January Minutes 2016

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held in the John Webster Room on Wednesday 6th January 2016. The meeting started at 7.30 pm.

PRESENT: Bernard Squire, David Brunt, Claire Axten, Jacqui Knight, Marina Richards, Tom Winn, Dianne Baker, Reg Alford, Peter Fry, Barbara Cowell, Paul Badman,

APOLOGIES: Tina Della Valle, Grace Squire, Katrina Dumontroty, Sally Wood, Gabbie Butler

  1. Bernard welcomed everyone to the meeting and wished everyone a happy new year.
  1. Bernard checked that everyone had read the minutes and he signed them as a true record.
  1. Matters Arising
    1. Lottery – Tom reported that we have recruited ten new people to the lottery but we have lost 10. However there are people who usually support and Tom will get in touch with them. It has been difficult because of the earlier meeting this year and the Christmas. It was agreed to increase the prize money to £20 and £10.
    2. Christmas Cracker – Bernard thought it was fantastic. Marina felt that it went really well and she thanked everyone who participated and it was great fun. The raffle raised £121 and the ducks/lucky dip £30. There was a brilliant atmosphere and it was an excellent spot.
    3. Change of name with the bank – in hand.
    4. Christmas meal report – David felt that it was an excellent evening and others agreed. It was suggested that a buffet might be a good idea for next year, and maybe some Christmas games.
  1. A treasurer’s report will be available at the next meeting once the bank details have been changed.
  1. Update on Membership
Claire gave an update and it was discussed how to follow up those who have not replied. Marina, Barbara and Claire will do this. Once the list is complete Claire will circulate it to committee members. David will provide membership cards.
  1. Visit to Gravenchon
We are very short of people for the visit to Gravenchon and so we discussed the website and Facebook page. Peter agreed to take on the website and Jacqui the Facebook page. Peter is registering the email address street.twinning@gmail.com Marina will send log in details to Jacqui. Peter and Marina will meet about the website. We all need to try to recruit people who go to the groups that we attend. Claire will produce a leaflet “Do you want to go to Gravenchon…..” and email it to all committee members. She will also send it to all members. We will get some leaflets printed for people to distribute.
  1. Visit from Isny twinners
Bernard thanked Peter for the work that he, Barbara, Barbara C, Sally and Claire have put into the planning of the Isny visit. The group are sharing transport with the Wellington group and the visit is longer than usual. At present there are 15 to 19 people wishing to come. There are extra people wishing to come. Peter has organised a coffee morning tomorrow to try to recruit more members. If anyone else would like to join the German twinning please contact Claire or Peter. Peter went through the proposed programme and it was decided to: Book the hall and group for the Barn Dance and Supper on 12th June. All members and friends invited at £5.00 per head. Arrival reception hopefully in the Parish Rooms. Saturday – visit to The Big Pit and St Fagans. Tuesday – visit to Powderham Castle etc. Monday – time with families
  1. Lottery
First Prize 30 Reg Alford Second Prize 14 Sandy Baird
  1. AOB

Bernard again asked about Crispin. We looked at the July minutes and it will be raised at the next meeting when hopefully Katrina will be present.

David produced the medal that was given to the members of both Street and Gravenchon associations for the 40th anniversary. We need to make a decision about what to do for the 50th anniversary in 2017.

We have been invited to send somebody to the Chamber of Trade meeting on 12th January, David will attend and possibly Reg.

Some people ordered sweat shirts ready for the Christmas Cracker event. Claire did not manage to order these so Tom kindly took this role on.

  1. Date of next meeting:

February 3rd 2016, 7.30 in John Webster Room, Parish Rooms.