Minutes April 2019

  1. Welcome, introductions and apologies for absence
  2. PRESENT: David Brunt (chairman) DB, Marina Richards MR, Jacqui Knight JK, Tom Winn TW, Peter Fry PF, Barbara Fry BF, Claire Axten Cl.A, Francis Knight FK, Kay Strain KS, Catherine Atkins Ca.A, David Atkins DA, Paul Badman PB, Sally Wood SW, Katrina Dumontroty KD
    APOLOGIES: Gabbie Butler, Barbara Cowell and Trevor Skinner. Since the meeting Rebecca has sent her apologies
  3. Minutes of the January meeting
    DB checked that everyone had read the minutes from the previous meeting and signed them as a true record
  4. Matters Arising
    a) Numbers for the Investiture: David and Veronica Brunt, Jacqui and Francis Knight, Barbara and Martin Cowell, Tom Winn, Gabbie and Martyn Butler. Since the meeting the numbers have been confirmed with the Street Parish Council.
    b) New Venue for meeting as from May: DA reported that The Bear charge £100. TW reported that there would be no charge for The Victoria Club. It is not available on a Wed but we could use the skittle alley short term. DB reported that the community centre charge £12 an hour and it is available every Wed. KD suggested Brookside School and will enquire. The Legion may charge but are booked every Wed. Ca.A asked if we could meet on a different night, the committee would be happy but not on Tues. TW will book the Victoria Club skittle alley for our May meeting.
    Since the meeting TW has booked the skittle alley for Wed 22nd May but the function room is now booked every night and so The Victoria Club is not an option for future meetings.
  5. Treasurers Report See attachment.
    Current account balance £1,283.25
    Reserve account balance £8,039.35
    DB questioned the refunds. A few hosts due to unforeseen circumstances either couldn’t host at the last minute or couldn’t attend the trip. As the visit had come in under budget it was felt by the subcommittee that it was possible to refund moneys paid by these members.
    DA pointed out that this year for various reasons the visit had been very good value for money but in the future the costs could be higher.
    TW formally thanked Cl.A and her team for such a great meal and service at the Dinner Dance. Cl.A replied saying she had enjoyed the event and that it had ran very smoothly.
  6. Visit from Gravenchon 2019
    JK read out the report for the Visit from Gravenchon. See attachment.
    Along with the agenda JK had asked hosts for any constructive feedback. William and Avril Berry had sent DB an email thanking everyone for their hard work and especially thanking Claire and her team. Sharon had sent an email from France, which DB had forwarded onto all members thanking everyone and said how much the French had enjoyed this year’s visit.
    JK reported that she has sent great reviews to Sally Vinyl, the Hairy Dog, West Somerset Railway, Dunster Castle and Taylors Coaches on behalf of Street Twinning.
    JK has sent a report along with a couple of photos to Local Reach and Central Somerset Gazette. Since the meeting JK has sent a report to the Mendip Times. We hope all of these reports will be printed soon.
    TW asked if a letter of thanks will be sent to the Parish Council for their event and it was agreed that DB will do this.
  7. Visit to Gravenchon 2020: Wed 15th April to Sun 19th April
    The dates which would suit the French are from Wed 15th April to Sunday 19th April 2020. Both French and English children are on school holidays during these dates which will enable hosts and guests to spend time together. Last year many families couldn’t travel to Paris as their children were at school.
    The dates were agreed by the committee with no objections.
    KD offered to look at ferry dates and prices with Brittany Ferries including the possibility of sailing to Le Harve. MR offered to contact Taylors coaches.
    Sharon has suggested a friendly boule match when we visit Gravenchon. DB suggested we could invite the U3A boule team. The committee then discussed the idea. Some concerns were raised i.e. extra travel arrangements and extra costs plus finding accommodation. DA said that this could attract more members and with carful budgeting it shouldn’t affect the overall cost to members. DB said that Sharon was keen for this to happen and would arrange accommodation and if possible find hosts. It was agreed that it would be a fun activity that all ages would enjoy and there is plenty of time to make arrangements before the next visit. DB will write to Peter Lander of the U3A boule team with an idea of cost and what the trip would involve. It would be nice if the team joined us for the whole exchange including the Dinner and Dance and any trips.
  8. Visit to Isny 2019: Mon 28th October to Fri 1st November
    BF reported that all members travelling to Isny have been contacted by email. Flights have been booked with Easy Jet from Bristol on Mon 28th Oct to Basel with a return flight on Fri 1st Nov 2019. The group of 30 people include a couple of new twinners and their two daughters. BF has received a lovely email from Isny stating that the town of Isny support the twinning which makes it possible to pick the group up from any airport no matter the distance. This made it easier to book the most convenient flights at a good price.
  9. Publicity / recruitment of new members
    With the new family travelling to Isny we are slowly gaining more members but there still needs to be a drive for new members as for various reasons quite a few members have left in recent years.
    JK asked DA for his assistance in coordinating a membership drive at local schools, as discussed at a previous meeting. It was agreed they would meet and formulate a plan.
  10. Fundraising for 2019
    a) Quiz: CHANGE OF DATE TO FRI 8TH NOV at the Victoria Club. More details will follow nearer the time.
    b) Bric a Brac market stall: BF and PF stated they were misquoted and would be happy to do the stall again. DA had checked with the Merriman Park Committee group and they have said yes to a joint event and for the proceeds to be split down the middle. PB asked for best sellers so as we can start collecting items, BF stated that children’s items and china sells well.
    c) Cheese and Wine: Fri 17th May at Tina and Tony Della Valle’s house from 7pm. Tickets £8.50 under 18’s £4.00. DA has 20 red and 6 white bottles of wine from France. Tina will organise food and put in expenses. The twinning glasses can be used. DB will liaise with Tina to see what is needed and will check if she needs raffle donations. Tickets are available from any committee member and payments should be sent to DB or paid by BACS.
    d) Strawberry TEA: Sunday 23rd June at Avril and William Berry’s house. MR will liaise with Avril to see what is needed. Ticket prices to follow shortly.
    (For both the above events JK will check with hosts before posting on FB. The twinning has enough raffle tickets in stock for both events.)
    e) Choir No update.
  11. Website / Facebook /Twitter
    JK reported that the Gravenchon posts have been very popular with lots of likes and shares. We have 118 followers including people in Isny and Gravenchon. The #sallyvinyl post reached 3500 people.
  12. Lottery winners this month
    1st prize no.25 Yvonne Jones
    2nd prize no.13 Tony Della Valle
    3rd prize no.21 Catherine Atkins
  13. AOB
    a) Notre Dame Cathedral: DB had received a suggestion from a member that the Association should give a cash donation to the fund for repairs to the Cathedral. He stated that having looked into the matter our constitution doesn’t allow us to make such donations. He suggested that those members who wish to donate can go online. There is a donation website don.fondation-patrimoine.org or members can google Notre Dame Cathedral for more details.
    b) JK and FK suggested a greeting card for Street Twinning which can be sent to say thank you or for condolences etc. There could be photos on the front with the Street Twinning logo and our contact details and it could be signed by the Chairman. This was agreed by the committee and JK and KS will work together to design one and get a quote for printing.
Date of next meeting: Wednesday 22nd May at 7.30 pm
in the Victoria Club skittle alley.

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