A to inform the Parish Council.

6. Treasurers Report

Current Account total £3871.43

Reserve Account total £8035.48

Financial report for Christmas Cracker

Please see the attached Christmas Cracker financial report

7. Christmas Cracker Report

DB would like to thank everyone who had helped with this event. The stalls attracted a lot of people. The Water or Wine sold out. BF said it had worked very well having a water or wine stall and a bric a brac stall.

DB stated that there should be a laminate stating “Do Not Drink the water” displayed on future Water or Wine stalls. In future bottles of water will have a label stating this and will incorporate the usual sad face. MR and KS offered to print 250 sticky labels each when needed.

8. Membership update and renewals

JK presented an up-to –date membership list of paid and unpaid subscriptions. There are a few members’ payments outstanding. These members will be contacted in the coming week as payments are overdue.

9. Besuch aus Gravenchon 2019

Update from Subcommittee: Ca.A reported back to the committee with arrangements so far.

Saturday 6th April. Arrival in Street late afternoon/tea time. Meeting time and place to be confirmed. Guests to eat with their hosts.

Sunday 7th April. Free day. Dinner/Dance 6.30pm for 7pm. Meadway Hall, Compton Dundon.

The subcommittee will need help to set up and will call for helpers nearer the time.

Monday 8th April. Free Day. Street Parish Council reception early evening at Crispin hall for food and drink. Times to be confirmed.

Tuesday 9th April. Day trip. Departure time from Street to be confirmed. Coach to Bishops Lydeard. Catch the 10.15am Steam train to Minehead which arrives at 11.35am. Free time then lunch all together. Coach to Dunster Castle, time to be confirmed. Coach home, we hope to arrive back in Street by 6.30pm. Evening meal with hosts.

KD to ask Strode theatre if cars can be left in Strode carpark.

Wednesday 10th April. Guests leave for Gravenchon early morning. Time to be confirmed.

We need to find a place for the French coach to park whilst it is not being used. KD will contact the Victoria Club and JK will contact Elmhurst school. Other sites that we have used in the past are now unavailable. If any member has any ideas of a suitable parking place please contact a committee member asap.

The subcommittee meet again on Monday 4th February. After this meeting an email will go to all hosts with further details and costings. There are likely to be spare seats on the coach and train and members will be informed once numbers are confirmed.

Update on hosts: We would still like to find a host for the coach driver Francois, and the gardener Denis. Sharon needs to know by 30th Jan at the latest. If anyone knows of someone who can host or if any Isny members would like to host, even if it’s a one off, please let a committee member know asap.

Update from Sharon ref travel plans: The ferry has been booked and they will be travelling from Calais to Dover.

10. Stars from Gravenchon

The stars which people decorated at the Dinner/Dance in Gravenchon last year are being glazed. Half the stars will stay in Gravenchon and will be displayed. The other half will be brought over to England in April and presented as a plaque to commemorate the 50th anniversary.

DB will ask Sharon to send a picture of the plaque when it is completed so this can be sent with a formal letter to the Street Parish Council asking for the possibility of displaying this somewhere in Street. PB suggested Merriman park near our tree.

11. Visit to Isny 2019

BF reported that 29 members are hoping to travel to Isny this year. Flights are being looked at but the cheaper flights have not been released yet. The exchange will take place during the October half term for five days within the week from the 26th October and Saturday 2nd November.

We now have a Debit card but this is not suitable to use when booking flights. It was agreed that Cl.A will use her personal credit card to book flights. There will be another committee member present at this transaction and Cl.A will be reimbursed.

12. Publicity / recruitment of new members

The importance of attracting new members was raised especially as we have recently had quite a few leave the twinning for various reasons. As well as couples and individuals we do need new families to twin with those waiting in both Gravenchon and Isny.

JK suggested contacting local schools to talk to children and parents about twinning. A discussion then followed and it was suggested by DA that we book appointments to meet with Head teachers. We plan to discuss the possibility of attending parent evenings, summer fetes and assemblies with parents present. JK will draft a letter to local primary and senior schools and will make follow up telephone calls.

FK stated that last year Brookside school charged between £300 and £350 per child to travel to Gravenchon on an exchange with the school. A family of four travelled to Gravenchon with the twinning last year all-inclusive for £340. This is a very good selling point for families to join Street Twinning.

KD suggested contacting parents directly through Facebook. JK will look into posting on the “Parents of BA16” Facebook page and other pages to reach a wider audience.

13. Fundraising for 2019

Quiz Friday 8th February: TS is organising this event. It has been well advertised in the local area including Crispin Hall, Supermarkets, last week’s Central Somerset Gazette and February’s addition of Local Reach.

TS reported that some tables have been pre booked but we need more. If any member is available on the 8th February we would love your support at this event.

There will be a raffle, if members would like to donate prizes they would be gratefully received. BF offered to collect entrance money and JK offered to organise the raffle. JK and FK will organise a side table to promote Street Twinning. TS will organise prizes.

Cheese and Wine evening: Provisional date Friday 17th May. Matter carried forward.

Choir and Folk songs evening: No date set. Matter carried forward.

14. Webseite / Facebook /Twitter

All being kept up to date.

15. Lotterie

TW reported that this year 74 numbers have been sold. People can still join. To join February’s draw it will cost £11 per number as you only pay for the months left in the year.

January Lottery Winners:

1st no.39 Gill Davey £20

2nd no.52 Emily Rowden £10

3rd no. 28 kay strain £5

16. AOB

We now have promotional pens with Street Twinning Association printed on the side. Cl.A stated that we have a stock of Street shopping bags. It was suggested that each family from Gravenchon could have a bag with pens and leaflets about the trip to Minehead. JK will source the leaflets.

Pens will also be given to BF to take to Isny in October.

JK received a reply from Mendip District Council in response to naming a road in Street after Isny to commemorate 25years of twinning. In the correspondence Mendip advised that we should approach Street Parish Council in the first instance. JK passed the email to Cl.A the council rep for the Twinning.

Termin der nächsten Sitzung: Wednesday 27th February at 7.30 pm in the John Webster Parish Rooms.

Minutes November 2018

Minutes of the committee meeting held in the John Webster room Wednesday 7th November 2018
Das Treffen begann um 7.30 pm.
1. Welcome, introductions and apologies for absence

VORHANDEN: David Brunt (chairman) DB, Tom Winn TW, Jacqui Knight JK, Marina Richards MR, Katrina Dumontroty KD, Peter Fry PF, Barbara Fry BF, Claire Axten Cl.A, Trevor Skinner TS, Francis Knight FK, Mark Lewis, Paul Badman, Kay Strain KS, Käfige Butler, Catherine Atkins Ca.A

ENTSCHULDIGUNGEN: Barbara Cowell, Sally Holz.

2. Minutes of previous meeting

• David checked that everyone had read the minutes from the previous meeting and signed them as a true record.

• It was brought to the attention of the committee that at an AGM the minutes from the previous year’s AGM should be checked and not the September minutes. At the November meeting the minutes from the September meeting should be checked and not the AGM minutes. This was agreed and will happen in the future.

3. Entstandener Fragen

• The Committee thanked Cl.A for the drink and nibbles that she provided for the AGM.

• BF and PF had sent their apologies for the AGM but this had not been minuted.

• There followed a lengthy discussion about the financial procedures and end of year statement that had been discussed at the AGM.

a) TW questioned why Street Twinning pays £50 for an account to check the accounts. MR stated that this had been raised at the AGM and that the members present at the AGM had voted for this procedure to remain.

b) DB produced a document previously received from the Parish Council which requests that accounts are audited. Cl.A will check if this is correct.

c) BF and PF referred back to the January meeting where David Atkins talked about budgeting. MR has now set up files of expenditure and there will be an expenditure report for each event which will be reported back to the committee. This will help with budgeting in the future.

d) Cl.A checked with MR that there will also be an expenditure report for each fund raising event as this would give a true picture of how successful each fundraising event is. The water or wine stall at Merriman Park had been a great fundraiser but the accounts were misleading. All the wine expenditure had been allocated to Merriman Park when not all the wine had been used for this one event. This was agreed. MR to action.

e) PF suggested that there should be a record of wine kept. Donations of wine have dropped in recent times and to make fundraisers more successful more donations are needed. It was agreed that a more precise record will be kept of how many bottles of wine there are, where they are stored and how many bottles are used at each event. It was not discussed who would keep this record. Carry over to the January meeting.

f) TW asked if the constitution could be looked at with reference to finance and procedures. Ca.A suggested adding some Rules of Audit instead of changing the constitution. The lay out and the headings for the financial report need to be looked at as it was agreed that the current financial report is confusing. It was decided that a working group would look at the financial procedures and the lay out and report back to the committee at the January meeting. Working Group MR, TW, Ca.A

4. Treasurers Report

• The amount in the Street Twinning current account is £2549.51. The amount in the reserve account is £8032.80.

• Public Liability insurance: It was decided not to renew using our usual broker, Higos, who quoted £316 but to instead insure with Event Insurance at £266 following enquiries made by Marina. MR to action.

• Future Budgeting: There is an aim towards long term budgeting. This will give the sub committees an idea of expectations when planning events. Budgeting will vary for each event i.e. recently we had our 50th anniversary and so costs were more than usual when hosting Gravenchon in 2017.

5. Committee members who does what

• JK was asked if she is happy to continue keeping Facebook up to date alongside her new secretarial role. She is happy to continue with this.

• JK stated that she would like to stand down from updating the Street Twinning Twitter page. It was agreed that FK will take on this role. FK to action.

• DB is happy to continue to write letters for grants.

• TW stated that he would like to stand down from his Lottery role but will continue for the time being until someone volunteers to take over this role.

• PF is happy to continue with keeping the Website up to date.

6. Booking parish room for meetings

• DB informed the committee that the renewal is due for booking the parish room for the meetings. DB asked if anyone would prefer a different date. It was agreed that the new date for the meetings will be on the fourth Wednesday of every month. A full list of the meeting dates for 2019 will be sent to all members. JK to action.

• Claire will book the parish room for next year. Cl.A to action.

• It was agreed that there would be no committee meeting in December.

7. Discover Your Community stall report

• FK and JK were thanked for setting up a fantastic looking stall.

• JK would like to thank everyone that helped on the day. There had been a great response from members. A lot of people asked about twinning at the event and looked at all the information about both Gravenchon and Isny that had been kindly supplied by members. She reported that three forms of interest had been filled in and many flyers had been given out.

8. Bric a brac market stall (8th November)

Unfortunately this was cancelled due to the weather forecast.

9. Christmas Cracker (1st December)

• Bottle wrapping for the Water or Wine stall will take place at Claire’s 7pm Tues 27thNovember. Cl.A will get some more wrapping paper for the bottles. Cl.A to action.

• KD will email all members to ask for donations of wine to be dropped off at Claire’s house and will organise the rota for the stall. We have enough empty bottles for the water. KD to action.

• It was suggested that some of the new items donated for the bric a brac stall could be used as tombola prizes instead of doing the raffle board this year. This was agreed. KD, MR, KS to action.

• Ca.A maybe able to obtain the use of a tombola. Ca.A to action.

• BF suggested that on the tombola stall they could also sell bric a brac. This was agreed. BF, PF to action.

• The children’s card game with prizes will be on the water or wine stall. There are enough prizes left over from previous events.

• It was agreed that two stalls will be booked and it will be requested that they are next to each other. MR to action.

• We will need two gazebos with weights. Since the meeting Claire has secured the use of two gazebos with weights.

10. Besuch aus Gravenchon 2019

• We have been notified by Sharon in Gravenchon that they plan to visit from Saturday 6th April and leave on Wednesday 10th April. The Ferry hasn’t been booked yet and so we do not know what time they will arrive or leave at this point but we will update members as soon as we hear.

• The Parish Council had been approached to see if they would like to lay on a reception for our guests. They are keen and so as soon as we know arrival times they will be contacted again to see when this will be feasible.

• Members will be contacted to ask if they are hosting next year and who they are expecting to host. JK to action.

• The Gravenchon subcommittee recently met. They reported back to the committee and are starting to formulate ideas for next year’s visit. Subcommittee MR, KS, Ca.A, TW, KD, JK.

11. Visit to Isny 2019

Flights can’t be booked until March but BF reported that they hope to arrange the visit for during the last week of October to coincide with half term here and a holiday in Germany.

12. Membership update and renewals

A reminder to members that payments for membership renewals are due by the end of November.

13. Publicity / recruitment of new members

• The three people who filled in forms of interest at the Discover Your Community event have been contacted by JK.

• JK was thanked for writing the articles about Street Twinning in the 18TH October edition of the Central Somerset Gazette and in the November edition of The Local Reach. An editorial has also been sent to The Basis.

14. Fundraising for 2019

• A possible fundraising event with Tina Della Valle and a small choir and also Trevor and Sheila singing folk songs was briefly discussed. Carry over to the January meeting.

• TS would like to organise a quiz to take place early next year. This was agreed. TS to action.

15. Webseite / Facebook /Twitter

• Both the Website and Facebook are being kept up to date.

• Twitter needs more followers to make it a success. It could be used for updates on events or if there are any delays with coaches etc. Street Twinning follows the Gravenchon twitter page (there is a translate tweet option) so it is a good way of keeping up with news abroad as well.

16. Lottery winners this month:

1st Prize no. 62 Hazel Russel

2nd Prize no. 23 Bobbie Lockyer

3rd Prize no. 72 Gillian Davey

17. AOB

TW gave DB two hockey trophies that were passed to him by the Victoria Club. They were from trips that took place between Gravenchon and Street. One dated 1981 and the other 1965-1985.

18. Date of next meeting – Wednesday 23rd January 2019