May Minutes 2017

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held in the John Webster Room on Wednesday 3rd May 2017. The meeting started at 7.30 pm.   PRESENT: Bernard Squire, Tom Winn, Claire Axten, Paul Badman, Marina Richards, David Brunt, Sally Wood, Jacqui Knight, Katrina Dumontroty, Barbara Cowell, Dianne Baker, Gabbie Butler, Reg Alford, Kay Strain   APOLOGIES: Barbara and Peter Fry  
  1. Bernard welcomed everyone to the meeting.
  1. Bernard checked that everyone had read the minutes from the January meeting and he signed them as a true record.
  1. Matters Arising
  1. BBQ at Elmhurst School for visitors from Gravenchon – the Association will pay for the food.
  2. Tree in Merriman Park – thank you to everyone who has been watering the tree, keep up the good work! The wording on the plaque is being re-done and should be read soon.
  1. Treasurer's Report
  Marina circulated costings for the visit, Longleat, coach hire and the dinner dance.  
  1. Gravenchon Visit 2017
  1. Report – a card and an email were received from members of the association expressing their thanks for all the hard work everyone put in to the organising of this years’ visit and the 50th anniversary celebrations which everyone enjoyed immensely and was a huge success. Bernard and Tom also thanked everyone, the Meadway Hall looked fantastic, well done and thank you to everyone who helped.  The event hosted by Street Parish Council at the Victoria Club was very successful and enjoyed by everyone.
  2. Date for 2018 visit to Gravenchon – it was agreed to travel in the last week in May (Wednesday 30th May – Sunday 3rd June), probably Portsmouth-Caen ferry. Marina will look at costings, Katrina and Tom will organise the transport.
  1. Visit to Isny 2017
  1. Costs
  • 1 person + 1 bag* £109.70
  • 2 people + 1 bag* £202.40
(*20kg bag)   The departure time has changed and will now leave at 7.40am.   Peter and Barbara will contact members visiting Isny with details of a meeting.   Please note that payment is due by 30th June together with your passport details.  Travel Insurance is not included therefore members will need to arrange their own cover.  
  1. Website and Facebook
  Jacqui has put lots on Facebook and has set up Flickr for members to use (this is free to use), please have a look and upload some photographs.  Peter Fry will put Flickr on to the website.  
  1. Lottery
  Lottery Draw   First Prize            03           Gill Daey Second Prize      51           David Atkins  
  1. AOB
  • Clocks – there are some of the 50th Anniversary clocks to be distributed, Katrina will ensure each twinning family gets one. A list will be needed from Sharon of the French twinners who also need to be given one of the clocks.
  • Bernard thanked everyone for all their hard work and for the gift he received at the dinner dance.
  • Tom said that a photograph from the tree planting in Merriman Park should appear in the Central Somerset Gazette soon. He will also contact the Mendip Times.
  • David alerted everyone to the fact that lots of money had been spent recently and therefore we need to raise some funds. All suggestions welcome and will be discussed at the next meeting in June.
  • Dates for your diary:
  • 2nd September – Merriman Park Fun Day
  • 2nd December – Christmas Cracker 11am – 4.00pm
  It was agreed to do the ‘Water or Wine’ at both events as this is a good fund raiser.  Please start collecting your empty bottles (screw top only).  Donations of bottles of wine are would also be very welcome and can be given to any member of the committee.   There will be a Social Event in September (date to be confirmed); suggestions were – Cheese & Wine Evening, Barn Dance, if you have any ideas please let us know!  
  • Investiture- 25th May Strode Theatre, 7pm. 8/9 Committee members will be attending.
  1. Date of Next Meeting
  7th June 2017 at 7.30pm in John Webster Room, Parish Rooms