Minutes of May 2015 Meeting:

          Minutes of the Committee Meeting held in the John Webster Room on Wednesday 13th May 2015.  The meeting started at 7.30 pm. PRESENT: Bernard Squire, David Brunt, Claire Axten, Marina Richards, Paul Badman, Tina Della Valle, Barbara Cowell, Dianne Baker, Grace Squire, Katrina Dumontroty, Rachel Axten-Higgs, Rebecca Wells, Jacqui Knight APOLOGIES: Phil Norton-Ashley, Gabbie Butler, Reg Alford Bernard welcomed everyone to the meeting and especially Jacqui as a ‘new’ twinner. Bernard checked that everyone had read the minutes and he signed them as a true record. Matters arising: Quiz – Went very well and raised about £160 overall. A good number of teams took part and the raffle was very successful. T-shirts – Rachel has researched a number of companies but favours the Wells company as they are local and she has used them before so knows that they wash very well. Details are: Setting up the logo fee: £24 (one off) Polo shirts                 £12.50 Sweatshirts               £15.00 Heavy sweatshirts   £17.50 Cotton t-shirts           £7.50 Fleece                        £21.54 Name on back          £1.50 If a dozen or more are ordered there would be a specific quote with room for negotiation. Bernard suggested that everyone check these minutes and have a decision ready for the next meeting Rachel has researched this topic. It was suggested that it might be beneficial to set up a CIC instead.  Rachel outlined the differences between a CIC and a charity. Rachel found in her research that if the organisation has a charitable purpose, is based in England and Wales, has an annual income of £5000 or more, then you must apply to register as a charity.  Some years we have more than this.  There are four different possibilities.  Rachel will meet with David and Rebecca to make an informed decision and start the process. Barbecue at Catcott is 18th May at 6.00 pm. Marina to organise, she will get 2 barbecues there by 5.00 pm; helpers are Paul, Tina, Claire, Rachel, David, Bernard and Grace. Visit from Gravenchon Bernard thanked everyone for making it such a success.  Dianne said the hall was lovely and the food was very good.  It was hot, the portions were good and the cheese kept coming.  David said 99% of people enjoyed it thoroughly. Bernard read an extremely positive email from Sharon (attached to the minutes). Everyone agreed that it was a brilliant team effort.  It was lovely to work together and the committee would like to thank all those who helped. There were two more lovely emails from Avril and William Berry, and Sheila James and Trevor Skinner. All members of the committee felt it had been very good indeed.  It held the interest of the entire age range Za Za was a great success. Expenditure was £3000 and last year we only raised £2000.  We must work hard at raising funds. Rebecca thanked all the seasoned twinners for their reassurance about twinning which gave them confidence. Visit to Gravenchon 2016 Suggested dates: Wednesday 1st June to Sunday 5th June.  It was agreed that we would go via Folkestone and the tunnel because it is a much cheaper option.  We would aim to catch a lunchtime train on the way, leaving Street at about 8am, and leave Gravenchon at about 10.00am in the morning on the Sunday.  Katrina will book the train and the coaches. Claire to send out a form asking for an expression of interest as soon as possible; with a reply date of August 1st at the latest.  We need to know whether we will need one or two coaches. Visit to Isny Programme as already published. David has received most of the payments, some still to pay. Fund raising plans Cheese and Wine Party – Friday 25th Strawberry tea – 21st June Elmfest 5th June – 5pm to 8.30pm, we will do a Lucky Dip and Tombola. Dianne to organise with Marina. Everyone to provide items for tombola and Lucky Dip – please wrap lucky dip items in pink or blue and deliver to Marina at 45 Goss Drive. Catcott – Sports Day ice creams.  July 3rd at lunchtime.  Claire will organise, Rachel, Tina and Marina to help Car boot sale – next meeting Rebecca asked whether it would be possible to do a firework display but it was decided that there were enough in Street already. We need to raise extra money – we NEED more people to join the lottery – Dianne will make a flyer to publicise it. The committee urge all members to consider buying lottery tickets and selling them to friends. The committee is very keen to hear any ideas for fund raising from members please.  It is vital that we raise more funds to enable the twinning to go from strength to strength.

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