June Minutes 2016

Procès-verbal de la réunion du Comité tenue à la Chambre John Webster mercredi 8e Juin 2016. La réunion a commencé à 7.30 pm.   ACTUELLE: Bernard Squire, David Brunt, Claire Axten, Marina Richards, Tom Winn, Dianne Baker, Jacqui Chevalier, Katrina Dumontroty, Cages Butler, Katrina Dumontroty, Paul Badman, Sally Bois, Barbara Fry, Reg Alford APOLOGIES: Peter Fry, Barbara Cowell, Grâce Squire, Tina Della Valle
  1. Bernard welcomed everyone to the meeting.
  1. Bernard vérifié que tout le monde avait lu les minutes et il les a signé comme un vrai record.
  1. Questions découlant
a Bank update. The bank made a mistake with the first forms so there are more forms to sign. b Membership List. It was discussed whether the membership list should be sent to everyone and agreed no because it is confidential. c Parish Council Investiture report – Bernard thanked everyone for their support and felt that it went well. He was pleased to have the opportunity to talk about the association. The committee was pleased that so many members came to support Bernard and Grace, a mark of respect.  
  1. Treasurer’s Report
Claire will send the BACS details with minutes. Discussion was held about members being muddled between Membership fees and lottery money because they are both £12 per year. It was agreed that this year it should be easier because people will be more used to the new format. Membership fees will be due in September and Lottery in January. The AGM will be on September 7e. Gabbie will book Walton Hall for 6.30 – 9.30pm, meeting to start at 7.30 pm. Membership fees of £12 will become payable on 7e September at the AGM. All fees must be paid by 30e Septembre. Fees to be paid by BACS (bank transfer) or cheque.  
  1. Visite de Gravenchon
Bernard was pleased to have photographs and he has sent these to some people. It was agreed that it was an absolutely brilliant few days and thoroughly enjoyable. The day out to the Seine Museum and the Biotropica was excellent and it catered for all ages. Claire was congratulated on the way that she handled the difficulty with Avalon Coaches. Two items were debated, one was that people prefer not to be split into French and English groups for guided visits. They prefer to stay with their French families on visits, so when we plan next year’s visits we need to think about this. For the same reason we also confirmed that we will use a caterer for the evening event next year, the same as we did last year.   There was a long debate about the dates for the visit next year. The French visitors must come either the week before Easter or the week after Easter. There are pros and cons for all dates: It was decided that we would invite our French Twinners from Tuesday 11e April to Saturday 15e Avril. Claire to send an email after this meeting.  
  1. Visite de pairer Isny
There have been some difficulties with planning the visit, including a strike! However Barbara, Peter and Sally have sorted this all out and produced a programme.
  1. Ceilidh
Final arrangements were discussed. Offers for dessert/Cake – Dianne, Sally, Marin, Barbara F, Kay Winn, Grace and Katrina. Dianne will organise a raffle and would like donations please. Claire was asked to book the hall from 3.00 rather than 5.00 so that we have plenty of time to prepare.  
  1. Site, Facebook – Jacqui has checked which families are happy with photos of children on Facebook and confirmed that the French families would be happy too.
Peter would like photos and accounts of the Gravenchon visit to go on the website. Please email them to him.  
  1. Loterie
Premier prix 60 Martyn Butler Second Prize 68 Viv Richards
  1. AOB
    1. Sally asked about paying for the castle. She will pay with her own card.
    2. Merriman Park Fun Day is on 3RD Everyone agreed that we will do the water into wine stall again. Please collect bottles! Please keep the date free.
Séance est levée à 9.05  
  1. Date de la prochaine réunion:
Juillet 6e 2016, 7.30 dans John Webster Chambre, Paroisse Chambres.

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