Minutes February 2021

Minutes of the committee meeting held via Zoom.

Wednesday 24th February 2021. Das Treffen begann um 7.30 pm.

  1. Welcome and apologies for absence: VORHANDEN: David Atkins (chairman) DA, Tom Winn (vice chairman)TW, Marina Richards (treasurer) MR, Jacqui Ritter (Sekretär) JK, Peter Fry PF, Barbara Fry BF Francis Knight FK, Käfige Butler, Catherine Atkins. Paul Badman, Kay Strain.

ENTSCHULDIGUNGEN: Claire Axten, Sally Holz, Trevor Skinner

  1. Minutes of the meeting held on 27th Januar 2021: DA asked if everyone had read the minutes and asked if they were a true record. Proposed by BF and seconded by FK that they are a true record. Signing of the minutes will take place at a later date.

  1. Matters Arising not on Agenda: None

  1. Chairman’s Report: DA nothing to report

  1. Secretary’s Report: JK Received an email from a lady recently moved to Wells looking for someone to correspond with in French, German or Spanish. She used to belong to a twinning group so it’s great that she found our twinning email. JK responded and sent her details to Shirley Gunter who was happy to forward the ladies details onto her French speaking U3A group and the other U3A language groups.

  1. Treasurer’s Report: MR nothing to report. Please see the financial report at the end of the minutes

Current account balance £6534.04

Deposit account balance £8058.72

  1. Membership & Member’s Welfare: Maureen and John Parfitt informed JK that they will no longer be able to host. JK will continue to send them the minutes up until and including the AGM and then they will become supporters of the association as they would like to be kept informed.

JK reported that 32 have donated their membership payments for this year to the association, 3 will carry over their payment for next year, 2 will wait until the AGM and pay then, no response from 21 members.

JK offered to send a letter to the non-responders as some members might not be checking their emails at the moment. BF suggested that a reminder email be sent to the members that have paid but not responded and this was agreed by the committee. JK will send the emails.

Sheila had sent an email to update everyone on Trevor. He is now home and receiving excellent care from the Palliative Care team. Sheila said that everyone’s thoughts and prayers are much appreciated.

  1. Update on visits 2021: DA reported that it has been agreed with Gravenchon and Isny that due to the present Coronavirus situation there will be no twinning exchanges taking place during 2021. BF stated that Veronica in Isny is very keen for a Zoom social to take place again. JK reported that Sharon in France has said that it will be a great idea to hold a Zoom or similar meeting at some point in the near future, France do not use Zoom so much but she uses it so knows how it works. On the request of Sharon JK is to send an email to the Gravenchon twinners to gauge who would like to take part in an online meeting so as Sharon can liaise with their hosts.

DA reported that Sharon had sent an update from Gravenchon saying that in their general area they have not been too badly affected. They have a curfew of 6pm. They are not allowed to travel outside of their area and it is a complete lockdown at weekends. Their vaccination programme has begun and the government have said that adults wanting the vaccine will be able to have it by the end of August.

DA stated that April half term 2022 could be a possibility to travel to Gravenchon but no plans will be made until nearer the time.

  1. Future Fundraising and Events: JK reported that she had received an email from The Meriman Park Community Group stating that Coronavirus Pandemic restrictions allowing, they intend to go ahead with the 2021 Merriman Park Fun Day auf Saturday 4th September 2021. This is great news as it is one of our biggest fundraising events.

DA suggested a Zoom social with the theme of talk about a memorable twinning experience with pictures if possible. JK will send an email to members to see what they think and to see if anyone else has any ideas for a social.

  1. Webseite & Facebook : JK nothing to report for Facebook. PF stated that last month’s minutes are on the website. DA thanked committee members that had given feedback to the draft for the website page. There are a couple of updates to do so DA will discuss this with PF. FK had suggested to add the links to Gravenchon and Isny’s Web pages. DA is happy to do this and in looking into it he discovered that Gravenchon’s Website displays the link to wrong website and he has informed Sharon.

  1. Publicity: DA nothing to report

  1. Lotterie: Congratulations to the winners of the February lottery draw. The numbers were drawn by Kay Winn and read out by TW during the zoom meeting.

1st Prize no.31 Jackie Rawlings

2nd Prize no.83 Avril Berry

3 rd Prize no.5 Claire Axten

  1. AOB: TW asked if the draft for the front website page had been agreed by the committee? DA stated that it had been accepted by default as all committee members had been circulated for comments and those who replied were in favour.

  1. Chairman’s Closing Remarks: DA thanked everyone for attending the meeting.

Meeting Closed at 8.00pm

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 24th March at 7.30pm To be held via Zoom.

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