February Minutes 2017

Protokoll der Ausschusssitzung im John Webster Zimmer am Mittwoch 1st Februar 2017. Das Treffen begann um 7.30 pm.   VORHANDEN: Bernard Squire, Tom Winn, Claire Axten, Sally Holz, Paul Badman, Marina Richards, Jacqui Ritter, Reg Alford, Katrina Dumontroty, Barbara Cowell, Dianne Baker, Kay Strain APOLOGIES: Käfige Butler, Peter and Barbara Fry
  1. Bernard welcomed everyone to the meeting.
  1. Bernard checked that everyone had read the minutes from the January meeting and he signed them as a true record.
  1. Entstandener Fragen
  1. Bags at Street TIC – Sally has the bill and it will be paid soon.
  1. Membership List – Katrina has the up to date list and will send out to the Committee. Marina will contact David & Hilary Mozley, Christine Puddy, Sheila James also to be contacted. Katrina will email new members and ask for the membership fee to be paid.
  1. Treasurer's Report
  Marina reported that the accounts were currently with the Accountant. The Accountant suggested that, in future, the accounts run from 1st September – 31st August which will tie in with the timing of the AGM. The accounts for this year will run from 1st January to 31st August. All agreed to go ahead with this change.   Marina said that the payments by BACS into the bank account was working well but could members please also send an email to Marina (m.richards67@btinternet.com) as this would be very helpful.
  1. Gravenchon Visit 2017
  1. The Mayor and her husband will stay with Peter Goater, their teenage children will not be coming. It was agreed, as a gesture of goodwill, not to ask Peter to pay a membership fee this year.
  1. There are now two offers for the young Frenchman. Claire has spoken to Sharon so she is aware what is happening.
  1. Clocks – Claire will get one clock engraved so that we can see what it will look like. IF the crests do not show very well then just the wording will be used – 50 Years Street – Gravenchon.
  1. Coach parking – overnight parking for the coach will be at the Victoria Club. The driver of the French coach will stay in a B&B, Marina will pay the deposit and claim back. Tom Winn offered to help with transfers for the driver.
  1. Organisation –
  • Wednesday 12th April- visitors will arrive at approx. 10.30pm
  • Thursday 13th April - Trip to Longleat. 30am departure from Strode College car park, leave Longleat at 6pm. Costs are £23.50 for adults, £18.45 for seniors and £17.45 for children. Lunch will be in two sittings and everyone will be allocated a time. The two-course lunch is £13.45 for adults and £7.50 for children. Claire proposed that the Association covered the cost of entry for the children, all agreed. Claire will contact Longleat regarding meal choices. Claire will email members to confirm these details and request payment.
  • Friday evening event – The hall, entertainment and caterers have all been booked. A working party (Klar, Sally, Marine, Katrina, Jacqui, Dianne, Tom, Kay) will meet on at Claire’s house, 7pm, Monday 20th Claire will email members and ask if anyone else would like to help. It was agreed to have the speeches and give gifts at the dinner.
  • Saturday 15th April – no charge for the bbq at the Victoria Club.
  • Sunday 16th April – visitors depart approx. 10.30am.
  1. Visit to Isny 2017
  1. Host families – a list is needed for a meeting later this week.
  2. Barbara Fry has designed a banner to give as a gift. Any offers of help with the sewing welcome.
  3. Pauline Jones has donated a calendar and a scarf to be given to one of the new members going to Isny this year.
  1. Website and Facebook
  Jacqui reported that Facebook was going well, recent posts had reached up to 760 people.  
  1. Lotterie
  Still 4 numbers short. 50% should go to charity. It was agreed to keep the prize money at £20 for first and £10 for second.   Lottery Draw First Prize 59 Sally Wood Second Prize 01 Bobbie Lockyer
  1. AOB
  Claire proposed that a tree, to mark the 50th Jahrestag, be planted at Merriman Park. Everyone present thought it was a great idea and agreed to go ahead. Claire will speak to the Council, planting will be on Saturday 15th April at 2pm.  
  1. Date of Next Meeting
1st März 2017 at 7.30pm in John Webster Room, Parish Zimmer

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