November Minutes 2015

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held in the John Webster Room on Wednesday 11th November 2015.  The meeting started at 7.40 pm. PRESENT: Bernard Squire, David Brunt, Claire Axten, Grace Squire, Katrina Dumontroty, Jacqui Knight, Marina Richards, Tom Winn, Dianne Baker, Gabbie Butler, Reg Alford, Sally Wood, Paul Badman APOLOGIES: Peter Fry, Barbara Cowell, Tina Della Valle, Bernard welcomed everyone to the meeting. Bernard checked that everyone had read the minutes and he signed them as a true record. Matters Arising
    1. Lottery – Dianne explained what the lottery job entails.  Tom Winn agreed to take it on.  David will inform Mendip about the change.  Bernard thanked Diane for all her hard work.
    2. Christmas Cracker – Katrina will organise.  Claire will send an email to all members asking for people to offer slots and contact Katrina.  Katrina will get the tables.  Katrina will do a square chart for a ‘raffle’ using the Mary Berry book and other prizes saved from the car boot sale, Jacqui will organise lucky dip, Marina will get hook a duck prizes.
    3. Change of name with the bank – in hand.
    4. Tom Winn asked the question at the AGM because there was discussion about being a charity.  Since we are an organisation and not a charity this is not in question.  Tom asked whether the treasurer needed insurance to handle the money.  It was decided that we do not need this at present.
    5. David reported that we have public liability insurance with Avalon Insurance who have now been taken over by Higos.  They have added a £30 administration charge.
Update on Membership We have had a fair response from people.  We will need to follow up with some people.  David and Claire will collate the list. Visit to Gravenchon The forms are coming back in slowly. Visit from Isny twinners There is a preliminary meeting on 18th November to discuss this. Christmas meal for Committee members
    1. Date – Wednesday 9th December.   The Ashcott Inn was decided on.  Marina took a £5 deposit from everyone.  She needs menu choices this week.
  1. Dates of meetings for next year – the first Wednesday in the month.  Claire will send a list.
AOB Bernard reported that Norma Lea has passed away and her funeral is Friday.  He will be going to represent the Twinning Committee. We need new flyers for the Christmas event.  Also the website needs updating. Marina is now taking on the Treasurer post.  It would be good to consider whether anyone else can take on the website and Facebook page. Marina nominated Sally Wood to join the committee as a co-opted member, Katrina seconded and all were in favour. Claire suggested that we have a family party in the new year, to be discussed at the January meeting. The committee decided not to work at Glastonbury Carnival this year.  A discussion was held and it was decided not to do this next year either. Some people ordered sweat shirts ready for the Christmas Cracker event. Date of next meeting: January 6th 2016, 7.30 in John Webster Room, Parish Rooms.