Minutes February 2022

Minutes of the committee meeting held via Zoom.

Wednesday 23RD Février 2022. The meeting started at 7.30pm.

  1. Welcome and apologies for absence:

ACTUELLE: David Atkins (chairman) DA, Barbara Fry (vice chairman) BF, Marina Richards (treasurer) MR, Jacqui Chevalier (secrétaire) JK, Peter Fry PF, Francis Knight FK, Catherine Atkins CA, David Mozley DM

EXCUSES: Paul Badman and Kay Strain

  1. Minutes of the meeting held on 26e Janvier 2022: DA checked that everyone had read the minutes from the previous meeting and it was agreed that they are a true record. Signing of the minutes will take place at a later date.

  1. Matters Arising not on Agenda: None

  1. Chairman’s Report: Not yet spoken with Parish Council about the plaque but will do so before we have contact with Gravenchon.

  1. Secretary’s Report: Nothing to report

  1. Treasurer’s Report: Please see the financial report at the end of the minutes. Nothing further to report

Current account balance £xxxx.xx

Deposit account balance £yyyy.yy

  1. Membership & Member’s Welfare: JK reported that we have 41 members plus 4 children. Committee members have spoken with unpaid members and reported back that there are 5 more members that are likely to re-join and 1 more child.

  1. Visits: JK received an email from Sharon in Gravenchon. She sent an email to their members at the end of January and another Mid-February asking for confirmation of hosting from 26e à 30e Oct. Sharon has had feedback from some but not all.

Zooms: It was agreed to leave for the moment until possibly Easter. BF will contact Isny, et JK will contact Gravenchon.

  1. Fundraising and Events:

Bric-a-BracThis will be carried forward.

Vicfest 2e July at Victoria ClubWe have been offered a stall at this event which is raising money for Motor Neuron Disease. It will run from 1-5pm, there is no pitch fee but a donation to the charity. There will be other local groups one of which are doing a water or wine stall. BF suggested that the event could be a raise our profile rather than a fund raiser. Possibly do a tombola with some of the decent Bric-a-Brac items and possibly a couple children’s games to attract people to the stall. It was agreed to except the invite of holding a stall. JK stated we still have lots of flyers and promotional items.

Social Summer EventAvril Berry has offered to host a garden event similar to the ones that her and William used to hold. Possibly mid-June but keeping in mind that there will be the Jubilee at this time so could be July or early Aug on a Saturday or Sunday.

  1. Site & Facebook: Nothing to report

  1. Publicity: DA et JK will be working on the Newspaper report but better to wait until more to report. JK suggested a promotional poster that could be displayed on the notice board outside the parish council rooms.

  1. Loterie: Congratulations to the winners of the February lottery draw. The numbers were drawn by Kay Strain earlier that day as she was unable to attend the meeting.

1st Prize no.33 Marisa Della Valle £20

2e Prize no.22 Claire Axten £10

3RD Prize no.4 Millie Bailey £5

  1. AOB: It was agreed that due to the meetings still being very short that the committee would keep to Zoom meetings for the time being.

  1. Chairman’s Closing Remarks: DA thanked everyone for attending the meeting.

Meeting Closed at 8.00pm

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 23RD March at 7.30pm

To be held via Zoom.

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