August Minutes 2015

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held in the John Webster Room on Wednesday 12th August 2015. The meeting started at 7.30 pm. PRESENT: Bernard Squire, David Brunt, Claire Axten, Barbara Cowell, Reg Alford,Tina Della Valle, Gabbie Butler, Rachel Axten-Higgs APOLOGIES:, Paul Badman, Dianne Baker, Rebecca Wells, Marina Richards, Grace Squire, Katrina Dumontroty, Bernard welcomed everyone to the meeting Bernard checked that everyone had read the minutes and he signed them as a true record. Matters arising T-shirts – members gave their orders to Rachel. Lottery response – there have been no more takers. AGM
    1. Draft constitution – Claire presented a possible draft, and members went through it together. A few changes were suggested, these will be added and then the proposed constitution sent to committee members for checking, and then distributing to all members with the notice about the Party/AGM on 9th September.   There will be a vote at the AGM to agree the Constitution.
    2. Membership list – to be compiled at the September meeting.
    3. Organisation of AGM/Party. Claire to send another email about party/AGM. Tina will purchase some wine and juice, we will serve teas and coffees. Claire will be responsible for food but we would welcome donations of snack food from members. The evening is for ALL MEMBERS. We hope that everyone will bring five photos of the French visit here and/or the Isny visit. Members are asked to say a brief word about them in order to share experiences.
Visit from Isny Next year’s visit – Veronika has indicated that the Isny party could come either in August or June. However it is obvious that June is their preferred date since they can share the costs of the transport with the group visiting Wellington. The committee discussed the options and there were pros and cons of each date:
  1. The August date would allow more families to be involved but it is in the middle of the summer holidays so may not be suitable for some
  2. The June date is only five days after the Twinning Group returns from France
  • The June visit would be much cheaper for the Isny party and therefore for our association.
It was decided to choose the June option. We would hope to have a dinner dance like the French one at the Meadway Hall and invite ALL association members. We understand that there are more people in Isny who would like to be involved with the twinning. If any members are interested in being involved with the German twinning please contact me. We are keen to recruit new members so please talk to friends as well! Visit to Gravenchon 2016 Katrina and Claire have compared all prices and options. The cheapest is to go from Portsmouth to Caen via Brittany ferries and take the coach with us. We are hoping that Bill will drive the coach for us again. The cost will be about £70-£80 per adult with half for children. Once we have booked the ferry (which should be possible very soon) we will ask all members for confirmation of their participation. Fund raising plans
    1. Car boot sale – Claire, Rachel and David are happy to sell.       PLEASE BRING ANYTHING THAT WILL SELL TO RACHEL AT 5, FOWEN CLOSE OR CLAIRE AT 25, CLOCKHOUSE VIEW by the end of August. (please note change of date as we do not have enough ‘stuff’ to sell yet! Thanks so much to those who have provided things so far.)
    2. Merriman Park Fun Day
  1. The stall will be Wine or Water and children’s games. Thanks to all those who have provided empty and full bottles of wine so far. We still need lots more!
  2. Wrapping of bottles will take place at Claire’s house, 25, Clockhouse View at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 2nd September. Please consider coming to help! ALL welcome.
  • Volunteers – thank you so much to those who have volunteered so far but we still need more. The stall will be set up between 9 am and 11 am, and then it will run from 12 noon until 5.00 when it will need dismantling. If we have plenty of people they can do an hour or two each, enabling everyone to enjoy the rest of the Fun Day which has many attractions. If you are able to help please let Claire know, and give a preferred time.
  1. Please bring any bottle donations to Claire’s house before the end of August, if you would like them collected please contact Claire by email or phone 01458 840207
    1. The Parish Council Christmas celebration day will be 3rd December. We aim to have a stall as we did last year, to promote the Association.       Please keep the evening free and come to help if you can. More details to follow.
AOB Cheese and Wine Party – 25th September 2015. David has produced tickets for it. Tickets distributed to members to sell. Please let Tina know how many are sold by 18th September 2015. Please let David know if you need any more and return any that are not sold. Claire will lend her box of wine glasses to Tina for the event. Tina will contact Katrina regarding cheese.  
  1. Date of next meeting:
September 9th 2015, 7.30 in Walton Village Hall. Committee members please be there by 7.00pm to help set up.

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