One important way you can support Street Twinning Association is for you and if possible, your family and friends to take part in our lottery.

The first draw each year takes place at the committee meeting in January.

If you, and/or your family and friends wish to take part please send an email to with the subject 'Lottery' and your address in the email. We will send you a form and details of where to return it.
Lottery Rules.
  1. Members, relatives and friends (over the age of 16) are invited to request up to a maximum of 5 numbers per person. Numbers will be drawn independently and promulgated by the end of December.
  2. Additional numbers, up to the maximum amount can be purchased at any time and new members may join. Those joining after the draw has been made will be allocated consecutive numbers.
  3. For each allocated number, players will be required to pay £1.00 per month. Numbers for which payment has not been received will not be entered in the draw as this would be illegal.
  4. Approximately 40% of the takings will be handed out in prize money. The number and value of prizes will depend on the numbers allocated.