April Minutes 2017

Procès-verbal de la réunion du Comité tenue à la Chambre John Webster mercredi 5e Avril 2017. La réunion a commencé à 7.30 pm. ACTUELLE: Bernard Squire, David Brunt, Claire Axten, Marina Richards, Tom Winn, Dianne Baker, Peter Fry, Barbara Fry, Barbara Cowell, Cages Butler, Jacqui Chevalier, Reg Alford APOLOGIES: Kay Strain, Katrina Dumontroty, Paul Badman
  1. Bernard welcomed everyone to the meeting.
  1. Bernard vérifié que tout le monde avait lu les minutes et il les a signé comme un vrai record.
  1. Questions découlant
    1. Tree Planting Ceremony (15e April in Merriman Park).
Sean Busby, a professional gardener has agreed to dig the hole and initially plant the tree on Thursday 13e Avril. He has contacted the supplier and arranged delivery. Claire will provide a spade for the actual ceremony and Marina will collect the plaque and give it to Claire. To keep the tree alive, it will need to be watered every day with a minimum of 2 gallons (even when raining). It was decided to create a voluntary rota to carry this out. The following was agreed:-  
Week 1 (commencing 17e Avril)   Jacqui Knight

   “      2   24e Apr           Dianne Baker

   “      3   1st May            Marina Richards

   “      4    8e “             Gabbie Butler

   “      5   15e “             Peter Fry

  “       6   22e  “            Barbara Cowell

   “      7   29e  "            Davd Brunt

  “       8   5e Jun            Bernard Squire

  “       9   12th   “          Tom Winn

  “     10    19e   “           Claire Axten
  It is likely that watering will be necessary into July/August, especially if we have a dry summer and it is hoped that more volunteers will come forward.
  1. Treasurer’s Report
Most of the money for the Gravenchon visit have been received, with one family outstanding. Marina will make a final request for payment. There is no further report on income or spending at this time.
  1. Visite de Gravenchon (Final arrangements)
Longleat Everyone seems happy with the arragements as published by Claire. Longleat have asked for numbers requiring main courses but figures for our French visitors will nor be available. People requiring the vegetarian option are requested to inform Claire by 9e Avril. Dinner/Dance The Meadway Hall will be opened at 2.00 pm and preparations/decoration is expected to be complete by 5.00 pm. Acting upon a suggestion by a member, it was agreed to provide some beer in addition to the wine, bucks fizz and soft drinks. This will be purchased by Tom when collecting the wine. Claire and Marina will provide containers and ice to cool drinks as necessary.
  1. Visit to Isny 2017
Final costs are not yet available. (Initial estimate was £200 per person to be paid by June). Claire has secured the flights relatively cheaply at £89 per person. The flight costs are known and everyone has paid at least a £45 deposit with the rest to pay by the end of June. The only thing still to be decided is whether we all travel together to the airport or organise shared transport and we will agree this with those travelling at a meeting for the group which will be towards the end of May.
  1. Website and Facebook
No activity to report.
  1. Loterie
  First Prize No 43 Grace Squire Second Prize No 46 Ivor Russel
  1. A.O.B
A party of school children from Gravenchon will be on an exchange visit to Elmhurst School on April 25e. It was agreed to host a Barbeque for them. Claire will liaise with the school for final details.
  1. Date de la prochaine réunion:
Wed May 3rd 2017, à 7.30 pm dans John Webster Room, Paroisse Chambres.    

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