février Minutes 2016

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held in the John Webster Room on Wednesday 3rd February 2016. La réunion a commencé à 7.30 pm. ACTUELLE: Bernard Squire, David Brunt, Claire Axten, Jacqui Chevalier, Marina Richards, Tom Winn, Dianne Baker, Reg Alford, Peter Fry, Barbara Cowell, Paul Badman, Grâce Squire, Katrina Dumontroty, Sally Bois, EXCUSES: Tina Della Valle, Cages Butler 1. Bernard welcomed Gail Chubb from Street Chamber of Commerce and everyone else to the meeting. 2. Bernard vérifié que tout le monde avait lu les minutes et il les a signé comme un vrai record. 3. Matters Arising a. Lottery update – There are now 68 numbers in circulation, 5 more than last year. Tom wanted to remind everyone that it is a monthly draw and people can join at any time at the cost of £1 per month for the rest of the year. b. Change of name with the bank – still with the bank. Marina will check this week. c. Bernard has spoken to Sharon, letters have been sent from the Gravenchon school but no reply. Bernard will send a letter to the new Headteacher, Mr Reddick introducing the Twinning Association and reminding him of the links. d. David went to the Chamber of Trade meeting. There was a small group of very enthusiastic people. They are wanting to open the CoT to all businesses, not just High Street retailers. They are working on an agenda of events throughout the year. David feels that both organisations are part of the Street community which is beginning to thrive. e. Sweatshirts and t-shirts – Tom has ordered and obtained the sweatshirts. He gave them out to relevant people and they will pay Marina. 4. Treasurer’s Report Over the year we have overspent by £1278.75 as we did extra for the French visit and lots of promotions. It would be useful to have a breakdown of each event with profit and expenditure showing, in future. Also an analysis of each visit’s income and expenditure. 5. Update on Membership Claire will circulate the list to committee members. David fournira des cartes d'adhésion. Peter has recruited five new couples. One question asked was do we ‘vet’ people. A discussion followed about what we do. Peter and Barbara held a coffee morning to get to know the couples and give the opportunity for questions. It was decided that all members will aim to meet up with new people and find out more about them. 6. Visit to Gravenchon Facebook – Jacqui told us that the leaflet reached over 1000 people which was a great response. She will add it on again with a reply date of the end of February. Website – Peter is now ready to work on the website. He said that he would like to change the website with photographs of Isny and Gravenchon being predominant so that it is the first hit that people see. Peter asked everyone to let him have photographs. He suggested ways of keeping the association in the news. We should publicise the website a much as possible. www.streettwinningassociation.org.uk Katrina will check prices and liaise with Claire. They will calculate the cost and Claire will send a note out asking for payment by 31st March. Those who use the coach will be sent an invoice for the cost of the visit coach fare of £5.00. 7. Visit from Isny twinners Peter reported that on the basis of approval given at the last meeting, the committee has booked: - Compton Dundon Village Hall for Sunday 12th June - Ceilidh band - Avalon coaches have given very competitive quotes for the two days - Big Pit, the second shift, afternoon will probably be a visit to the Forest of Dean Sculpture Park - Powderham Castle with lunch in the Orangery The German group will arrive at about 5.00 in the evening. They will leave at 9.00 am on the Wednesday. The Parish Council would like to host a reception on arrival in the Parish Rooms. Peter et Barbara ont un café du matin le mercredi 16 Mars et ils aimeraient inviter TOUS jumeleurs Isny ​​à ce matin, à 2, Middle Leigh. La prochaine réunion du comité est 9.30 le 2 Mars. 8. Site Web et Facebook - voir ci-dessus 9. Lottery First Prize 30 Reg Alford Second Prize 10 Marisa Dellavalle 10. AOB Bernard has found that The HT from Elmhurst will visit French school this year Strode College are interested but there are not enough students at present Gail warned that she has heard that banks in Street may be closing so the association may need to consider banking on line. La Chambre a incité à commettre que deux personnes doivent signer la facture papier afin qu'une personne peut alors payer. Fro la dernière réunion - David a produit la médaille qui a été donnée aux membres des deux associations de rue et Gravenchon pour le 40e anniversaire. Nous avons besoin de prendre une décision sur ce qu'il faut faire pour le 50e anniversaire 2017. 11. Date de la prochaine réunion: 2 mars 2016, 7.30 à John Webster Chambre, Paroisse Chambres.