Minutes 2ème Mars 2016

Procès-verbal de la réunion du Comité tenue à la Chambre John Webster mercredi 2e Mars 2016. La réunion a commencé à 7.30 pm.

ACTUELLE: Bernard Squire, David Brunt, Claire Axten, Marina Richards, Tom Winn, Dianne Baker, Peter Fry, Barbara Cowell, Paul Badman, Katrina Dumontroty, Sally Bois, Tina Della Valle, Cages Butler

EXCUSES: Jacqui Chevalier, Grâce Squire, Reg Alford,

  1. Bernard welcomed everyone to the meeting.
  1. Bernard vérifié que tout le monde avait lu les minutes et il les a signé comme un vrai record.
  1. Questions découlant
    1. Marina has received a new cheque book, so they have changed the treasurer’s name. However they have not changed the Association name on the cheques yet. Tom proposed and Bernard seconded that Marina gets the forms to enable the association to move to online banking, she will also check whether there are any extra charges. This was agreed by everybody.
    2. Katrina volunteered to be the membership secretary. There are some other new members to add on. David was thanked for his work with the membership cards. Katrina, Claire and Tom will meet to collate all the lists and then Katrina will re-send the membership list.
  1. Treasurer’s Report
No income or spending to report
  1. Visite de Gravenchon
Claire sent the letter out on 7e Février, there have been no payments yet so Claire will send a weekly email to remind people. A £5.00 invoice will be sent to those who are not going to use the coach for the journey there but will use it for the visit.
  1. Visite de pairer Isny
Sally has done further visits to Powderham Castle and the area to work out what else to do that day. She described some plans and people commented on them. Her preference is for Teignmouth. She will have further details for the meeting on Saturday. Some of the German twinners are staying in Taunton for a few more days so plans are still in progress. David will print tickets for the Ceilidh on Sunday 12e June and we would encourage all members to come along and sell tickets to their friends. Peter and Barbara are having a coffee morning at 10.00 on Wednesday 16e March and they would like to invite ALL Isny twinners to that morning, à 2, Middle Leigh.
  1. Website and Facebook
Peter has put photos and maps on the website. If anyone has any appropriate or fun photos please give them to him. Peter suggested that we put something into the LocalReach – he will do this for us. Jacqui has put posts on Facebook including historical posts.
  1. 50e Anniversary
David suggested we will be busy until the July meeting so carry this decision over until July.
  1. Loterie
69 tickets have been allocated Premier prix 3 Bobbie Lockyer Deuxième prix 25 Francesco Dellavalle
  1. AOB

Joan Jewell is ill and in hospital. Claire will send a card from the association.

  1. Date de la prochaine réunion:

Avril 6e 2016, 7.30 dans John Webster Chambre, Paroisse Chambres. (apologies from Barbara C and Katrina)