May Minutes 2016

Protokoll der Ausschusssitzung im John Webster Zimmer am Mittwoch 4th Mai 2016. Das Treffen begann um 7.30 pm. VORHANDEN: Bernard Squire, David Brunt, Claire Axten, Marina Richards, Tom Winn, Dianne Baker, Jacqui Ritter, Reg Alford, Katrina Dumontroty, Käfige Butler, Barbara Cowell, Grace Squire APOLOGIES:, Reg Alford, Peter Fry, Barbara Cowell, Katrina Dumontroty, Paul Badman, Sally Holz, Barbara Fry, Peter Fry
  1. Bernard welcomed everyone to the meeting.
  1. Bernard überprüft, dass jeder hatte die Protokolle zu lesen und er als ein wahrer Rekord unterzeichneten sie.
  1. Entstandener Fragen
  • Bank update. All banking on line is done. The last part of changing the name will be a letter giving the date that it has changed from.
  • Membership Secretary – Katrina will update the list and sent it out to members. It is confidential.
  • Parish Council Investiture – Bernard is receiving an award. He reiterated the fact that he is receiving the award on behalf of everyone.
  1. Treasurer’s Report
Marina said that it has been very difficult to work out who has paid for various things because it is very hard to keep lists up to date. It was agreed that in future:
  • Marina will send out the forms asking for the money whenever there is something organised.
  • Members will be encouraged to pay by BACS, keeping each event separate.
  • If cheques are written members will be asked to write each event name on the back.
  • Members are requested to keep to deadlines. Otherwise places cannot be guaranteed.
  1. Twinning bags
200 bags have been printed. It was agreed that Claire would approach the TIC to see if they would be interested in selling them. We will then sell to members at a reduced price. Thanks to Nick Axten for designing the bags for us.
  1. Besuch Gravenchon
The ferry has now been paid. There are still a few outstanding payments. We have received an outline programme from Sharon. We now have 38 adults and 7 children going on the coach. There are 4 adults and 2 children going by car.
  1. Besuch aus Isny ​​Paar-
Marina is concerned that no form has been produced for Isny twinners to pay for the trips during the visit. Some members feel that there has been a lack of information and the committee want to have more information as decisions are made. However others said that we have had reports at most meetings. The committee agreed to uphold all the arrangements made by the working party for the Isny visit this year. Bernard asked Claire to send a formal invitation to the Dinner Dance (Ceilidh) to the Chair of the Parish Council.
  1. Ceilidh
    1. Tickets – Claire is keeping a list of those who have paid. Marina will send an email to all members promoting the dance. We really need more people to come. Gabbie will make a poster and one will be put up at the Meadway Hall, as well as other places.
    2. Preparation – a group will meet to work on this. The date was set for Monday 9th Mai, at Claire’s house, 25 Clockhouse View. ALL WELCOME - please bring ideas. The following meeting will be on Monday 23 rd May at David’s house, 2, Brooks Road.
Offers for dessert/Cake – Dianne, Sally, Marine, Barbara F, Kay Winn, Grace and Katrina. Dianne will organise a raffle and would like donations please.
  1. Webseite, Facebook – Jacqui will readvertise the Ceilidh on Facebook.
  1. Lotterie
First Prize No. 45 Rachel Axten-Higgs Second Prize No. 28 Die Perry
  1. AOB
    1. Merriman Park Fun Day is on 3 rd Everyone agreed that we will do the water into wine stall again. Please keep the date free.
    2. We have received a cheque for £600 from the Parish Council.
  1. Termin der nächsten Sitzung:
Juni 8th 2016, 7.30 im John Webster Zimmer, Parish Zimmer.