Protokoll der Juli-Sitzung

Protokoll der Ausschusssitzung im John Webster Zimmer am Mittwoch 8th Juli 2015. Das Treffen begann um 7.30 pm. VORHANDEN: Bernard Squire, David Brunt, Claire Axten, Barbara Cowell, Gnade Squire, Katrina Dumontroty, Francis Knight, Reg Alford APOLOGIES: Tina Della Valle, Paul Badman, Käfige Butler, Dianne Baker, Rachel Axten-Higgs, Rebecca Wells, Marina Richards Bernard welcomed everyone to the meeting and particularly to Francis Knight Bernard checked that everyone had read the minutes and he signed them as a true record with the amendment that David took on the treasurer post in January 2004.  
  1. Angelegenheiten, die sich:
  2. T-shirts – The committee were very impressed with the samples and chose black for the way that the logo shows up and it being a practical colour. It was agreed that everyone would buy their own and we need to get an order in soon. PLEASE EMAIL YOUR REQUIREMENTS AND SIZE BEFORE THE NEXT MEETING (REFER TO MAY MINUTES FOR PRICES AND CHOICES).
  3. Charity status – David met with Gail Chubb who deals with our accounts. His findings are:
- there is a lot of work involved - David doubts that we fit the criteria. The unincorporated association would be the only choice but there are complications because we collect money from our own members and we cannot claim much VAT back. - the other advice was, ‘don't try without professional help’. This would cost money. A discussion followed, members felt that it was a lot of work and fraught with difficulty. Claire raised the fact that we should still have a constitution to operate in a professional manner. Others agreed that we need the protection and backing of a constitution. Claire will draw up a draft constitution; share it first with David and Bernard, and then with the committee at the August meeting. Lottery response – no report as Dianne is not here. Summer Fairs Catcott Sports day. Ice creams were sold at the Sports Day. This was very successful and raised £252.50. This is well worth repeating and more help will be needed from members another time, as it is a very busy hour for two peope. Visit to Isny
  1. The welcome at the airport was wonderful and from start to finish everything was fantastic. The arrangements were perfect, food and drinks were out of this world, the opera was amazing – all outside. The monastery was stunning and the gold castle too. We are so grateful to our hosts. Claire has already written with a formal thanks to Christine and Veronica.
  2. Next year’s visit
Bernard and Claire talked to Veronica and Christine about next year. The suggested time is around August 16. This is during school holidays to enable us to interest families. We are waiting for confirmation of the date from Germany. Besuch Gravenchon 2016 It is too early to book either the tunnel or the ferry, Katrina is on an email waiting list and we cannot do anything until then. Katrina has also contacted Brittany ferries about going as foot passengers. We are working on obtaining quotes for the various options so that we can keep the costs as low as possible. Once we have the details they will be emailed and we will need a response from members. Fund raising plans Strawberry tea – total profit is £261.95. The committee gave a huge vote of thanks to Avril and William. Claire to send an email. Car Boot Sale - Claire , Rachel und David freuen verkaufen . Bitte bringen alles, was RACHEL AT verkaufen wird 5, FOWEN schließen oder CLEAR AT 25, CLOCKHOUSE VIEW by the end of July. Marina has donated some items but we need more!The Twinning Association has been asked if we would like a stall at the Merriman Park Open Day on September 5th. The committee decided that it would be another good opportunity to publicise the association and interest more new members. We will run some games such as tombola and children’s games. We need as many helpers as possible for this – please consider coming along to take a turn.
  1. AOB
Parish Council Grant David asked if we should change the amount being asked to £600, the majority of members agreed with this. It was agreed that we should ask for extra because we have more members and we are doing extra fundraising ourselves. David will submit the form. Crispin School Bernard asked what was happening. Crispin have been to Paris and visited Gravenchon for a day. Katrina has been in touch with Strode about an English assistant going to La Frenais School. It also looks as if Strode may set up a link. AGM will be on SEPTEMBER 9TH and we will vote on the constitution. It was decided to organise an evening with light refreshments for ALL MEMBERS. Wir hoffen, dass jeder zu bringen fünf Bilder des Französisch Besuch hier und / oder besuchen Sie die Isny ​​. Die Mitglieder werden gebeten, ein kurzes Wort zu 'em, um Erfahrungen auszutauschen sagen, . Flyer to follow. This will either be at Compton Dundon or Walton, whichever is suitable and available. Termin der nächsten Sitzung: August 12th 2015, 7.30 im John Webster Zimmer, Straße Parish Zimmer.