Minutes of June’s Meeting

Protokoll der Ausschusssitzung im John Webster Zimmer am Mittwoch 10th Juni 2015. Das Treffen begann um 7.30 pm.   VORHANDEN: Bernard Squire, David Brunt, Claire Axten, Marina Richards, Martin and Barbara Cowell, Dianne Baker, Gnade Squire, Rachel Axten-Higgs, Rebecca Wells, Peter Fry APOLOGIES: Phil Norton-Ashley, Reg Alford, Tina Della Valle, Katrina Dumontroty, Jacqui Ritter, Paul Badman, Käfige Butler
  1. Bernard welcomed everyone to the meeting.
  1. Bernard überprüft, dass jeder hatte die Protokolle zu lesen und er als ein wahrer Rekord unterzeichneten sie.
  1. Angelegenheiten, die sich:
  2. T-shirts – Dianne had a question about the sweatshirts. The colour was discussed, Rachel was asked to obtain samples of the logo on different colours so that we can definitely order at the next meeting.
  3. Charity status – Rebecca has researched the various options, and suggests that we are an Unincorporated Association . David has been treasurer for 20 years and feels that he would like to stand down soon. Bernard asked him to stay until the 50th Jahrestag. A discussion followed about the need to have a constitution and an AGM. It was agreed to hold the AGM in September. Rachel, David and Rebecca will prepare a first draft for the next meeting.
  4. Barbecue at Catcott. Everyone felt that it was very successful, the team enjoyed it very much and there have been a number of letters of thanks from the school and children. David asked if there was a possibility that we could get some Catcott families involved with the Twinning. Claire will send a letter inviting families to join, with a leaflet. Claire to send PDF of the leaflet to all committee members so that they can be printed and given out.
  5. Dianne sent a letter and application form for the lottery but has had a limited response. WE DO NEED MORE PEOPLE TO JOIN TO RAISE FUNDS, PLEASE CONSIDER THIS.
  1. Summer Fairs
  1. Dianne reported that it went really well. We made £110 on the tombola and £22.50 on the lucky dip. Marina said thank you to everyone who donated prizes. It was a really good way of raising money. Claire will write an email to say thank you to Elmhurst.
  2. Catcott Sports day, Juli 3 rd starting at 12.00, Claire to organise with Rachel and Marina. Any other offers will be welcome.
  3. Rebecca has spoken to the Chair of the FOB, if we go there we will have to pay £5.00 like others who are having a ‘car boot’ table. A discussion followed about where the stall will be and it was decided we will not take part on this basis. Rebecca will follow this up with the school.
  Besuch Gravenchon 2016 At present we have had positive responses from 45 adults and 9 children which is a great start. Bernard has contacted Sharon with the date so it should be booked in. Katrina has reported that she is unable to book anything yet but is watching the timetables.  
  1. Visit to Isny
Barbara has emailed the itinerary and the families going. Claire will check ticket arrangements and send the information to all those going.  
  1. Fundraising Pläne
  1. Strawberry tea – 21st To date 23 tickets have been sold. Another reminder needs to be sent. We need draw prizes and cakes please. Tickets are £6.50 and £3.50 for children. It starts at 3.00 pm. Marina will buy the strawberries and raspberries.
  2. Car Boot Sale - Claire , Rachel und David freuen verkaufen . Bitte bringen alles, was RACHEL AT verkaufen wird 5, FOWEN schließen oder CLEAR AT 25, CLOCKHOUSE VIEW by the end of July.
  3. Clarks have offered us a grant of £1000.00 for this year.
  4. David will complete the Parish Council grant form. It was decided to ask for double the previous grant because of increased costs.
  Der Ausschuss ist sehr daran interessiert, irgendwelche Ideen für Spendenaktionen von Mitgliedern hören Sie. It is vital that we raise more funds to enable the twinning to go from strength to strength.  
  1. Lotterie
  1st 14 Sasha Appleby 2nd 17 Maureen Parfitt
  1. AOB
Accounts for French Visit - £3,159.50 was spent. Everyone agreed that it was a highly successful event. A discussion followed about late payments for the expenses of the visit, which caused anguish to David as treasurer. It was decided that we need to obtain payment before the event next time. Claire is the Parish Council rep on the twinning committee. In future she will give a short report for each Parish Council meeting. Marina reported that the Twinning visit report should be in the local paper tomorrow.  
  1. Date of next meeting –
  July 8th 2015, 7.30 im John Webster Zimmer, Straße Parish Zimmer.