Welcome to the Street Twinning Association website

The information available on our website gives a flavour of who we are and what we do in promoting the twinning of Street with Notre Dame de Gravenchon in France and Isny im Allgäu in Germany.

Both twinning arrangements are long standing, very healthy and well supported but we will always welcome new members and especially families to maintain that longevity and to bring fresh ideas and outlook to our visits. To find out more details please visit the page About Street Twinning.


Like most organisations our plans have been impacted upon by the pandemic in the last twelve months. In 2020 we were due to travel to France and welcome our friends from Germany but these plans were carried over to 2021. However it has become very clear that planning travel to other countries in 2021 is going to be equally difficult so together with our twinning partners in France and Germany we have decided to postpone any joint activities in 2021 and will pick up again in 2022.

We believe the future is bright for Street Twinning Association! Our lives will change and they will settle down to a new and changed routine and we will be looking for simple and safe ways of travelling in Europe in the future and twinning is one such way.

Que peut faire le jumelage Association Rue vous offrir?

  • Make new friends in the UK and in France and Germany.
  • See how other people live their lives.
  • Travel abroad for an affordable price.
  • Find out about the real country.
  • Try out your foreign languages (not essential but fun).
  • Enjoy authentic hospitality.

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