Gravenchon Twinning

frankreichkarte Street has been twinned with Gravenchon since 1967, and many long term close relationships have been formed. We even have some second generation twinners. Families from both sides of the channel enjoy the traditions from both countries. The French are well known for their hospitality and making their English families feel welcome in their homes. There is many an evening within the families where language has become a barrier but with sign language and a bit of "franglais" this can be overcome and is informative and entertaining!       Notre-Dame_map  

About Gravenchon:

Gravenchon is a small, modern town in northern France. It is about 40 kilometers east of Le Havre (approx. half-way between Le Havre and Rouen). The main industry is the nearby oil refinery at Port Jerome. The French are particularly proud of the three large bridges which span the river Seine. The surrounding area of Gravenchon is made up of beautiful and picturesque scenery and quaint towns and villages. We travel to Gravenchon via ferry and coach. Gravenchon have their own website at