Minutes August 2019

Minutes of the committee meeting held in The Mullions breakfast room.

Wednesday 28th August 2019. The meeting started at 7.30 pm.

  1. Welcome, introductions and apologies for absence

PRESENT: David Brunt (chairman) DB, Tom Winn (vice chairman) TW, Jacqui Knight (secretary) JK, Peter Fry PF, Trevor Skinner TS, Francis Knight FK, Gabbie Butler GB, Sally Wood SW, Kay Strain KS, Fiona White, David Mozley and Hilary Mozley.

APOLOGIES: Marina Richards, Paul Badman, Barbara Cowell, Barbara Fry, Claire Axten, Catherine Atkins, David Atkins, Katrina Dumontroty, Rebecca Wells, Simon Carswell.

  1. Minutes of the July meeting: A couple of amendments to the July minutes: FK was instructed to buy 4 tables and not 3. Four tables have been delivered and they are perfect for the next twinning stall. KS also represented Street Twinning at Viv Richards’s funeral. DB to sign the amended July minutes as a true record.

  1. Matters Arising: The Street Twinning flyer is displayed on the notice board outside Crispin Hall. JK checked Elmhurst School website and Newsletter and there is no mention of Street Twinning following the donation to the school, this is very disappointing. JK will be writing to local schools in the near future as stated in previous minutes with reference to looking for new twinning members and setting up a meeting with the head teachers.

  1. Revised Constitution: Tom, Marina and Catherine have been looking at the financial procedures in the constitution. TW reported back that they took a look at the whole constitution and have made some amendments. This was discussed at the meeting in length and some further adjustments were suggested which will be incorporated in the constitution before it is issued. The revised constitution will be sent to all members along with the calling notice issued to members 28days before the AGM. Members are invited to read through the constitution and reply with any queries so as TW and the working group can then deal with any queries before the AGM. It will be an agenda point at the AGM.

  1. Treasurers Report: Please see the attached financial report. FK pointed out that it has been a satisfactory fundraising year as we have just met our target of £3,400 for the year.

Current account balance £3,335.75

Deposit account balance £8,044.81

  1. Visit to Gravenchon 2020: JK has had some responses, but not many, to her request for a show of interest for the Gravenchon trip next year. An email will shortly go out to all members with a form to fill in with names and ages of children who would like to go. The email will include a rough idea of costs based on our last visit. We need to know numbers so as we can work out prices and look at booking. We will request that forms are returned before the AGM. At this point it does not commit you to going on the trip it is more of a show of interest but we need to have a clearer idea of expected numbers. We will be leaving Street early on Wed 15th April and returning late on Sun 19th April. We hope there will be no unforeseen circumstances of change but we will not know this for certain until the coaches and ferries are booked.

Sharon has French families etc. waiting to twin and so if you have never been part of the Gravenchon twinning before or know of someone who would like to join then there is still time.

  1. Visit to Isny 2019: A meeting at Barbara and Peter Fry’s house has been arranged for the Isny group. There will be 30 twinners travelling to Isny from Bristol Airport on Mon 28th Oct and returning from Basel Airport on Fri 1st Nov.

  1. Publicity / recruitment of new members: JK reports that there has been a show of interest from a family of four who are looking to hopefully join the Gravenchon twinning. JK asked the committee if she could update the membership pack to state the new membership fee of £15 a year for members over the age of 18yrs as this was agreed at the last AGM. It was agreed and members are reminded of this change ready for their renewals in October. No charge for under 18’s.

  1. Fundraising for 2019:

  1. Bric a brac market stall: No date set

  1. Merriman Park Fun Day: Saturday 7th September. There will be the usual water or wine and also a children’s card game with prizes and Street shopping bags to sell.

  1. SW offered to source the paper for wrapping the water and wine bottles.

  2. DA has bought 48 bottles of wine in France and the Twinning has 15 bottles.

  3. TW and Kay offered the use of their house for the wrapping evening on Thurs 5th Sept at 7pm. Any member is welcome to come along and help with this as it is very time consuming with hopefully 360 bottles to wrap. Please bring sellotape.

  4. KS has sticky labels with sad face and do not drink.

  5. JK will provide information laminates for the stall with prices, Quiz night and general info including a sign saying “Enjoy the wine but don’t drink the water”.

  6. KS has bought some plastic wine carriers and people have been collecting the free cardboard wine carriers for easier transporting on the day. More would be helpful.

  7. JK has the wooden wine display boxes from last year’s stall.

  8. DB has offered the use of his gazeebo with weights.

  9. DB has the float.

  10. Members: We are hoping for 300 empty screw top wine bottles. To check we have enough please could members drop their collections off at TW house (16 Seeley Crescent, Street, BA16 0RN) by Wednesday 4th preferably already filled with water. Please also drop off any donations of bottles of wine. If you do not have transport please contact a committee member and I am sure we can arrange collection from you.

  11. JK will send out the rota to the volunteers. We now have 12 volunteers for the stall. Cars are allowed on site from 10am until 12. At the end we will need to transport all the empties off site but keep them as we will need to refill them ready for the Christmas Cracker, cars are not allowed back on site until 4.30pm.

  1. Choir: No date set

  1. Autumn Quiz: Fri 8th Nov at the Victoria Club 7.30pm startTS has organised this event. Committee members were given posters to display around Street and the local area. JK offered to do the raffle and has raffle books. Please contact JK if you would like to donate a raffle prize and need it collecting, or if you would like to donate you can take it on the night if you are taking part. £2.50 per person with teams of up to 4 people. Booking is preferred so to book please contact Trevor Skinner 01749 689199 or 07739 817136.

  1. Pizza fundraiser: Fiona White spoke about a fundraiser that she had been involved with. They bought pizzas and made puddings. People would bring their own alcohol. Easy fundraiser and a nice sociable event. Roughly £10 a ticket. Would need to find a venue though, maybe at a member’s home?

  1. Baltonsborough Show – Aug 2020

  1. Website & Facebook: All being kept up to date

  1. Lottery winners this month:

1st Prize no.12 Francesco Della Valle £20

2nd Prize no.40 Gill Davey £10

3rd Prize no.8 Tina Della Valle £5

  1. AOB: None

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 25th September at 7.30 pm

in The Mullions breakfast room.

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