October Minutes 2016

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held in the John Webster Room on Wednesday 5th October 2016.  The meeting started at 7.30 pm.   PRESENT: Bernard Squire, David Brunt, Claire Axten, Marina Richards, Tom Winn, Dianne Baker, Sally Wood, Paul Badman, Jacqui Knight, Reg Alford, Katrina Dumontroty, Gabbie Butler, Barbara Cowell, Kay Strain   APOLOGIES: Grace Squire.  Grace will be stepping down and we thank her for all her years of service and agreed to send her a bouquet of flowers, Marina will organise this.  
  1. Bernard welcomed everyone to the meeting.
  1. Bernard checked that everyone had read the minutes from the August meeting and he signed them as a true record.
  1. Election of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Minutes Secretary, Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer.
  Chair - Bernard Squire was nominated by Tom Winn and seconded by Claire Axten, Bernard happy to continue in this role for one more year.   Vice Chair – Claire Axten was nominated by Tom Winn and seconded by Reg Alford.   Secretary – Claire Axten will continue in this role.   Minute Secretary – Kay Strain was nominated by Claire Axten and seconded by Barbara Cowell.   Tom Winn will take minutes if Kay is not present at the meeting.   Treasurer – Marina Richards was nominated by Claire Axten and seconded by Sally Wood.   Deputy Treasurer -  David Brunt was nominated by Bernard Squire and seconded by Barbara Cowell.  
  1. Matters Arising
a          The AGM was well supported and thank you to everyone who helped set up.  It was felt that 30 minutes would be enough time for setting up at future AGMs. b          Parish Council Grant – The committee had requested £1,000 and £600 has been awarded as the Parish Council will also be hosting an event and making a gift of an engraved glassware to the Gravenchon Town Council. c          Merriman Park/Vic Fest – £501.70 was raised across both events.  Particular thanks to the Wells and Knight families who helped out at both events.  It was agreed that £100 will be given to the Merriman Park Fund.  All the leftover bottles have now been recycled…start saving for next year!  
  1. Treasurer’s Report
Marina has been in touch with Higos Insurance who have quoted £308 for the renewal of the Public Liability Insurance (£297 last year), the quote includes a £35 admin fee.  Marina is also looking for other quotes. Payments – membership fees still coming in but some still outstanding.  A reminder to be sent to say that fees need to be paid by 9th November, Jacqui will also add to facebook.  Katrina will send Tom the membership list. Marina will have the end of year report ready for the next meeting, in future the report will be ready for the AGM.  
  1. Gravenchon Visit
Claire will lead the team of Tom, Katrina and Jacqui to organise with everyone else helping out as and when needed. a          Visit to Longleat – has been booked for Thursday 13th April.  2 coaches and maybe some families in cars, we need to confirm numbers nearer the time. All Day Visit tickets will be £23.50 for adults, £18.45 for seniors, £17.45 for children, under 3’s go free.  I complimentary ticket will be issued.  The cost includes the house, safari drive through and all the other attractions. Lunch has been booked at a cost of £13.45 for adults and £7.50 for children for two courses.  There will be two sittings, 12 noon and 2pm. Katrina has some quotes for the coach hire and it was agreed to book Andrew’s Coaches at a cost of £280.  Katrina will enquire about using the car park by Strode College/Crispin School. Overnight parking will be needed for the French coach, Claire will enquire at the Victoria Club. Costings will be looked at at the next meeting to see how much the association will pay towards the cost of the trip. b          Possible gifts – Claire has found a travel clock which can be engraved on the lid.  A discussion took place about what should be engraved, David will do a couple of designs ready for the next meeting.   If one colour used the costs are £354 for 50 and if full colour then £423 for 50.  Claire to see if they will send a sample and an estimate of number of families is needed. c          Parish Council Reception – this will be held at the Victoria Club on Saturday15th April from 3pm until 9pm. d          Other Ideas – Claire will email the programme to members, inform them of the costs and ask for confirmation of those willing to host. The association will pay fo the cost of the coach, hire of the hall and the entertainment.  
  1. Visit to Isny 2017
Claire and Barbara have looked at flights with Easyjet from Gatwick and Katrina has looked at Flybe from Cardiff or Southampton.  Once costings are available an email will be sent and those wanting to go will need to reply immediately.  
  1. Bags
6 bags have been given to the Tourist Information but no money has been received (£1.50 each), Sally will follow this up. Items needed to go into the bags for the French visitors.  
  1. Street Christmas Cracker
1st December, 4pm – 9pm.  It was agreed to have the same spot as last year. Katrina and Marina will organise, Jacqui and Marina will set up.  Cheese & Wine, Lucky Dip, Hook a Duck, Raffle – please give any donations for prizes to those organising. It was agreed that there would be some flyers to hand out with details of the Twinning Association and a sign up list.  Hopefully this will glean some new members.  
  1. Website, Facebook – Jacqui will remind members that fees are now due. She will also put us on Twitter!
  1. Lottery
First Prize                     15         Kay Winn Second Prize                4          Marina Richards  
  1. AOB
a          Christmas Meal – Monday 12th December, suggestions were The Three                                                                Wells, Ashcott Inn, Street Inn (Katrina to enquire). b          Marina reminded members that when purchases are made using your own                                                           money then please pass her the receipt(s) and she will reimburse.  
  1. Date of next meeting:
2nd November 2016, 7.30 in John Webster Room, Parish Rooms.