Rendu de la réunion – Mars 2015

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Procès-verbal de la réunion du Comité tenue à la Chambre John Webster mercredi 11e Février 2015. La réunion a commencé à 7.30 pm.

ACTUELLE: Bernard Squire, David Brunt, Claire Axten, Rachel Axten-Higgs, Dianne Baker, Katrina Dumontroty Gabbie Butler, Marina Richards, Paul Badman, Reg Alford, EXCUSES, Joan Jewell, Tina Della Valle, Rebecca Wells, Phil Norton-Ashley Grace Squire, Barbara Cowell,

    1. Bernard welcomed everyone to the meeting.
    2. Bernard vérifié que tout le monde avait lu les minutes et il les a signé comme un vrai record.
    3. Questions découlant:
      • Memorial service for Miles - Bernard and Grace attended on behalf of the Twinning Association. It was well attended.
      • Football Visit – All going well. Everything is booked, the whole party is staying at the Youth Hostel from 22e à 24e Mai. Lots of activities are planned. No help is needed from the Association as there are plenty of parents helping.
      • Email to Crispin – nothing further has been heard. There is a party coming next weekend…..
      • We cannot have a credit card on the account we have now. We will continue in the manner as at present. Rachel has been investigating the pros and cons of having charity status, eg we can claim back VAT on purchases. Rebecca has had experience of this and backed up what Rachel has found out. Paul agreed that this was a good idea. The committee asked Rachel to find all the documentation and she will discuss with David.
    4. Visite à Isny ​​- 25e à 29e Juin
      1. The cost is £165.00 plus car parking. Eight people are booked to go on this.
      2. No more news as Barbara is unwell. We will need a programme before the next meeting so that we can share this with participants.
      3. Meeting is at 7.00 pm on April 8e.
    5. Visite de Gravenchon
      1. Parking is possible at Lidls. Marina asked that we try to limit the amount of cars that park there. There is no objection to parking at Sainsburys, Macdonalds or in the road. It is fine for the coach to be there overnight.
      2. Katrina has finalised the menu with Mrs Fewings as we requested at the last meeting. Waitress service is included in the price. Tables will be organised to take account of large groups. Children will be on tables together. The decorating team will organise this.
      3. Wine and Bar. Glasses will need to be organised and booked ahead. Wick Carnival Club would charge corkage so everyone agreed that we will ask Masqueraders Carnival Club to provide the bar. We will aim to buy no more than 50 bottles of wine and it was agreed to have half red and half white. Katrina and Rachel will organise and liaise with Marina.
      4. Form for Participants – Coach is booked, 57 seats. The cost is £260.60. The Association pay for the coach. Claire will send out costs to everyone and ask for payment by 13e Avril, cheques made payable to Street Twinning Association.
    6. plans de collecte de fonds
      1. Quiz at Victoria Club
        • Rachel and Katrina have met and planned the quiz.
        • Posters have been made and members were asked to publicise. They will email out to the schools who benefit from the Twinning.
        • Marina will put on the website and Facebook.
        • They have produced a letter to give out to possible prize donors. The hall will be decorated using the banner and twinning flags.
      2. Claire will write to the schools asking if they are having a summer fair and whether we can have a stall.
Car boot sale and t-shirts – next meeting. Le comité est très désireux d'entendre des idées pour la collecte de fonds des membres se il vous plaît.

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