Minutes August 2020

Minutes of the committee meeting held via Zoom.

Wednesday 26e Août 2020. La réunion a commencé à 7.30 pm.

1. Welcome and apologies for absence

ACTUELLE: David Atkins (chairman) DA, Jacqui Chevalier (secrétaire) JK, Peter Fry PF, Barbara Fry BF, Claire Axten Cl.A, Trevor Skinner TS, Francis Knight, Catherine Atkins, Sally Bois, Kay Strain David Brunt

EXCUSES: Tom Winn, Marina Richards, Paul Badman and Gabbie Butler

2. Minutes of the meeting held on 22e Juillet: DA checked that everyone had read the minutes from the previous meeting and it was agreed that they are a true record. Signing of the minutes will take place at a later date.


3. Questions découlant - not on Agenda: DA suggested that the Twinning Association Reserves be discussed at a later date. This was agreed by the committee.


4. Chairman’s Report: Nothing to report

5. Secretary’s Report: Nothing to report

6. Treasurer’s Report: Please find attached the Financial Report for Aug

Marina was not present at the meeting and so DA summarised that the only change to the account balance is £35.00 less due to lottery winnings. Marina had sent a message to remind everyone that she will need receipts for any expenses. Please send them to her as soon as possible so as they can be included in the accounts.

7. Membership & Member’s Welfare:

JK had written the following to all members when sending out July’s minutes: Since the meeting we have been informed by Sharon Paimpare of the very sad news that Sylvie St Leger has passed away after a yearlong illness. Sylvie and her husband Patrick twinned with Helen and Tim Phillips. Both Sharon and David Atkins have been in touch with Helen and Tim. Sharon wrote in her email "Sylvie was my right hand girl. She helped in organisations of all the visits and was responsible for all the super deco at the dinner dances. She also helped me organise and participate in the street and Catcott primary school exchanges and was present when the English children came to France. She will be greatly missed by all and I have lost a very dear friend." DA has spoken with Sharon and passed on our condolences on behalf of Street Twinning.

JK had also written in this email to members that in response to the card sent by Street Twinning, Hazel Russell had replied. She greatly appreciated the card and she is continuing to gain health. Hazel also said that she and Ivor enjoyed twinning immensely and hopes that visits will continue in the not too distant future. Long may the twinning continue!

8. Update on visits 2021:

BF said that the first week in Aug has been pencilled in for the visit from Isny to Street 2021. She had been informed that there will be a road in Isny named after Street.

There then followed a discussion about a road being named in Street after Isny. Cl.A stated that there had been a recent Street Parish Council meeting which discussed extending the Business Park near Sainsburys and that this would be an ideal area to have a road named after Isny. JK reported that she had written to Mendip District Council back in Aug 2018 asking about the possibility of having a road named Isny and then in Jan 2019 contacted Street Parish Council. It was suggested that she writes again this time directly to Cllr. Peter Goater at the Parish Council and she is happy to do so.

DA has spoken with Sharon about dates and will check again with her ready for September’s committee meeting.

9. Future Fundraising and Events:

JK reported that due to a problem with the Street Twinning Facebook page she hasn’t been able to advertise bric a brac items on Facebook Market place. She has reported it to Facebook and will report back next meeting.

The possibility of a bric a brac stall at Street Market was then discussed. Various ideas were suggested such as self-distancing by placing an extra table between sellers and buyers, wearing masks and placing hand sanitiser on the stall. There was some concern that there would not be enough members volunteering and not many people use cash any more as paying by card is preferred.

It was suggested that the association could buy a card reader and the committee agreed that Street Twinning should buy one ready for future events. It was agreed that there was enough interest in holding a stall and so a stall will be booked in the not too distant future.

TS stated he is hesitant to book a quiz night at the moment as we could possibly not get enough people to attend. It was agreed by the committee that to hold a quiz is sadly too soon at the moment.

JK had asked for suggestions or thoughts about fund raising when she sent out July’s minutes to members but had not received any replies.

10. Annual General Meeting:

Thank you to all members who replied with their views about holding a Zoom or physical AGM. Most had said they were happy with either but some would not be able to or would prefer not to go to a physical meeting.

It was decided that the association must enable anyone who would like to attend the AGM to do so and this would involve combining the two options.

It was decided by the committee to look at a hall that can sit 25 à 30 people with social distancing and to set up a zoom meeting from the hall. It was agreed that the hall would need to have Wi-Fi. There will be costs involved but it was agreed that this is necessary to get the right kind of venue.

BF suggested the meeting to be held during daylight hours and so DA will see what halls will be available on Saturday afternoon of the 31st Octobre. PF is happy to look at setting up Zoom.

Due to the current Covd-19 guidelines it was decided not to serve refreshments.

DA stated that there will be a proposed change to the constitution with reference to a certain amount of expenditure being cleared between committee meetings by two committee members. Also for the constitution to state that a Street Twinning debit card is held by the treasurer.

11. Site & Facebook : The renewal for the Website Domain is due in the next couple of weeks. Marina was not present at the meeting and so the cost of the renewal is not known.

JK has reported that she is no longer able to sign into the Facebook account due to it not recognising the email and password. Luckily it is linked to her own private Facebook page and so she can access it through that and add posts. She is waiting to hear back from Facebook.

The Website was discussed and it was agreed that it will be updated shortly.

12. Publicity: Nothing to report.

13. Guidelines for Event Organisation: DA will be looking at risk assessments.

14. Loterie: Congratulations to The August Lottery winners

1st Prize £20 no.55 David Mozley

2e Prize £10 no.34 Alison Rowden

3RD Prize £5 no.7 Tina Della Valle

Marina will be informed and payments will be paid directly into the winners bank accounts.

15. AOB: JK has the gift of pâté from Gravenchon and reports that they are all still in date with varied use by dates from April to Dec 2021. She is happy to store them until there is such an occasion for the association to use them.

16. Chairman’s Closing Remarks: DA thanked everyone for attending the zoom meeting and thanked Trevor for arranging it. TS is happy to organise the next zoom meeting.

Meeting Closed at 8.40pm

Date de la prochaine réunion: Wednesday 23RD Sept 2020 at 7.30pm


Minutes July 2020

Minutes of the committee meeting held via Zoom.

Wednesday 22e Juillet 2020. La réunion a commencé à 7.30 pm.


1.      Welcome and apologies for absence


ACTUELLE: David Atkins (chairman) DA, Tom Winn (vice chairman) TW, Marina Richards (treasurer) MR, Jacqui Chevalier (secrétaire) JK, Peter Fry PF, Barbara Fry BF, Trevor Skinner TS, Francis Knight FK, Cages Butler GB, Catherine Atkins Ca.A, Sally Bois SW, Kay Strain KS

EXCUSES: Claire Axten and Paul Badman


2.      Minutes of the meeting held on 26e Février: DA checked that everyone had read the minutes from the previous meeting and it was agreed that they are a true record. Signing of the minutes will take place at a later date.


3.      Matters Arising not on Agenda: DA will be in contact with the sub committees considering our Reserves and Guidelines for Event Organisation now we are up and running again and he would like to put the two items to bed before the AGM in October.


4.      Chairman’s Report: DA stated that all venues for planned events for 2020 had been contacted and cancelled, incurring no fees. Events cancelled are the Quiz, Merriman park fun day, all committee meetings until further notice at The Mullions and the Bric a Brac stall. No costs incurred for cancelling the visit to France or the visit from Isny. The cancellations for the visits came from our twinning partners and we fully support their decision.


5.      Secretary’s Report: JK had nothing to report


6.      Treasurer’s Report: Please see financial report at the end of the minutes. MR stated that members who had paid for the trip to France have all now received full refunds.

Current account balance £5,404.81

Deposit account balance £8,058.25


7.      Membership & Member’s Welfare: JK reported that there is no change to membership numbers 60 adults and 6 children. KS had visited Hazel and Ivor Russel who are ex members and current supporters of Street Twinning. Hazel has been quite poorly recently. DA will send her a card from the Twinning.


8.      Planning our visits for 2021: It was agreed by the committee to roll everything over to 2021. The committee looked at the school holiday dates for next year and the only overlap for France would be in the summer holidays. JK was asked her opinion as the Knights were the only family due to travel to Gravenchon this year. She stated that it would be nice to visit when the French children are off school but they would be happy to visit France whilst the French children are at school if this makes it easier for everyone, as long as it was during the English school break. The committee agreed that it would be too much to fit in both exchanges in August when all children are off school. Also as Merriman park fun day is one of our biggest fundraisers it would be advisable to keep this date free and not clash with visits.

It was agreed by the committee that DA will contact Sharon in Gravenchon to say that we would like to visit them during April or May in the English half term.

It was agreed by the committee that BF will contact Veronica in Isny and suggest that they visit us from 31st July when both schools are on holiday.


9.      Future Fundraising and Events: TS has been in touch with the Victoria Club. They are not allowing the main hall to be used yet. Once it is available we could organise a quiz as there is enough room in the hall for social distancing. He has prepared the quiz questions already. He also suggested a sponsored walk. This could take place in a field and do laps with different start times, not as a group but individually raising sponsors.

SW said that she took part in a fun social distance treasure hunt in Street. Participants had a month to complete it. This could raise funds by possibly paying £5 each or per family. People can walk the whole event and perhaps have a cash prize. JK will send out an email to gauge member’s feelings about doing these fundraising ideas and to see if anyone has any further suggestions.

PF suggested a Bric a Brac stall as the Street Market is now open again. It was felt that maybe it is too soon for this at the moment. BF said that they have quite a lot of Bric a Brac and PF suggested selling the really good items on line with photos, collection only. Facebook market place would be an ideal place to do this and he is happy to arrange.


10. Annual General Meeting: Wed 21st Oct 2020

It is too early to decide if this takes place physically or by Zoom. DA said that at the Aug Committee meeting it will need to be decided if there will be any changes to anything. This will give us time to make any changes before the AGM takes place.


11. Site & Facebook: All being kept up to date. PF stated that the Website is under review


12. Publicity: DA said that there has been no progress with contacting schools as planned due to the current situation. Contact will not be made until late Sept at the earliest.


13. Loterie: Tom and Kay Winn drew the lottery numbers. There are 71 sold numbers.

1st prize of £20 no.16 Yvette Carver

2e prize of £10 no.68 Barbara Fry

3RD prize of £5 no.19 David Atkins

Congratulations to all.


14. AOB: No other business


15. Chairman’s Closing Remarks: DA thanked everyone for participating in the Zoom meeting. The next meeting will be arranged for Aug. He thanked Trevor for arranging the meeting. He closed by saying stay positive and we need to maintain and encourage contact with abroad.

Meeting Closed at 8.20pm

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 26e Août 2020 à 7.30 pm

To be arranged probably through Zoom


Signed: …………………………………………………………………


Date …………………………….............................................………


When making a payment online, please put the purpose of your payment in the reference box.



Account Name

Sort Code

Account Number


Association de jumelage rue





If you are paying by cheque: Please make the cheques payable to Street Twinning Association and on the back of the cheque please can you write the purpose of your payment.

Minutes February 2020

Minutes of the committee meeting held in The Mullions Hotel Breakfast Room.

Wednesday 26e Février 2020. La réunion a commencé à 7.30 pm.


1.      Welcome and apologies for absence


ACTUELLE: David Atkins (chairman) DA, Tom Winn (vice chairman) TW, Marina Richards (treasurer) MR, Jacqui Chevalier (secrétaire) JK, Peter Fry PF, Barbara Fry BF, Cages Butler, Catherine Atkins, Paul Badman, David Brunt DB, Martyn Butler, Sue Genge, Viv Squire and Helen Phillips.


EXCUSES: Claire Axten, Trevor Skinner, Francis Knight, Sally Wood and Kay Strain


2.      Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 22e Janvier: DA checked that everyone had read the minutes from the previous meeting and signed them as a true record


3.      Matters Arising not on Agenda: DA stated that a copy of the diary dates will be taken to Gravenchon, when we visit in April, so as dates for the exchange in 2021 can be discussed.


4.      Chairman’s Report: Recently the meetings had been very long and DA said that it was mainly due to himself being the new Chairman and there had been a lot to discuss. A reminder that we should all be mindful of time so as meetings don’t go on for too long.


5.      Secretary’s Report: All receipts for membership, lottery and Gravenchon payments have now been sent to members. It was agreed at the November meeting that receipts will now be sent instead of membership cards and for any payments received. If any member has made a payment since the November meeting and has not yet received a receipt, but would like one, please contact JK.


6.      Treasurer’s Report: Please see the financial report at the end of the minutes


Coach and Ferry to Gravenchon has been booked. MR is currently waiting for the invoice from the coach company.


Current account balance £8,671.81

Deposit account balance £8,052.93


7.      Association reserves: DA stated that there is no update on this as yet. The reserves/deposit account has roughly been the same for the last 3yrs but before then there was about £1000 more in the reserves. DB talked about the reasons why the reserves have gone down. We no longer receive the large grant from Clarks and haven’t done for a few years now. We have fewer members which impacts on fund raising events as fewer members, family and friends are attending events. We have lost some of the large fundraisers like the BBQ which used to raise about £400. The association had started to spend more on hosting as it was felt that we had to “keep up with the Joneses” but this has been looked at in recent years and reined in.


8.      Membership & Member’s Welfare: Sadly the daughter of long standing members Grace and Bernard Squire has passed away. A card of sympathy was sent to Grace and Bernard by DA on behalf of Street Twinning. Sharon along with Marie-José and Hervé who used to twin with them sent a bouquet of flowers and card.

JK reported that we have 64 members, 58 adults and 6 children (since the meeting a further two have paid their membership and so the total is 66)

DA sent a card on behalf of Street Twinning to Sharon Paimpare in France as she has had a second operation. Sharon sent an email saying how lovely it was to receive it when she returned home and is recovering well.

BF said that Reg Alford and Sally Wood have reluctantly decided to no longer travel to Isny with the twinning. This is very sad news as they have both twinned with Isny for many years and even went on their own one year when no one else could go. They both still hope to be involved with the Street Twinning Association and it’s events in this country as much as they can.


9.      Visit to Gravenchon Wed 15e – Sun 19e Avril 2020: An email went out on 20e Feb with updated information for everyone travelling to Gravenchon. Unfortunately the Methodist Church is not available as planned for the pre-visit meeting but a new venue will be found. DA is hoping to book a venue for Monday 23RD March as the feedback from members was that people could make this date.

The sewing has started for the gifts for Gravenchon.

The coach driver now has a host and they have hosted the coach drivers in the past and so know where to park the coach etc. and he/she will be well looked after.

Thank you to all the people who have paid their final payments, just a few left to pay.


10. Visit from Isny 2020: Mon 26e – Sat 31st Oct: 31 people will be travelling from Isny to Street. There are 12 first timers coming over including a family of 5. Avril Berry has very kindly offered to host the family as we have been unable to find a family for them to twin with. Avril does not mind if a family is found and plans change so if any member knows of a local family who may be interested in hosting in Oct then please still get in touch.

There will be 7 children in total coming over. One traveller is flying over but the rest by coach and so there will be a coach driver to find accommodation for this time. We will need to find a place for the coach to stay and so Stuart Wells will be contacted as Millfield were very helpful when Gravenchon visited last year.


The exchange trip in 2021 has been discussed with Isny and it could possibly be during the Easter Holiday or in the May School holiday. More information will follow shortly.


11. Visit of Isny Town Band: DA is looking at the practicalities of everything. Street Drum and Trumpet Corps, Wells City Band and the COSMIC Wind Band are all on board for the visit. One couple who usually come over with the Isny twinning will not be coming over in October but they will travel over for this event instead. More information to follow as soon as we have it.


12. Fundraising and Events: In the past there have been German and French evenings which were good fun but not money makers. Other fundraisers in the past were BBQ, cheese and wine, disco. If any member has any good ideas to raise money please get in touch but on the understanding that we need people to own events and help do the prep work.


a)     Community Event – Sat 29e Feb: Emails have gone out to all members asking for help on the stall and a rota has been sent to the people who offered to help. Viv Squire and Sue Genge offered to help whilst at the meeting and so their names were added to the rota. Thank you in advance to Tom & Kay Winn, Sally Bois, Shirley Gunter, David Brunt, Kay Strain, Reg Alford and Peter & Barbara Fry for volunteering. Francis and Jacqui are happy to set up and take down and fill in if needed.

b)     Bric a brac market stall – Thurs 9e Avril: BF & PF hope to be around for this event as they have all the bric a brac. JK will send out an email to all members a couple of weeks before the event to ask for volunteers.

c)      Quiz – Sun 17e Mai: Booked

d)     Choir event: Carried forward

e)     Pizza Evening: Sally is looking into this, carried forward as not at tonight’s meeting

f)       Baltonsborough Show – Aug 2020: MR will look into this


13. Site & Facebook: All being kept up to date


14. Publicity: JK has sent a report about last year’s visit to Isny to Local Reach. The report also states that they are coming over in Oct and that we are looking for a local family to host in October and she will contact Nub News ASAP.


15. A Policy Document for the Association: DA nothing to report as yet


16. Loterie: Congratulation to the winners this month


1st prize no. 52 David Mozley

2e prize no.69 Gabbie Butler

3RD prize no.5 Sam Richards


Helen Phillips suggested that instead of sending cheques would it be easier to send directly to people’s bank accounts. MR is happy to do this and so if you would be interested in your winnings being paid in this way please forward the relevant bank information to m.richards67@btinternet.com


17. AOB: A date for the AGM was agreed by the committee for Wed 21st Oct and is planned to be held in the Crispin Community Centre. TW will book it from 7 – 10pm and the meeting will start at 7.30pm.


Meeting Closed at 8.15pm

Minutes January 2020

Minutes of the committee meeting held in The Mullions Hotel Breakfast Room.

Wednesday 22e Janvier 2020. La réunion a commencé à 7.30 pm.


1.      Welcome and apologies for absence


ACTUELLE: David Atkins (chairman) DA, Tom Winn (vice chairman) TW, Marina Richards (treasurer) MR, Jacqui Chevalier (secrétaire) JK, Peter Fry PF, Barbara Fry BF, Claire Axten Cl.A, Trevor Skinner TS, Francis Knight FK, Cages Butler GB, Catherine Atkins Ca.A, Paul Badman PB, Sally Bois SW and Viv Squire VS


EXCUSES: Kay Strain and Sue Genge


2.      Minutes of the meeting held on 27e Novembre: DA checked that everyone had read the minutes from the previous meeting and signed them as a true record.

BF received feedback from the Diment family to say that Zoe has done very well in her German mock exam. They would like to thank everyone for giving her support and encouragement to speak German whilst in Isny.


3.      Matters Arising not on Agenda: No matters arising


4.      Chairman’s Report: DA showed the committee a newspaper clipping from Isny.


The photos were taken at the communal dinner in Isny. It shows the aprons, Christmas trees and bunting which were made by members and presented to the Isny committee. There is also a write up about the visit.


The meal at The Pipers Inn on Wed 15e January was a very enjoyable social event. It was lovely to have so many members attend.


DA showed the committee the Street Twinning card which can be sent as a thank you etc.


5.      Secretary’s Report: JK reported that she has heard from Jenny, the Assistant to the Street Parish Council, about the request to have a road named after Isny. It may take some time for this to happen but the wheels are in motion.


6.      Treasurer’s Report: Please see report at the end of the minutes.


Current account balance £6,810.31

Deposit account balance £8,051.56


£750 received in membership payments since Sept. JK will contact the last few members that have not yet paid.

£228 received in lottery payments so far. More paid in at the meeting.

Forms have been submitted to the bank to update signatures for cheques.

MR has drafted a receipt which will be forwarded to JK so as it can be emailed to members once payments have been received.


7.      Membership & Member’s Welfare:


Membership: JK reported that we have 52 paid members and 6 under 18’s. There are 10 members who we are still expecting payments from which would bring our total twinning membership to 68.

A discussion followed, there has to be a benefit to paying membership. It was agreed by the committee that the following membership guide lines should be followed:

a)     If a member does not pay membership then they are no longer a member of Street Twinning. If they would like to be kept in the loop as a supporter then JK will place them on the supporters emailing list and they will be sent information about fundraising and social events but not the agenda’s or minutes of meetings.

b)     There may be opportunities for supporters to attend twinning dinners etc. but the cost to supporters will not include subsidies from the association which members may receive. The rate for supporters needs to be higher than membership as otherwise no benefit to being a member.

c)      Anyone can attend the AGM but only members can vote.


We would like to welcome our new members who are all travelling to Gravenchon; Yvette Carver, Simon Richards, Susan Mackenzie and Pat Hollocombe. Shirley Gunter who twins with Isny is now also twinning with Gravenchon.


We have sadly lost a few long-term members for various reasons and we wish them all well. These include the Norton-Ashley family, Bill and Bobbie Lockyer, Yvonne and Denys Jones, Hazel and Ivor Russell, Grace Squire, Paul and Veronica Richards, Katrina Dumontroty and Mark Lisle.

Elizabeth and Jim Lidgate have been in touch. They have not been able to twin in recent times due to ill health but they are still very keen to keep in touch with twinning. Along with some of the others they have been added to the supporters emailing list.




Member’s Welfare: Sharon in France is going into hospital shortly and we wish her a speedy recovery DA will send a card to wish her well. SW reported that Reg is recovering well from his recent ill health and has gone back to the choir; we wish him a continued good recovery.


Contacting schools in a bid to find new members and promoting twinning. DA is happy to work on this but not on his own. What other groups or associations would be good to approach? U3A had been a good source of new members in recent times.


Discover your community event will take place on Sat 29e Feb. Street Twinning has a pitch and it will be from 10am – 2pm in Crispin Hall. JK et FK volunteered to lead the stall and will be organising a rota very soon. SW et BF volunteered.


8.      Visit to Gravenchon 2020: Wed 15e – Sun 19e Avril. The coach will be booked tomorrow by DA. Bakers coaches are booking the ferry.

An email will be sent to everyone travelling to Gravenchon as soon as we have updated information. We will soon be able to inform people of times, where to park their cars and the cost of cabins for the people who have booked them. The balance for Gravenchon is due to be paid by the end of February.

There are 31 members travelling to Gravenchon including 4 members that are travelling independently. Due to the number of travellers going up there is no longer a shortfall as stated in last month’s minutes. This is great news.

Cl.A is happy to organise a sewing group, an email will be sent shortly asking for volunteers to help make aprons, bunting and bottle top Christmas trees which will be the gifts to Gravenchon.

Pre-visit get together: The committee discussed venues and were happy with the suggestion from VS about using the Methodist Church at £10 an hour for the get together. DA will contact VS with proposed dates.


9.      Visit from Isny 2020: BF reported that there had been two dates proposed to Isny for this year’s exchange, Aug and Oct half term as both English and German children are on school holidays. Isny were not keen on Aug. The visit will take place during half term week at the end of Oct. Dates will be confirmed ASAP. If anyone would like to be involved with Isny please let us know as there maybe people in Isny that would like to visit that aren’t linked yet.

DA discussed a budget for the exchange. There is potential for transport costs to and from the airport which makes the costings different from Gravenchon. BF explained that it is very expensive to fly from Munich to Bristol which is why they fly into Heathrow. They are looking at flying from Basel to Bristol but will be a more expensive coach journey for them. It is expensive for them to collect us from Basel when we travel to them and so likewise we cover the cost of travelling to and from Heathrow. How long they are here will depend on flights. VS stated that she enjoyed doing lots of group activities whilst over in Germany and it would be nice to do this when they visit us. It was proposed by DA and agreed by the committee that the budget for the 2020 Isny exchange will be £55 per head plus any travel costs to/from airports. The budget won’t be rigid but something to work with.


10. Visit of Isny Town Band: Street Drum and Trumpet core are on side. There might be interest from the Wells City Band. They may come over for the last weekend of Sept or in Oct for 2 or 3 nights. Youth Hostels and the Premier Inn have been looked at for accommodation but the Street Youth Hostel is too small. Members could host but not a necessity. One combined concert in Street probably on a Saturday and will involve Street Twinning members in some way. Millfield are very keen to support the local community and there are two theatres on their grounds and there is also Crispin Hall as an option. DA will go back to them with his findings.

11. Fundraising:

a)     Christmas Cracker: Please see report from FK at the end of the minutes. Whilst preparing for the Cracker it was discovered that the large Street Twinning banner has been misplaced. The search is on! The smaller banner was used instead.

b)     Bric a Brac market stall: Thurs 9e Avril Cl.A confirmed that the stall has been booked. To be discussed again at the Feb meeting.

c)     Quiz: Sun 17e Mai TS stated that it was moved from the original date as Fri was fully booked. Provisionally booked at the Victoria Club.

d)     Choir event: If the visit from the Isny band comes together this may be put back.

e)     Pizza evening: SW had been to one before held by an operatic group and it had made a lot of money. It was a great evening and so SW will look into seeing if it is a possibility.

f)       Baltonsborough Show: Aug 2020 Possible human fruit machine or play your cards right, MR will find out more about it and what kind of stalls are usually there. A decision will be made at the Feb meeting.


DA suggested a social event in the summer, not a fundraiser. Skittles, croquet or boules were suggested. To be discussed again.


12. Site & Facebook: PF asked if there could be anything else that could go on the website to update it. Any suggestions? Facebook all up to date.


13. Publicity: JK apologised for not putting a report in Basis, Local Reach or Mendip Times about the trip to Isny. It was agreed that it is not too late. It was also suggested to get in touch with Street Nub News which is on Facebook and the Internet. JK is happy to do this and will also send in a report about Gravenchon once we return.

DA spoke about Glastonbury FM and the idea of an interview on the community show; perhaps arrange an interview with one of the twinners from Isny and/or Gravenchon.


14. A Policy Document for the Association: The committee agreed to go ahead with the policy. TS, MR et BF/PF have volunteered to meet with DA to work on this.

Blue folder: DA brought this in for committee members to look through. It has some information in it but needs more. BF is happy to gather info about last year’s Isny exchange and JK will gather info about last year’s Gravenchon exchange.

Information to include in the blue folder: Contacts for events i.e. halls and caterers plus coach and entertainer contacts and a little report on if they were good or not plus financial summaries and reports.

The Twining Document still has its place for new members and will be updated.


15. Forward Planning of visits and activities: BF will approach members with reference to the 2021 visit and the time where holidays link with Isny. The School holiday spreadsheet shows when School holidays link with Isny and Gravenchon and this information was sent to all members by email on 19e Jan. French holidays are not the same time as ours during the usual exchange dates in 2021and this will need to be looked at further.


Association Reserves: Members of the committee stated that membership may decrease and travel costs may increase and the reserves safeguard the future of the association. There used to be more money in the reserves as we had more grants and spent less on exchanges. Ideas for the use of the reserves were subsidising children, family grants to help first timers to visit abroad. It has to be fair and not just for families i.e. members on pensions may struggle with hosting costs as well. Organising mini buses to ease the pressure for people with only one car or who don’t drive, also helping the local community i.e. local schools with their twinning. DA stated we need to arrive at a minimum figure that should be left in reserve and he will produce an idea for reserves, what the amount should be and what it is used for.



16. Loterie: It was decided that even though as it stands less people have joined the lottery there will still be 3 cash prizes.


1st no.52 David Mozley £20

2e no.41 David Atkins £10

3RD no.3 Trevor Skinner £5


If anyone would like a lottery form please contact Tom Winn. You only pay for the months left in the year and so if you join now in time for the February draw you only need to pay £11 per number, 5 numbers maximum per person.

DA thanked TW for continuing to run the lottery.


17. AOB: DA thanked Viv for attending the meeting.


Meeting Closed at 9.35pm


Date of next meeting: Wednesday 26th February 2020 à 7.30 pm

at The Mullions Hotel breakfast room.


Minutes November 2019

Minutes of the committee meeting held in The Mullions Hotel Breakfast Room.

Wednesday 27e Novembre 2019. La réunion a commencé à 7.30 pm.

  1. Welcome, introductions and apologies for absence

ACTUELLE: David Atkins (chairman) DA, Tom Winn (vice chairman) TW, Marina Richards (treasurer) MR, Jacqui Chevalier (secrétaire) JK, Peter Fry PF, Barbara Fry BF, Claire Axten Cl.A, Trevor Skinner TS, Francis Knight FK, Catherine Atkins Ca.A, Paul Badman PB, Sally Bois SW, Kay Strain KS

EXCUSES: Gabbie Butler

  1. Minutes of the meeting held on 25e Septembre: DA checked that everyone had read the minutes from the previous meeting and signed them as a true record

  1. Matters Arising not on Agenda: No matters arising

  1. Chairman’s Report:

Reminder of what I said at the AGM:

To be inclusive

To be respectful

To be loyal

To inject energy

To enjoy myself

Looking for “smarter” working to both ease the burden on committee members and those organising events.

Avoid duplication of efforts and so avoid surprises.

Look for members to own events but not necessarily do everything – recent excellent examples such as Cheese & Wine, Bric-a-Brac, Quiz and Christmas Cracker.

We must remember that we are Street Twinning Association and whilst respecting many choose Isny or Gravenchon others choose both and we must be careful not to create “two camps”.

Went on visit to Isny and made one brief and one longer speech in German – room for improvement – more later

Approach from Isny Town Band to make a visit – not with “normal” twinning visit; end of July or September; over a weekend from Fri to Mon; travel by coach; perform with local band(s) in a concert?; up to 40 but not looking for family hosting; spoken with Stuart Baker (Street Drum & Trumpet Corps) in first instance; they will respond in next few weeks; if positive would encourage involvement of Glastonbury and City of Wells bands and if not positive I will approach those bands.

Committee Discussion: Sept possibly cheaper than July for accommodation. Suggestions of local Youth Hotels, Premier Inn and Travel Lodge were made. Street Members could get involved with helping at the concert and possibly selling tickets.

Helped at Bric-a-Brac and Quiz – more later.

Sent a card of condolence to Avril Berry and family from the Association and represented Association with others at Bill Berry’s funeral.

Post Xmas Dinner – visited the Street Inn, King Alfred and the Pipers. Tentative dates of 15th and 29th January available; menus very similar with Pipers a little more expensive; make a selection from menu to keep things simple; suggest a main and a dessert – pre-order main

Committee Discussion: The Pipers has good service and good food. Street Inn has changed hands recently and no one had any reviews. King Alfred is good but limited space. The committee favoured The Pipers as a venue and the 15e Janvier was a popular date. An email will go out shortly as this event is open to all members. It won’t be a fundraiser it will be a social event.

  1. Secretary’s Report:

JK read out a letter received by David Brunt.

Just a few lines to say thank you for the gift which you gave me on my retirement from the position of your chairman. I did not really expect anything after only two years in the position, it was a very kind gesture and extremely generous. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I do not know what I will use the vouchers for but I will probably wait until the spring and visit a large garden centre.

Thank you also for your support and friendship I have experienced over the years. I will probably miss the monthly meetings but I will relieve any withdrawal symptoms by continuing to support and help the association in any way I can. You have only to ask.

Once again, thank you for everything.



  1. Treasurer’s Report: Please see financial report at the end of the minutes.

Current account balance £5,472.61

Deposit account balance £8,048.87

MR stated that 36 members have paid membership so far.

At the moment the signatories for cheque payments are Marina, David Brunt and Claire Axten. DA requested that Marina enquire about the signatories being changed to MR, DA et JK.

  1. Membership & Member’s Welfare:

JK reported that we are expected to have 69 members including 6 children once membership payments have all been received.

A reminder to members that have not yet paid, membership is due by December 23RD £15 per adult, free to children under 18. Payment details are at the bottom of all minutes.

In 2018 we had 79 members. Sadly we have lost some long standing members due to health and various reasons but we have gained some new members. One of our members, Shirley Gunter, is doing a magnificent job at promoting Street Twinning with her U3A French group and has gained us a couple of new members. We are also aware of other members promoting twinning with their friends and family so thank you. JK has received emails from some potential new members and has sent out all the relevant information.

DA Spoke about the need to forge contacts with schools. This had been discussed at a previous meeting but unfortunately due to other commitments JK is now unable to take on the role of leading this. It is an important task with the need to find more members including families. The Committee were asked to think about helping with this.

If any member would like to be involved with this then please come along to January’s committee meeting when it will be discussed again.

There was a discussion about membership cards. They do act as a form of receipt for membership payments. It was agreed that MR will set up a receipt for membership and event payments which JK can then send to members by email or post to acknowledge payments and no longer use membership cards.

Member’s Welfare: Reg Alford was suddenly taken ill just before the Isny trip which meant he sadly couldn’t go. SW said that he is now out of hospital and back home taking it very gently. A Street Twinning card will be sent.

DA reported that William Berry’s funeral was very well attended with quite a few members from the twinning that went.

  1. AGA:

DA et JK have signed a copy of the new constitution that is now held by the secretary. It was thought that the new venue was very good; URC’s heating fans were very noisy. It was agreed that it was a lovely social event with many members staying at the end for tea, coffee and biscuits. In comparison the URC was £25 and the Community room was £30 to hire. The Mullions Breakfast room was suggested as it would be free. Unfortunately with a large pillar in the center of the room it was thought not ideal. With a vote of hands it was agreed that the community room is preferable for next year’s AGM.

  1. Visit to Isny 2019: Please see the Isny Report at the end of the minutes.

The committee thanked BF, PF et Cl.A for their organisation. It is a great report and at the bottom there are tips for future organisers.

The Aprons and gifts went down very well, thank you to the sewing group who were Barbara Fry, Claire Axten, Hilary Mozley, Gabbie Butler and Julia Welch.

The feedback from the committee members that went was that the trip was brilliant and they were made to feel extremely welcome. The refreshments on the coach on arrival were gladly received. The dinner and entertainment was fantastic. In October it gets dark quickly and the weather was not great and it was felt that the trip was a day short. It is difficult to suit everyone and we have to consider cost to hosts or the association. It was felt that planning well in advance would help members to book time off work and will give us more opportunity to visit at different times of the year.

  1. Visit to Gravenchon 2020:

The numbers for Gravenchon have dropped significantly this year. There are no smaller coaches that will travel to Europe at a cheaper cost. Adults have been quoted £150 and children £75. Based on our current number going and present costs there will be a small shortfall. There will be no extra cost to members, it was agreed by the committee that this shortfall will be absorbed by the association if no one else decides to join the trip. As long as Sharon can find hosts for late comers then there will be no problem with new people deciding to join the trip but there is a deadline of 6e Jan. If there are members or friends who are thinking about Gravenchon please contact JK before Jan 6th.

It was proposed by TS and seconded by FK and agreed by the committee to go ahead with the booking.

Gravenchon would love to receive something similar to the Isny aprons to use on their Christmas market stall next year. It was proposed by Cl.A that a group make aprons and bunting with N.D de Gravenchon and Street on them or something similar.

Would anyone else like to join this sewing group? Please let JK know before the January meeting. BF et Cl.A said they are not tricky to make and they won’t start making them until the New Year.

DA reminded everyone to always hand in receipts for any costs of fabric or expenditure so as members can be reimbursed. MR is happy to receive receipts by email if people are able to scan them.

JK will continue to liaise with Sharon about hosts etc. and members will be kept updated.

  1. Visit from Isny 2020:

BF reported that they had a discussion about future dates when they were over in Isny. She has not heard anything more as yet. Cl.A stated that it would be good to look at dates for 2021 sooner rather than later and it was agreed that forward planning would be a great idea for both Gravenchon and Isny. DA will put it on the Agenda for January and he will look at producing a planner to work out visits

The same committee as before are happy to carry on but BF would like to give other members a chance to help with arrangements and so if any member would like to get more involved please do get in touch.

  1. Fundraising:

  1. Bric a brac market stall: Thurs 7e Nov. Thank you to TW for organising this event. We managed to sell most of the items and what’s left is being stored by BF who is happy to hold them until the next stall. Great support from Members and raised £160 which was on a par with other previous bric a brac stalls. It was agreed that we would do separate stalls to the Merriman Park group but would liaise with them so as we aren’t both selling on the same week. Cl.A will look at booking Thurs 9e Avril 2020 for our next stall which is in the Easter Holidays.

  1. Quiz: Fri 8e Nov. Thank you to TS and Sheila for organising this event. It raised £95 on the door and £55 on the raffle. It was a brilliant evening and well attended but room for more. TW will look at booking the Victoria Club again possibly on 22nd May 2020. 3 bottles of wine at £1.35 each were used from stock as prizes.

  1. Christmas Cracker: Sat 14e Dec. Thank you to FK for organising this event. Emails will go out shortly asking for volunteers and donations of bottles of wine. DA brought back 48 bottles of wine from France and there are 33 in stock. No more empty wine bottles are needed as Re-wrapping worked well at Merriman Park. Bottle wrapping will take place at FK’s house 7pm on Thurs 12e Dec. SW will go to the scrap store and get Christmas wrapping paper. DA will see if we can borrow a gazeebo with weights. MR will forward on the instructions to FK ref the pitch and will provide the insurance policy to display at all events, she also has the risk assessment if needed. The target is to raise £300.

  1. Choir Event: Carried forward

  2. Pizza Evening: Carried forward

  3. Baltonsborough Show: Aug 2020: Carried forward

  1. Site & Facebook: JK is keeping Facebook up to date. PF will look at removing the old constitution from the Website and also upload any visit reports.

  1. Publicity:

DA spoke about a community support working group event which will be held on Sat 29e Feb at Crispin Hall. It will be similar to the Discover your Community event which we had a stall at back in Oct 2018. Local groups such as Diabetes UK, Health Connections, Salvation Army, Lions, Men Shed and We Hear You will be taking part. It will be set up at 9am and then open from 10-2pm. It was felt that it would be good for twinning to be part of such an event and to be seen as part of the community. The Knight family are happy to co-ordinate this and set it up and will need some volunteers to man the stall. DA will seek for an invite to take part and an email will be circulated to members once our invitation is confirmed.

  1. A Policies Document for the Association:

This will explain what we do and the way we do things. Such things would be included such as maintenance of mailing list, risk assessments and polices, twinning gifts, level of reserves that the association has. Child subsidies for trips, dinners and twinning visits and at what age. Fund raising events including organisation and costs. At the moment these kinds of things are reliant on memory rather than stated in a document.

It would be great for sub committees to have info on how to organise things and what has been done in the past including companies used and costings. There is a blue folder which contains this information but it has not been put to use yet, sub committees will be shown this in future. PF said it would be a good thing to display on the Website so as members can have access to it. DA will put something in writing ready for January’s meeting.

  1. Loterie: TW Pointed out that members pay for a December draw but we don’t have a December meeting to pull the lottery winners. It was agreed that the December winning numbers would be pulled at tonight’s meeting.

Nov Winners

1st prize: no.58 David Atkins

2e prize: no.43 kay Winn

3RD prize: no.47 Paul Badman

The numbers were then all put back in the bag.

Dec Winners

1st prize: no.53 David Atkins

2e prize: no.50 Lucy Nurse

3RD prize: no.15 Veronica Brunt

TW will get the lottery information ready to send out to all members reference next year’s lottery. He has received the certificate from Mendip with the registration of the Street Twinning Association Lottery approved from 1st Jan to Dec 2020.

  1. AOB: JK would like to start using the Street Twinning email address instead of her own personal BT account. This would keep everything separate and prevent anything being missed. This was agreed by the committee. For any correspondence from now about twinning please could everyone send emails to street.twinning@gmail.com and all correspondence to members will be sent from this email address from now on.

Meeting Closed at 9.45pm

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 22e Janvier 2020 à 7.30 pm

at The Mullions Hotel breakfast room.

Visite de Gravenchon 2019

Visit from Notre Dame de Gravenchon

6th April - 10th April 2019

44 friends from Gravenchon travelled to Street and there were some new visitors, including children which is fantastic for the continuation of twinning. There were a few hiccups along the way in organising this visit but with great team work by the subcommittee and communication with Sharon in France everything ran smoothly during their stay.

They travelled by Ferry from Calais to Dover and arrived slightly earlier than expected. Each member of the subcommittee had been given a group of hosts and those hosts were made aware of their contact in case of emergencies. This system worked well and enabled hosts to be informed quickly of the new arrival time.

During the day on Sunday and Monday there was time to relax, catch up and time for new hosts and guests to get to know each other. The Dinner and Dance was held at Meadway Hall in Compton Dundon on the Sunday evening. A team of volunteers, including a few French guests, decorated the hall with the theme of a train trip to the beach. There were props of a train, photo frame and accessories that many people enjoyed taking photos with. Everyone was greeted with a glass of Bucks Fizz on arrival. We enjoyed excellent catering by Claire and team and danced to the lovely singing of Sally Vinyl.

Monday evening the Street Parish Council hosted a reception in Crispin Hall. Tasty non-alcoholic beverages and a wonderful ploughman’s supper went down well with both English and French. We enjoyed music by Dylan Thomas and John and Ann Diment. Gifts were exchanged and a plaque celebrating 50 years of twinning was presented by Marie-Francoise Loison, deputy Mayoress of Gravenchon to the Street Parish Council and received by the Chair, Nina Swift. Stars displayed on the plaque were decorated during last year’s visit to Gravenchon and also by local school children during their visit to France. One plaque will be displayed in Street and the other in Gravenchon.

Tuesday was the trip day and a large group of 96 people travelled by coach to Bishops Lydeard and then onto Watchet by Steam train. The Subcommittee were informed with not much time to spare that maintence to the line from Watchet to Minehead had overrun and so would be closed. With quick adjustments made the trip still ran smoothly. West Somerset Railway provided a great service with two train carriages reserved for the twinning and we had a chance to take photos up front with the train driver.

Once in Minehead we walked to the Hairy Dog where we were all seated together and promptly served fish, chips and peas. Some then enjoyed deserts, drinks or a walk along the sea front before catching the coach to Dunster Castle. The drizzly rain didn’t spoil our enjoyment. Many went into the castle, some wandered around the gardens and tried their hand at archery or shooting whilst others ventured into Dunster village. We had a good journey home with a friendly coach driver and a great service provided by Taylors coaches.

Wednesday morning was an early start and time to say goodbye. With long lasting friendships reinforced and new friendships made, twinning is still going strong. We look forward to visiting our friends over in Gravenchon in 2020.

Visit to Isny 2019

Twinning visit to Isny October 28th to November 1st 2019

We have just made our biennial trip to Isny which was a great success. Thirty people were due to travel which is the largest group for sometime. This included 5 new Twinners. At the last minute two people were unable to come due to health/family issues.

We were very lucky this year to once again travel from Bristol to Basel with Easyjet at a very keen ticket price. (£76.27 return + £31 for hold luggage) which was made possible through the generosity of our hosts who were prepared to send a coach to meet us at Basel for the 3 and a half hour trip to Isny. The flight times were excellent with no early starts or late arrivals.

On arrival we were offered snacks on the coach before making a stop at Birnau on Lake Constance, the site of a famous church and monastery, and where we were fed wonderful cakes and coffee in the attached restaurant. We then continued on to Isny and a short reception in the Town Hall before going home with our host families.

The first full day was spent locally with a trip to Dethleffs caravan factory in the morning (starting with coffee and pretzels in the staff canteen). Dethleffs is the largest local industry and we were shown around the impressive production line. Several of us had our eyes on different motor homes by the time we left. We then all had a delicious Thai lunch together in a local school facility cooked by Bo Loose who is one of the German Twinners. In the afternoon there was a guided tour of the town for new Twinners and others had a guided walk on the nearby Rotmoos nature reserve.

The following day we were treated to a full day coach trip to the mountains. We had to imagine some of the peaks that were undoubtedly soaring above us, due to heavy rain and overcast skies. But we didn’t let this dampen our spirits as we packed into the small lift that took us up to the top of the ski jump in Oberstdorf. For some of us just standing at the top of the jump imagining launching ourselves into the air, was enough of a thrill, but others put on virtual reality headsets and made the jump themselves!. We then drove on to the Breitachklamm gorge and walked up the spectacular narrow gorge. At an afternoon coffee stop in Sulzberg, Austria, we were again served enormous slices of cake and it didn’t feel long after that, that we stopped at a traditional restaurant/brewery for another meal all together before a late return to Isny.

Our last day was spent with our host families and we enjoyed a wide range of activities before all meeting up for a final dinner. This was another very convivial evening where we were entertained by a local dance group in their national costumes and by a trio of Alpenhorn players. There were speeches from the local mayor and Twinners on both sides and we presented our gift of Xmas aprons and decorations for their December Xmas market stall which was very well received.

Our few days had passed very quickly and the next day we were off by 9am for our return trip to the airport. From talking to our group on the return journey it seemed that the trip had been a great success. The new Twinners had gelled with their host families, we had all been made very welcome and they had organised a full programme for us which made the time pass very quickly. People commented on how they had enjoyed spending more time with the whole group as we had a communal meal at some stage each day. The only thing that would have made the trip even better would have been less rain as it rained at some stage every day.

Minutes of the 2019 AGA

<span class ="tr_" id="tr_1259" data-source="" data-orig="Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held in the Crispin Community Centre">Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held in the Crispin Community Centre</span>

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held in the Crispin Community Centre

on Wednesday 23RD Octobre 2019. La réunion a commencé à 7.30 pm.



1.       Present: David and Veronica Brunt, Tom Winn, Marina Richards, Paul Badman, Jacqui, Francis, Isobel and Emily Knight, Claire Axten, David and Catherine Atkins, Trevor Skinner, Barbara and Martin Cowell, Julia Welch, Kay Strain, Gabbie and Martyn Butler, Ann Diment, Peter and Barbara Fry, Reg Alford, Sally Bois, John and Maureen Parfitt, Gill Davey, Brian Read, Sheila Urwin, Viv Squire, Sue Genge, David and Hilary Mozley.


Apologies: Kay Winn, Pauline and John Saunders, Grace and Bernard Squire, Chris Puddy, Helen and Tim Phillips, Avril and William Berry, Mark and Jenny Lewis, Katrina Dumontrotty


David Brunt welcomed everyone to the meeting and checked that everyone had read the minutes from the AGM in Oct 2018.

No matters arising.


2.      Chairman’s report: Please see report attached below.


3.      Treasurers Report and presentation and acceptance of the annual accounts:

Marina presented the accounts for the financial year to 31st Aug 2019, as checked by the accountant. The accounts were accepted unanimously by all members.


Please see accounts attached below.


Current account balance £3,780.70

Deposit account balance £8,047.50

A reminder that membership payments are now due. £15 per adult and free for children under 18. As stated in the constitution these payments are due to be paid within 2 calendar months of the date of the AGM.


We then moved onto item 5 on the Agenda before coming back to item 4.


4.      The proposed new constitution:


In addition to the revisions already circulated to members Catherine Atkins proposed that a paragraph was to be inserted under item 7 - Money and Assets – after d) Cheques must be signed by 2 authorised members. New e) The treasurer is authorised to undertake internet banking on behalf of the Association. All payments must be notified to the chairman and secretary by e-mail prior to the actual payment.


There were a few questions from members:


1.       Would this hold up payments? No, Marina doesn’t need to wait for a reply it is just a notification of what payments are going out.

2.       Is Marina happy to do this? Yes

3.       As with cheque payments, should there be two people from the committee with access to the bank account in case Marina is not available? Marina stated that this is not possible. It is linked to her personal accounts and so cannot have more than one person access it. Marina stated that there is a contingency plan set up in case anything was to happen to her, Paul (her partner) would have access to the account and arrangements would then be made for access to be passed to the next treasurer.


David Atkins thanked the team who had reviewed the constitution – Tom, Marina and Catherine.


The new constitution was voted on by a show of hands and the vote was unanimous for it to be put in place. Please find attached the updated version.


5.      Voting to elect the chairman:


The nominations for chairman were received by the deadline of 9th October.


David Atkins for Chairman


David Atkins left the room whilst the vote took place by a show of hands. The vote was unanimous for David to become the new chairman.


David Brunt then gave a speech as he stood down as chairman:


Veronica and I first joined the Twinning Association and went to Gravenchon in 1994. I was invited to join the committee the following year. For some years I was the assistant to the treasurer. This usually meant that I collected the ticket money at our fund raising events. After several years I stood down from the committee as I had other interests.

The following year I had a phone call from Grace asking me to re-join the committee and take on the job of treasurer. I continued in this position until Marina took over from me.

Bernard our previous chairman retired two years ago and I was elected to replace him. During those two years I have been supported by a dedicated team who have worked hard to promote the best interests of our association.

I now think that the time has come for me to stand down from the committee and allow them to continue the good work under new leadership.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like you join me in thanking your committee for all their hard work and dedication and to welcome David, your newly elected chairman.


David Brunt then presented David Atkins with the chain of office. David Atkins thanked David and Veronica for all their hard work over the years. Jacqui presented David Brunt with a gardening gift voucher from the committee and a thank you card signed by the committee and members of the association.



6.      Voting to elect Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary:


The following nominations were received by the deadline of 9e Octobre.


Tom Winn for Vice Chairman

Marina Richards for treasurer

Jacqui Knight for secretary


Candidates were asked to leave the room and the vote taken by a show of hands. The votes were unanimous for all three to be elected.


David Atkins then gave a speech as the new Chairman:


Thank you for entrusting me with the chair of the Street Twinning Association. Whilst a relative newcomer I have had the experience of twinning for 25years with another organisation of which I am a member.

Twinning is a great opportunity to learn a little about other cultures/countries and to share experiences. Perhaps its role is more important than ever as we live in an international environment and need more and more to be tolerant of others.

As chairman I will have a simple approach and in no way suggest this has not been the case in the past but is just the way I operate:

To be inclusive

To be respectful

To be loyal

To inject energy

To enjoy myself


We have an obligation to grow the Association, especially after a number of long serving members have “retired”, and to make it fit for the next generation. So I will be looking for members to help us search out families who might like to experience twinning.

At the first committee meeting I will be sharing some thoughts and asking questions as to how we can work a bit “smarter”. I feel we need to spread the load a little more across members and to get more clarity and ownership of tasks to make life easier and less onerous.


7.      Members invited to volunteer to serve on the management committee with a target of at least 10 members:


David Atkins gave a brief outline of what the role of a committee member entails including that they help to run the association and meet up ten times a year, not including the AGM.

Members volunteering to serve on the committee for the coming year are:


Kay Strain, Francis Knight, Catherine Atkins, Barbara Fry, Peter Fry, Cages Butler, Trevor Skinner, Paul Badman, Sally Wood and Claire Axten


Barbara Cowell and Katrina Dumontrotty are stepping down from the committee. The Chairman thanked them for all they have done for Street Twinning over the years.


8.      Loterie:


£20 no. 15 Veronica Brunt

£10 no. 32 Helen Phillips

£5 no. 30 Claire Brunt


Tom Winn is happy to run the lottery for another year and David thanked Tom for taking on this role again.

Marina stated that if anyone would like to be paid by BACS for lottery winnings, please contact her for this to be arranged.


9.      AOB:


1.       Isny visit: Please leave plenty of time for travel. There are road works/traffic lights in Coxley and Walton will be closed. Also closures in Wedmore.


2.       Gravenchon visit: A recent email was sent out with further information about costs. There are still spaces available and there maybe the facility to add more once it is booked.


3.       Bric-a-brac: Street Market Thurs 7thNov. Tom has kindly arranged this. Members were asked if anyone had any bric a brac for the stall and there was a good show of hands and so we will have plenty of items. Francis offered to help set up the stall at 8am ready for the stall to open at 9am. Usually the market goes on until 4pm. Peter offered to help at the end of the day to pack away. Barbara Fry said people are welcome to drop off items at their house but not until Monday 4e Novembre. An email will follow shortly and a rota will be sent out. Members that volunteered: Claire Axten, Sally Bois (afternoon), Trevor Skinner (morning), Sue Genge (morning), Viv Squire (morning), Catherine Atkins, David Atkins, Sheila Urwin, Tom Winn.


4.       Christmas Cracker: Francis is happy to organise this and an email will go out at the beginning of November. It is just going to be the water or wine stall this year. Donations of wine would be gratefully received. There are plenty of empties left over from Merriman park as long as the people who took them still have them in garages etc.


5.       Christmas Dinner: David Atkins suggested a social non fund-raiser get together for Christmas. Open to all members. A show of hands proved that this was a popular idea and January was suggested as everyone less busy. Plus de détails à suivre.


6.       Quiz: Trevor has kindly arranged this for Fri 8e Nov at the Victoria club Start 7.30pm. Entrance fee £2.50 per person. Teams of up to 4 people. Booking is preferred so to book please contact Trevor 01749 689199 OR 07739 817136. Jacqui has offered to do the raffle for this event so any donations of prizes would be gratefully received.



David Thanked: Claire, helped by Julia, for the tea, coffee and biscuits

Tom for searching out the venue for the AGM

Jacqui and Peter for circulating all the information for tonight’s AGM

Thank you all for attending.



The meeting closed at 8.20pm and everyone was invited to stay for refreshments.


Date de la prochaine réunion: Wednesday 27e Nov at 7.30 pm

in The Mullions breakfast room.


CHAIRMAN’S REPORT October 2018 to October 2019


As the years have passed, we have lost members due to illness and age related complaints. Sadly, some of our friends have died. But they have all contributed to the foundation of our present day association. As they have left us we have been joined by new members and so, with minor fluctuations, our numbers have been more or less maintained.

This year however, we have more members than usual who are retiring from twinning and this has depleted our numbers. To ensure the future of twinning in Street we need to recruit more new members. So please, if you know of anybody, be it family friends or neighbours etc., who might be interested, please put them in touch or tell a committee member.


Last year I reported that we had been running at a deficit for several years. I am pleased to report that this no longer the case. This is due to the hard work and generosity of committee and other members.

Following last year’s AGM, our first activity was the “Get to Know Your Community” event, organised by Street Parish Council in the Crispin Hall.

All of our local organisations were invited to have a stall to publicise themselves and their activities. It was a success, in that quite a few people showed an interest and looked at information regarding both Gravenchon and Isny. In spite of our existence for over fifty years, quite a few Street residents had never heard of us.


We had arranged for a bric-a-brac stall for the 8e Novembre. But this was cancelled due to a poor weather forecast


Street Christmas Cracker was held on 1st Décembre. We had two gazeboes situated outside Crispin Hall. It was a very hectic day as we were running a Water or Wine stall, a children’s game and a bric-a-brac stall as well as a tombola.

Members put a lot of work into organising and bottle wrapping as well as preparing and manning the stall. We actually sold out of bottles, which made it a very successful day.

Our friends from Gravenchon arrived for their biennial visit on Saturday 6e Avril. We organised dinner /dance for the Sunday evening. The delicious evening meal was provided by Claire and friends and the music by Sally Vinyl and her disco.

Street Parish Council held a reception for our French visitors on the Monday evening. This was held in the Crispin Hall, where members of the council provided refreshments and non-alcoholic drinks.

Tuesday saw a journey by coach and train to Minehead where there was free time and a fish and chip lunch in the Hairy Dog. On the return journey, the coach stopped for a visit to Dunster Castle. A good time was had by all.

Our Gravenchon friends departed from Strode College early on the Wednesday morning.

On Friday 8e Février, Trevor and Sheila organised a quiz at the Victoria Sports and Social Club. It was a successful evening and quite well attended. Although we would have liked to see a few more members.

On Friday 17e Mai, Tina and Tony hosted a Cheese & Wine Evening. It was a very enjoyable social evening with games, delicious food, wine and lots of chatter.

In June, Street Library building was closed for repairs and the library was relocated in the Parish Rooms. This meant that our committee had to find another venue for our monthly meetings. We were fortunate that the Mullions Hotel offered us the use of their Breakfast Room, where we now meet.

When a class of children from Gravenchon visited Elmhurst School, we donated £150 towards the costs of meals during their stay.

The Elmhurst school fete, called “Elmfest” was held on July 13e. We had a stall in order to publicise our association. We handed out flyers, talked to parents and families and ran a couple of games for the children.

Next Monday thirty of our members will depart from Bristol Airport en route to Isny. We wish them a very enjoyable visit.

Altogether it has been quite a busy year with events for fund raising and publicity as well as the visit from our Gravenchon friends.

This has meant a lot of hard work for your committee in organising, setting up and manning stalls as well as catering, clerical administration, various sub-committees, many emails, ‘phone calls, transport etc. Not forgetting all those other members who have helped us in many ways.

So a big thank you to everyone who helped us and been so generous with their time as well as donations of wine, raffle prizes etc. throughout the year.



Minutes August 2019

Minutes of the committee meeting held in The Mullions breakfast room.

Wednesday 28th August 2019. La réunion a commencé à 7.30 pm.

  1. Welcome, introductions and apologies for absence

ACTUELLE: David Brunt (chairman) DB, Tom Winn (vice chairman) TW, Jacqui Chevalier (secrétaire) JK, Peter Fry PF, Trevor Skinner TS, Francis Knight FK, Cages Butler GB, Sally Bois SW, Kay Strain KS, Fiona White, David Mozley and Hilary Mozley.

EXCUSES: Marina Richards, Paul Badman, Barbara Cowell, Barbara Fry, Claire Axten, Catherine Atkins, David Atkins, Katrina Dumontroty, Rebecca Wells, Simon Carswell.

  1. Minutes of the July meeting: A couple of amendments to the July minutes: FK was instructed to buy 4 tables and not 3. Four tables have been delivered and they are perfect for the next twinning stall. KS also represented Street Twinning at Viv Richards’s funeral. DB to sign the amended July minutes as a true record.

  1. Matters Arising: The Street Twinning flyer is displayed on the notice board outside Crispin Hall. JK checked Elmhurst School website and Newsletter and there is no mention of Street Twinning following the donation to the school, this is very disappointing. JK will be writing to local schools in the near future as stated in previous minutes with reference to looking for new twinning members and setting up a meeting with the head teachers.

  1. Revised Constitution: Tom, Marina and Catherine have been looking at the financial procedures in the constitution. TW reported back that they took a look at the whole constitution and have made some amendments. This was discussed at the meeting in length and some further adjustments were suggested which will be incorporated in the constitution before it is issued. The revised constitution will be sent to all members along with the calling notice issued to members 28days before the AGM. Members are invited to read through the constitution and reply with any queries so as TW and the working group can then deal with any queries before the AGM. It will be an agenda point at the AGM.

  1. Treasurers Report: Please see the attached financial report. FK pointed out that it has been a satisfactory fundraising year as we have just met our target of £3,400 for the year.

Current account balance £3,335.75

Deposit account balance £8,044.81

  1. Visit to Gravenchon 2020: JK has had some responses, but not many, to her request for a show of interest for the Gravenchon trip next year. An email will shortly go out to all members with a form to fill in with names and ages of children who would like to go. The email will include a rough idea of costs based on our last visit. We need to know numbers so as we can work out prices and look at booking. We will request that forms are returned before the AGM. At this point it does not commit you to going on the trip it is more of a show of interest but we need to have a clearer idea of expected numbers. We will be leaving Street early on Wed 15e April and returning late on Sun 19e Avril. We hope there will be no unforeseen circumstances of change but we will not know this for certain until the coaches and ferries are booked.

Sharon has French families etc. waiting to twin and so if you have never been part of the Gravenchon twinning before or know of someone who would like to join then there is still time.

  1. Visit to Isny 2019: A meeting at Barbara and Peter Fry’s house has been arranged for the Isny group. There will be 30 twinners travelling to Isny from Bristol Airport on Mon 28e Oct and returning from Basel Airport on Fri 1st Nov.

  1. Publicity / recruitment of new members: JK reports that there has been a show of interest from a family of four who are looking to hopefully join the Gravenchon twinning. JK asked the committee if she could update the membership pack to state the new membership fee of £15 a year for members over the age of 18yrs as this was agreed at the last AGM. It was agreed and members are reminded of this change ready for their renewals in October. No charge for under 18’s.

  1. Fundraising for 2019:

  1. Bric a brac market stall: No date set

  1. Merriman Park Fun Day: Saturday 7e Septembre. There will be the usual water or wine and also a children’s card game with prizes and Street shopping bags to sell.

  1. SW offered to source the paper for wrapping the water and wine bottles.

  2. DA has bought 48 bottles of wine in France and the Twinning has 15 bottles.

  3. TW et Kay offered the use of their house for the wrapping evening on Thurs 5e Sept at 7pm. Any member is welcome to come along and help with this as it is very time consuming with hopefully 360 bottles to wrap. Please bring sellotape.

  4. KS has sticky labels with sad face and do not drink.

  5. JK will provide information laminates for the stall with prices, Quiz night and general info including a sign saying “Enjoy the wine but don’t drink the water”.

  6. KS has bought some plastic wine carriers and people have been collecting the free cardboard wine carriers for easier transporting on the day. More would be helpful.

  7. JK has the wooden wine display boxes from last year’s stall.

  8. DB has offered the use of his gazeebo with weights.

  9. DB has the float.

  10. Members: We are hoping for 300 empty screw top wine bottles. To check we have enough please could members drop their collections off at TW house (16 Seeley Crescent, Street, BA16 0RN) by Wednesday 4e preferably already filled with water. Please also drop off any donations of bottles of wine. If you do not have transport please contact a committee member and I am sure we can arrange collection from you.

  11. JK will send out the rota to the volunteers. We now have 12 volunteers for the stall. Cars are allowed on site from 10am until 12. At the end we will need to transport all the empties off site but keep them as we will need to refill them ready for the Christmas Cracker, cars are not allowed back on site until 4.30pm.

  1. Choir: No date set

  1. Autumn Quiz: Fri 8e Nov at the Victoria Club 7.30pm start - TS has organised this event. Committee members were given posters to display around Street and the local area. JK offered to do the raffle and has raffle books. Please contact JK if you would like to donate a raffle prize and need it collecting, or if you would like to donate you can take it on the night if you are taking part. £2.50 per person with teams of up to 4 people. Booking is preferred so to book please contact Trevor Skinner 01749 689199 or 07739 817136.

  1. Pizza fundraiser: Fiona White spoke about a fundraiser that she had been involved with. They bought pizzas and made puddings. People would bring their own alcohol. Easy fundraiser and a nice sociable event. Roughly £10 a ticket. Would need to find a venue though, maybe at a member’s home?

  1. Baltonsborough Show – Aug 2020

  1. Site & Facebook: All being kept up to date

  1. Lottery winners this month:

1st Prize no.12 Francesco Della Valle £20

2e Prize no.40 Gill Davey £10

3RD Prize no.8 Tina Della Valle £5

  1. AOB: None

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 25e September at 7.30 pm

in The Mullions breakfast room.